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5.9/ 10 (193 Votes)

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Production Company
Touchpaper Television [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(UK) - 27 November 2005
(Sweden) - 13 January 2006
(USA) - 5 March 2006
(Australia) - 19 November 2006
(Finland) - 13 February 2007

Running Time


1950s, 1960s, bluebells, british-royal-family, christening, cross-dressing, female-nudity, lesbian-kiss, male-full-frontal-nudity, marital-strife, protocol, radio-broadcast, royal-wedding, royalty, servant, sex, united-kingdom,

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Full Cast

  1. Banks, Dennis (II) as [Fishmonger] <20>
  2. Barclay, Alex (I) as [Billy Wallace] <3>
  3. Bradford, Steve (II) as [Lad in Bar] <21>
  4. Curry, Julian (I) as [Lord John Hope] <23>
  5. Drury, Ken (I) as [Willie Hamilton MP] <22>
  6. Elwyn, Michael as [Archbishop Fisher] <12>
  7. Fairhall, Gary as [Mr. Simpson] <32>
  8. Fisher, Tom (XV) as [Greg] <36>
  9. Fitch, Robert (I) as [Piers Waldron] <14>
  10. Gillett, Aden as [Peter Townsend] <6>
  11. Gordon, Peter (I) as [Mile End Flat Man] <10>
  12. Green, Christopher (V) as [Danny La Rue] <19>
  13. Hansler, Jonathan as [Colin Tennant] <15>
  14. Honeywell, Russell as (uncredited) [Extra - Theatre Patron]
  15. Mafham, Dominic as [Robin Douglas-Home] <33>
  16. Nolan, Shane as [Party Guest]
  17. North, Roy as [Mr. Eales] <18>
  18. Ouvrard, Bruno as [French Newspaper man] <13>
  19. Portal, Robert as [Anthony Barton] <26>
  20. Potts, George (II) as [Curly Burke] <31>
  21. Preece, Tim as [Ranulph Bacon] <24>
  22. Reith, Douglas as [Horace Featherstonehaugh] <7>
  23. Rnic, Peter as [Pub Landlord]
  24. Spiegel, Sam (III) as [Professor Pierre Lavalle]
  25. Stephens, Toby as [Tony Armstrong Jones - Lord Snowdon] <17>
  26. Thorpe, Jason (III) as [Ronald Kiddo] <29>
  27. Threlfall, David as [Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh] <11>
  28. Tudor-Pole, Edward as (as Edward Tudor Pole) [Cecil Beaton] <4>
  29. Wallace, James (II) as [Sunny Blandford] <5>
  30. Whitrow, Benjamin as [Cronin] <25>
  31. Woods, Simon (I) as [Roddy Llewellyn] <34>
  32. Batchelor, Peggy as [Mile End Flat Woman] <9>
  33. Beaumont, Sally as (uncredited) [Extra]
  34. Cohu, Lucy as [Princess Margaret] <1>
  35. de Witt, Elka as (as Elka De Wit) [Eve Barton] <27>
  36. Faragher, Meg as [Pru] <35>
  37. Harker, Caroline (I) as [Rachel Burke] <30>
  38. Loncq, Caroline as [Anne Tennant] <16>
  39. MacNeill, Meredith (I) as [Sharman Douglas] <2>
  40. Mollo, Fleur as (as Fleur Klijnsma) [Jackie Rufus-Isaac] <28>
  41. Montagu, Felicity as [Gillian Fleming] <8>


  1. Biography
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. Romance

Full Plot

An in-depth biopic of 'Princess Margaret' (qv) from the days following her father's death in 1952 until the 1970s. She was known to be a flamboyant royal but she remained a stickler for protocol. She had many controversial romances and also infamously kissed the daughter of the US ambassador. Also the film gives some focus on what others thought of Margaret, from normal people of the era to a backbench MP opposed to her 1961 wedding. Reece Lloyd Plot not found

Movie Certificate

15 (UK)
M (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Altman, John (I)


  1. Katznelson, David (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Keast, James (I)


2 Entertain Video [gb] - (2007) (USA) (DVD)
BBC America [us] - (2006) (USA) (TV)
BBC Video [us] - (2007) (USA) (DVD)
Channel 4 Television Corporation [gb] - (2005) (UK) (TV)
Yleisradio (YLE) [fi] - (2007) (Finland) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Reddin, Tania


  1. Alan, Clare (script editor)
  2. Brown, Hannah (I) (floor runner) (as Hannah J. Brown)
  3. Curtis, Camilla (production secretary)
  4. Edwards, Zoë (production coordinator)
  5. Irtizaali, Hannah (accounting assistant)
  6. Irtizaali, Maaria (production accountant)
  7. Jordan, Barney (title designer)
  8. Karam, Pat (location manager)
  9. Sapieka, Joy (publicist)
  10. Sheldrake, Anna (production runner)
  11. Walledge, Mark (assistant location manager)
  12. West, Elizabeth (I) (script supervisor)


Danny La Rue: [Princess Margaret has seen Danny naked; he proceeds to cover himself up] What are you doing here? Princess Margaret: Don't worry, Danny, I've seen a queen's crown jewels before!