"The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury" (2008) {Cooking with Pets (#1.2)} TV Season

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Overview "The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)



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(UK) - 14 January 2008

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Full Cast

  1. Dempsey, Brendan (I) as [Sean Fury] <8>
  2. Dickinson, Carlton as [William Fury] <9>
  3. Longworth, Toby as [Michael] <5>
  4. Mason, Jonathan (II) as [Alistair Fury] <2>
  5. Roskell, Luke as [Aaron Pryce] <1>
  6. Smith, Alex (XXIV) as [Ralph Ming] <7>
  7. Aitchison, Suzy as [Miss Bird] <6>
  8. Doyle, Susannah as [Celia Fury] <3>
  9. Kemp, Natalie (II) as [Melanie Fury] <4>

Full Plot

Celia is filming a live cookery programme from her kitchen and has agreed that Alistair should help her but, thanks to Mel and Will, he ends up in disgrace and they take over as their mother's helpers. Alistair has the ultimate revenge planned - letting loose a snake, rats and a box of stick insects to add to the broadcast. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found


  1. Goodger, Chris

Film Editors

  1. Ross, Calum


  1. Christie, Gillian (script editor)
  2. Clark, Jill (IV) (locations)
  3. Forbes, Jill (script supervisor)
  4. Howie, Sarah (post script services)
  5. Hughes, Estelle (script editor)
  6. Johnson, Katie Jane (production team) (as Katie Johnson)
  7. Lewis, Abigail (II) (production team)
  8. Machin, Carole (production team)
  9. Parker, Laurence (production accountant)
  10. Rule, Sarah (production coordinator)
  11. Timmons, Mark (cast security)
  12. Valentine, Mark (I) (locations)
  13. Williams, Gareth (V) (locations)