The Rifle Man: The Knight (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Missing Peace Pictures [us]

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(USA) - 10 March 2014

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"Even the middle of the desert, we still have to fight for freedom!"

arabian-horse, arabian-nights, desert, freedom, glory, honor, humanity, loyalty, rifle,

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Full Cast

  1. LeJon as <3>
  2. Miano, Robert as
  3. Mushari (I) as [Young Ali]
  4. Olomi, Ali as
  5. Passariello, Salomon as <4>
  6. Salvano, Gino as <2>
  7. Hollitt, Raye as [Sarah]
  8. Thomas, Lisa Marie as


  1. Action

Full Plot

Based on an ancient, true story that's amazingly fantastic yet timeless in its values... The Rifle Man is the people's champion who bravely defended the men, women, and children of his village, not for the hate of his enemies, but for the love of his people. The Rifle Man along with his childhood best friend (Yousef) grew up exploring and hunting throughout the harsh but magnificently beautiful desert of the Arabian Pensinsula. But sadly this idyllic life was turned on its head when Ibrahim's Village was mercilessly attacked by vicious marauders Time After Time After Time Again... In the face of overwhelming odds and truly dire situations, Ali kept his faith and assured his family, friends, and entire village that no matter the outcome in this life they would always be known as "The Village of Braves". Mushari Plot not found


  1. Tankard, Jack

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  3. Saudi Arabia


- Filmed with real 1700's weapons, cannon, and a wardrobe from the same ancient Arab era. This is the first feature with such concept since Lawrence of Arabia and Son of The Sheikh. It will be the first Epic Movie to be filmed in Arabia.