"The Royal" (2003) {For Better, for Worse (#4.1)} TV Season

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Overview "The Royal" Season 04 Episode 01 (S04E01)



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Release Date
(UK) - 5 December 2004
(Finland) - 2 March 2007

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Full Cast

  1. Alcock, Gordon as [Wally]
  2. Axon, John (I) as [Mr. Nigel Harper]
  3. Carmichael, Ian (I) as [T.J. Middleditch]
  4. Daws, Robert as [Dr. Gordon Ormerod]
  5. Flanagan, John (I) as [Harold Weatherill]
  6. Fox, Paul (II) as [Dr. Jeffrey Goodwin]
  7. Lill, Denis as [Mr. Rose]
  8. Mills, Frank (II) as [Mr. Calder]
  9. Romer, Marcus as [Fireman]
  10. Rylands, Peter as [Vicar]
  11. Starke, Michael as [Kenneth Hopkirk]
  12. Taylor, Scott (X) as [Francis Robinson]
  13. Wear, Andy (I) as [Alun Morris]
  14. Armstrong, Linda (I) as [Sister Brigid]
  15. Barry, Alice (I) as [Patient 1]
  16. Cottingham, Orla as [Sally Hope]
  17. Craig, Wendy as [Matron]
  18. Foster, Sophie (I) as [Katie Ormerod]
  19. Hardwick, Michelle as [Lizzie Kennoway]
  20. Kennedy, Zoie as [Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor]
  21. Madeley, Anna as [Nurse Samantha Beaumont]
  22. Owen, Josie (I) as [Patient 2]
  23. Pollet, Emily as [Jane Weatherill]
  24. Powell, Gwyneth as [Bunty Weatherill]
  25. Robbins, Amy (I) as [Dr. Jill Weatherill]
  26. Rosenthal, Vanessa as [Betty Ormerod]
  27. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Dolly Smith]
  28. Tagney, Maggie as [Mrs. Hedges]

Full Plot

Jill and Gordon finally get married and invite their colleagues to the ceremony but there is an unwanted addition to the wedding day when the hospital staff are called out to an old people's home, where cost-cutting has led to an explosion, causing casualties. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found


  1. Glavin, Russell (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Castle, Brian (I)

Film Editors

  1. Westmoreland, Gary


  1. Grimes, Karen (script editor)
  2. Holder, Caroline (script supervisor)
  3. Hosenie, Faiza (production coordinator)
  4. Lockstone, Derek (medical advisor) (as Dr. Derek Lockstone)
  5. Lorriman, Leigh (production financing)
  6. Milner, Karen (location manager)
  7. Robinson, Lyndsay (production secretary) (as Lyndsay White)
  8. Smith, Emma (IV) (assistant location manager)