The Sacrament (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Worldview Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Audley, Kentucker as [Patrick]
  2. Bowen, AJ as [Sam]
  3. Clark, Dennis (VII) as [Eden Parish School Teacher]
  4. Clay, Lashaun as [Robert]
  5. Conphidance as [Guide #1]
  6. Johnson, Cal (I) as [Villager #1]
  7. Jones, Gene (I) as [Father]
  8. Mayfield, Christian Ojore as [Pilot]
  9. Neal, Dale (I) as [Andre]
  10. Parsons, Shawn (I) as [Carpenter]
  11. Poe, Eric E. as [Eden Parish Member]
  12. Rivers, Jermaine (II) as [Eden Parish Guard #1]
  13. Roberts, Derek (IX) as [Guide #2]
  14. Smith, Lj as [Eden Parish Guard]
  15. Swanberg, Joe as [Jake]
  16. Wright, Mitchell (III) as [Mother's Grandson]
  17. Biscoe, Donna as [Wendy]
  18. Byrd, Shirley Jones as [Lorraine]
  19. Carey, Melanie as [Eden Parish Member]
  20. Gadsden, Shavone as [Conspirator]
  21. Locke, Alisa as [Eden Parish School Teacher]
  22. Middlebrooks, DeAnna as [Eden Parish Member]
  23. Seimetz, Amy as [Caroline]
  24. Sheil, Kate Lyn as [Sarah]
  25. Wannamaker, Millie as [Eden Parish Member]


  1. Horror
  2. Thriller

Total Business

SD: 15 October 2012 - ?


  1. Robbins, Eric (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Moynihan, Wendy


  1. Begnaud, Justin (completion bond executive)
  2. Canchola, Erika (financial legal services)
  3. Cherkas, Vicki (business and legal affairs: Worldview Entertainment)
  4. Chu, Margaret (production finance: Worldview Entertainment)
  5. Derossett, Renee (animal wrangler)
  6. Juan, Zorinah (script supervisor)
  7. Kalb, Steven M. (production legal counsel)
  8. Kousetta, Hakan (legal Services to IM Global)
  9. Lacy, Witt (production assistant)
  10. Lusby, John (production assistant)
  11. MacKenzie, Robyn (II) (accounting clerk)
  12. Mathis, Chad (legal services)
  13. Parks, Tanoa (production accountant)
  14. Ramo, Elsa (financial legal services)
  15. Reass, Alexa (office production assistant)
  16. Roberts, Thomas (VI) (key medic)
  17. Roth, Eli (presenter)
  18. Sathre, Josh (production coordinator)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Savannah, Georgia, USA