"The Simpsons" (1989) {The Fight Before Christmas (#22.8)} TV Season

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Overview "The Simpsons" Season 22 Episode 08) (S22E08))



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7.2/ 10 (271 Votes)

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Production Company
20th Century Fox Television [us]
Gracie Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 5 December 2010
(UK) - 19 December 2010
(Finland) - 16 February 2012
(Hungary) - 1 April 2012

Running Time


1940s, 3d-animation, anthology, bachelor-pad, breakfast-in-bed, chloroform, christmas, christmas-in-danger, christmas-special, christmas-tree, christmas-tree-lot, dream, dumbo, fake-illness, fake-injury, female-soldier, flying-train, funny-nazi, gingerbread-house, hawaii, lighting-a-cigar, london-blitz, mail-truck, missing-in-action, missing-mother,

Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Azaria, Hank as (voice) [Chief Wiggum / Moe Szyslak //Raphael/Hitler] <5>
  2. Castellaneta, Dan as (voice) [Homer Simpson/Otto Mann/Krusty the Clown/Squeaky Voiced Teen/Granpa] <1>
  3. Shearer, Harry as (voice) [Mr. Burns/Jasper/Ned Flanders] <6>
  4. Wiedergott, Karl as (voice) [Additional Voices] <11>
  5. Cartwright, Nancy (I) as (voice) [Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz] <3>
  6. Hayden, Pamela (I) as (voice) [Milhouse Van Houten] <9>
  7. Kavner, Julie as (voice) [Marge Simpson/Patty/Selma] <2>
  8. MacNeille, Tress as (voice) [Agnes Skinner] <10>
  9. Perry, Katy as [Herself] <7>
  10. Smith, Yeardley as (voice) [Lisa Simpson] <4>
  11. Stewart, Martha (II) as (voice) [Herself] <8>

Full Plot

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Springfield, but while Marge gets in the holiday spirit, it's bah humbug for the rest of the family. Disappointed that she is alone spreading the holiday cheer, Marge sends a letter to Martha Clause to help her save the family Christmas. Martha comes to the rescue and transforms the house into the North Pole chalet Marge has always dreamed of, but when the family is noticeably absent from the perfectly trimmed holiday home, she realizes that it's Homer and the kids who make the holidays special. Meanwhile, the Simpsons get ready to sneak away for a tropical holiday vacation in Hawaii, but surprise visitors Mr. Burns and Moe's new friend, Katy Perry delay their getaway. Four special holiday tales will be spun. Fox Publicity Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Clausen, Alf


Fox Network [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)
Viasat 6 [hu] - (2012) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Kunsak, Kurtis


  1. Chiodo, Charles (puppeteer)
  2. Chiodo, Edward (puppeteer)
  3. Chiodo, Stephen (puppeteer)
  4. Esposito, Artie (puppeteer)
  5. Johnson, Patrick (XXXIX) (puppeteer)
  6. Johnson, Sean W. (puppeteer)
  7. Johnson, Sean W. (puppeteer) (as Sean William Johnson)
  8. O'Quinn, Brett (II) (puppeteer)
  9. Shelby, Debralee (production assistant)
  10. Walko, Russ (puppeteer)
  11. Woolner, Chase (production assistant)
  12. Woolner, Chase (production puppet assistant)


Marge Simpson: This tree reminds me of your father. It's round in the middle, thinning on top, and your hands are sticky when you touch it. Homer Simpson: Hey, I thought you didn't want a Christmas tree. Lisa Simpson: I didn't at first, but this tree is to remind us of mom. It serves as a reminder that someday this war will be over. Homer Simpson: And someday TV will be invented, and it will be free, at first. Lisa Simpson: Until then, this tree will stand for mom and everything she stands for: hope, family, and sweeping up dried needles. Martha Claus: You boys want to play soldier? Bart Simpson: I can't think of a better way to celebrate Jesus' birthday. [Martha puts poker stands on Bart's and Milhouse's heads, then wraps red tape around their bodies] Milhouse Van Houten: I don't think I like where this is going. Martha Claus: [Wraps tape over Milhouse's and Bart's mouths] I don't think anyone asked your opinion. Mr. Burns: You lied to me. Release the hounds. [Dogs bark at a distance] They'll be here any minute now. [a sock puppet dog appears] Sock Puppet Dog: We, uh, spent all the money on Katy Perry. Katy Brand: Aw, looks like someone needs a hug. [Hugs and kisses Mr. Burns] Mr. Burns: I kissed a girl, and I liked it. Moe Szyslak: [Jumping to try to kiss Katy Perry] I guess I'll just have to kiss your belly button. [Kisses her midsection] Katy Brand: That's not my belly button. I didn't say stop. Homer Simpson: Mr. Burns! What are you doing here? Mr. Burns: I got a visit from three Christmas spirits. Abe Simpson: [on a balcony with Jasper] I wish this show got a visit from three new writers. [He and Jasper laugh] Abe Simpson: Well, it looks like this'll finally kill it. Jasper: The Simpsons? Abe Simpson: No, Christmas. Bart Simpson: Isn't this the busy season? Where are the other elves? Milhouse Van Houten: Laid off. Nelson Muntz: Ever since NAFTA, all the jobs have been going to the South Pole. Agnes Skinner: How come you're not off fighting like a real man? Homer Simpson: I'm too fat to fit in a foxhole. Homer Simpson: Don't worry. I'm sure if something happened to your mother, they would have told us. Pimple-faced Teen: Telegram! Homer Simpson: D'oh! [reads telegram] "Marge Simpson is now MIA"? Oh, no! She changed her name to Mia! Pimple-faced Teen: No, that means she's missing in action. [Homer cries] Lisa Simpson: See? Everytime we get a tree, something bad happens. [runs away] Homer Simpson: I wish it were me instead of her! Pimple-faced Teen: There's still time. The recruitment office is right... Homer Simpson: Shut up.


- The title is from "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" or "A Visit from St. Nicholas" first published anonymously in the Troy, New York Sentinel on December 23, 1823 by Clement Clarke Moore.