"The Singing Detective" (1986) {Lovely Days (#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "The Singing Detective" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)



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8.8/ 10 (23 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 30 November 1986

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Full Cast

  1. Boyd, Niven as [First Soldier] <24>
  2. Carter, Jim (I) as [Mr. Marlow] <10>
  3. Cook, Ron (I) as [First Mysterious Man] <11>
  4. Cooper, Trevor (I) as [Cloth Cap] <20>
  5. Davies, Lyndon as [Philip (aged 10)] <15>
  6. Francis, Geff as [Porter] <19>
  7. French, Leslie as [Mr. Tomkey] <9>
  8. Gambon, Michael as [Philip Marlow] <1>
  9. Harvey, Astley as [Mortuary Attendant 1] <29>
  10. Horan, Gerard as [Reginald] <8>
  11. Malahide, Patrick as [Mark Binney/Raymond] <3>
  12. Paterson, Bill (I) as [Dr. Gibbon] <6>
  13. Pittaway, Neil as [Brian] <27>
  14. Rossi, George (I) as [Second Mysterious Man] <12>
  15. Ryall, David as [Mr. Hall] <7>
  16. Shaker, Errol as [Mortuary Attendant 2] <28>
  17. Simon, Charles (II) as [George Adams] <17>
  18. Stott, Ken as [Uncle John] <21>
  19. Thewlis, David as [Second Soldier] <25>
  20. Thomas, Wally as [Grandad Baxter] <14>
  21. Cameron Brown, Jo as [Aunt Emily] <22>
  22. Clarke, Sharon D. as [Night Nurse] <18>
  23. Curran, Angela as [Mary] <23>
  24. Henfrey, Janet as [Schoolteacher] <16>
  25. Phelps, Claire as [Rita] <26>
  26. Staunton, Imelda as [Staff Nurse White] <13>
  27. Steadman, Alison as [Mrs. Marlow/Lili] <4>
  28. Suzman, Janet as [Nicola] <2>
  29. Whalley, Joanne (I) as [Nurse Mills] <5>

Full Plot

Marlow recalls the last days of World War II and a train journey with his mother when they visited her family. He again recalls his mother going into the woods and having sex with a man they know, Raymond. When soldiers on the train try to get friendly with her, he lashes out. At the hospital, he has another session with the psychiatrist, Dr. Gibbon, who questions if Marlow really wants to get better. His condition is slightly improved however and he's now able to light his own cigarette. In his re-imagined novel, Marlow and Mark Binney have a row after the investigator questions his source of income. Binney pays him off and tells him to take a hike. When a woman who wants to speak to him urgently is shot, he learns that the sleazy nightclub Binney visited is a front for something sinister. garykmcd Plot not found


  1. Westbury, Ken (photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Pethig, Hazel

Film Editors

  1. Wyatt, Sue


  1. Boon, Garry (assistant floor manager)
  2. Brindle, Ian (production associate)
  3. Brookes, Diana (III) (production assistant)
  4. Pannett, Lynda (assistant floor manager)
  5. Price, Anna (I) (assistant floor manager)
  6. Sacks, Quinny (choreographer)
  7. Wyse, Nick (assistant floor manager)