The Swan Princess (1994) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.3/ 10 (9984 Votes)

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Production Company
Nest Family Entertainment [us] - (as Nest Entertainment) (presents)
Rich Animation Studios [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 18 November 1994
(Japan) - 1995
(France) - 24 May 1995
(Netherlands) - 22 June 1995
(Australia) - 29 June 1995

Running Time

The Magic Begins November 1994

animal-in-title, animal-name-in-title, aristocracy, castle, crocodile, fairy-tale, frog, imprisonment, love, princess, puffin, rescue, surrealism, swan, talking-animal, turtle, underwater, villain,

Technical Support
MET:2457 m
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Amerson, Stephen W. as (voice) [Chorus] <27>
  2. Arrington, James as (voice) [Chamberlain] <9>
  3. Byram, Amick as (voice) [Chorus] <24>
  4. Cleese, John as (voice) [Jean-Bob] <5>
  5. Crenshaw, Randy as (voice) [Chorus] <31>
  6. de Azevedo, Lex as (singing voice) [Younger Lord Rothbart]
  7. Dees, Michael (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <39>
  8. Gaines, Davis as (singing voice) [Chamberlain] <10>
  9. Haas, Jim (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <40>
  10. Hadary, Jonathan as (singing voice) [Speed]
  11. Harelik, Mark as (voice) [Lord Rogers] <8>
  12. Joyce, Bob (II) as (voice) [Chorus] <37>
  13. Joyce, Jon (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <19>
  14. Katz, Kerry as (voice) [Chorus] <26>
  15. Lann, Tampa M. as (voice) [Chorus] <34>
  16. Logan, Rick (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <30>
  17. Matthews, Dakin as (voice) [King William] <12>
  18. McGillin, Howard as (voice) [Adult Prince Derek] <2>
  19. McKinnon Miller, Joel as (voice) [Bromley] <11>
  20. Nissen, Brian (II) as (voice) [Narrator] <14>
  21. Palance, Jack as (voice) [Lord Rothbart] <1>
  22. Robbins, Tom Alan as (voice) [Musician] <17>
  23. Stockdale, Gary as (voice) [Chorus] <28>
  24. Vinovich, Steve as (voice) [Puffin] <7>
  25. Waters, Oren as (voice) [Chorus] <38>
  26. Wright, Steven (I) as (voice) [Speed] <6>
  27. Wylie, Adam as (voice) [Young Prince Derek] <15>
  28. Zahiri, Adrian as (voice) [Young Princess Odette] <16>
  29. Zippel, David as (singing voice) [Jean-Bob]
  30. Adams, Catte as (voice) [Chorus] <21>
  31. Anderson, Beth (I) as (voice) (as Beth Andersen) [Chorus] <25>
  32. Boyd, Susan (II) as (voice) [Chorus] <20>
  33. Callaway, Liz as (singing voice) [Princess Odette] <4>
  34. Duncan, Sandy as (voice) [Queen Uberta] <13>
  35. Hall, Debbie (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <36>
  36. Hopper, Bess as (voice) [Hag] <18>
  37. Jaree, Angie as (voice) [Chorus] <22>
  38. McBride, Susan (I) as (voice) (as Susan G. McBride) [Chorus] <33>
  39. Nicastro, Michelle as (voice) [Adult Princess Odette] <3>
  40. Page, Bobbi as (voice) [Chorus] <23>
  41. Stevens, Sally (I) as (voice) [Chorus] <35>
  42. Stevens-Logan, Susie as (voice) (as Susan Stevens Logan) [Chorus] <29>
  43. Twillie, Carmen as (voice) [Chorus] <32>


  1. Animation
  2. Comedy
  3. Family
  4. Fantasy
  5. Musical
  6. Romance

Full Plot

As children, Prince Derek and Princess Odette are forced to spend their summers together by their widowed parents, who hope that the two will eventually fall in love and marry, so that the kingdoms of the two will be united. As children and adolescents, Derek and Odette can't stand each other, but as young adults they begin to see each other in a different light and fall in love with each other. But one night things take a bad turn when Derek unintentionally offends Odette, who then refuses to marry him if he can't prove that he loves her for who she is and not just her beauty. Odette and her father are then attacked by Lord Rothbart, a vengeful sorcerer who was cast out of William's kingdom when he plotted against the king. In the form of a beast, Rothbart mortally wounds William, and kidnaps Odette then places her under a spell. Now it is up to Derek to rescue Odette by showing his undying love. But, will he be in time? Anthony Pereyra {} As children, Princess Odette and Prince Derek hated the thought that someday they would be forced to marry. Yet, as they grew up, their looks as well as their feelings for each other changed. However, in one night everything goes wrong, Derek makes an insulting remark, and Odette vanishes. With everyone believing her dead, Derek is the only one who will not give up hope, using what little clues he has to track down whatever took the princess. Meanwhile, in a secluded ruin, an enchanter with an eye for Odette's kingdom has turned the beautiful maiden into a swan. She may only remain in her human form when moonlight touches the lake she's imprisoned beside. As the two search for one another, they learn what it takes to make a vow of love that can last eternity. Max Vaughn Plot not found

Total Business

GR: USD 9,771,658 (USA)

Movie Certificate

G (Singapore)
S (Finland)
L (Iceland)
M/6 (Portugal)
All (South Korea)
6 (Netherlands)(re-rating)
AL (Netherlands)(original rating)
Atp (Argentina)
TE (Chile)
T (Spain)
7 (Sweden)
U (UK)
G (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. de Azevedo, Lex


Columbia TriStar Films AB [se] - (1995) (Sweden) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films [fr] - (1995) (France) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films [nl] - (1995) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina [ar] - (1995) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de España [es] - (1995) (Spain) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Home Video [nl] - (1996) (Netherlands) (VHS)
Columbia TriStar Home Video [us] - (2004) (USA) (VHS)
Egmont Film [se] - (1996) (Sweden) (VHS)
LK-TEL [ar] - (1995) (Argentina) (VHS)
New Line Cinema [us] - (1994) (USA) (theatrical)
New Line Home Video [us] - (1997) (USA) (VHS)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [us] - (2005) (USA) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD)
Turner Home Entertainment [us] - (1995) (worldwide) (VHS)
Videosonic Arts [gr] - (1995) (Greece) (VHS)


  1. Alexus, Therese (production accountant) (as Therese A. Alexus)
  2. Babos, Bret Taylor (first assistant to director)
  3. Barrett, Don (VIII) (senior marketing executive)
  4. Blaisdell, Jackie (II) (assistant shipping coordinator)
  5. Bloom, Shauna (production assistant)
  6. Caplin, Cate (dancer) (as Cate Coplin)
  7. Chasen, Ronni (publicity coordinator)
  8. Chism, Danny (production assistant)
  9. Citron, Rusty (promotion consultant)
  10. Clyde, Lisa (choreographer)
  11. Cochran, James S. (legal counsel)
  12. Cohen, Michael (XXIV) (research consultant)
  13. Colarossi, Benjamin (promotion consultant) (as Ben Colarossi)
  14. Coler, Joel (international publicity)
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  25. Gray, Jennifer (V) (production assistant)
  26. Haas, Jim (I) (production assistant)
  27. Habros, Robert (optical supervisor)
  28. Higgins, Karen (IV) (executive assistant: Mr. Rich) (as Karen Higgins Farmiloe)
  29. Hogan, Dave (I) (video testing coordinator)
  30. Hunter, Ta'Malon L. (administrative assistant)
  31. Jones, Margaret (IX) (marketing executive)
  32. Kahn, Alfred (licensing representative) (as Al Kahn)
  33. Kahn, Patsy (promotion consultant)
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  50. Vasquez, Carleen (accounting assistant)
  51. White, Kim Lee (production assistant)
  52. Wilkerson, Edna (marketing finance executive)


Prince Derek: What? You're all I ever wanted. You're beautiful! Odette: Thank you. But what else? Prince Derek: What else? Odette: Is beauty all that matters to you? Queen Uberta: Derek, what else? Prince Derek: [stammers; to Odette] What else is there? [Rogers imitates a buzzer] Odette: You're being sneaky again, Jean-Bob! Jean-Bob: What sneaky? You deserve a nice bouquet! Odette: And you deserve a kiss. Jean-Bob: Well all right! [Puckers up] Odette: You know I'm under a spell! Jean-Bob: But my kiss would break ze spell! Speed: Give it up, Jean-Bob. Odette: I can only kiss the man I love, and then he... Jean-Bob: Must make a vow of "everlasting love". I know - ! Odette: And prove it to the world! Jean-Bob: WHAT do you think I was doing with ze flowers and ze alligators going "CHOMP CHOMP"? Odette: Speed, make him understand. Speed: I'm only a turtle. Prince Derek: [about the ball] But please, mother! Don't turn it into one of your beauty pageants! Queen Uberta: Oh! No, no, no, no, no! It's just a few friends... [She waits until Derek is out of earshot] Queen Uberta: ...And, their daughters... Odette: [Odette is dying] Derek... I-I feel so weak... I think... I'm... Prince Derek: No... You'll live, Odette! The vow I made was for you! Puffin: There comes a time, the possum said, when if all else fails just play dead. Puffin: When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into the light. Jean-Bob: Whenever I have to do something in a hurry, I'll always bring a turtle. Rogers: You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less. Prince Derek: Don't let her die. Rothbart: Is that a threat? Prince Derek: Don't you dare let her die! Rothbart: Oh, it is a threat. Prince Derek: You're the only one with the power. Now, *do it*! [Rothbart throws him aside] Rothbart: Only if you defeat... me! Puffin: Me name is Puffin. Lt. Puffin. Odette: It's a pleasure, Lt. Puffin. I'm Odette. Princess Odette. And these are my best friends in the whole world: Mr. Lorenzo Trudgealong... Speed: Friends call me Speed. Odette: ...and Jean-Bob. Jean-Bob: I have no friends. Only servants. And they call me "your highness". Speed: Thinks he's a prince. Rothbart: Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it. Queen Uberta: Just make sure you're here tomorrow night. Prince Derek: Tomorrow night? Queen Uberta: Um, the ball! Prince Derek: Mother, I can't! Queen Uberta: [blubbering, sputtering] Prince Derek: Please, mother... don't do the lip thing. Speed: I think I pulled a muscle. Jean-Bob: I'm gonna die! I know it! I'm on a mission with a lame turtle! Rothbart: [as Derek on horseback sprints to reach a dying Odette] If you hurry, little prince, I'll let you see her one last time... Prince Derek: [ready for target practice] The Great Animal's never gonna give her up without a fight. Rogers: You're not still thinking she's alive? Prince Derek: When I find the Great Animal, Rogers, I'll find Odette. Rogers: Oh, Derek. You've looked everywhere. She's not coming back. The whole kingdom knows that. Prince Derek: The whole kingdom's wrong! Odette's alive, and I'm gonna find her. Rogers: Animals, assemble! Musician, Musician: We are a band. Musician, Musician: And not a band of animals. Musician: This masquerade. Musician, Musician: Is more than I can bear. Musician, Musician: There goes my reputation. Musician, Musician: It's awful, this humiliation. Musician, Musician: And I've the lion's share. Odette: You have to make a vow of everlasting love... Prince Derek: I'll make it. I'ts all I've ever wanted. Puffin: There you have it, everlasting love. Queen Uberta: Where is Derek? Oh,never mind,I know where he is. Working on the mystery of the Fat Animal. Rogers: The Great Animal,Your Highness. Queen Uberta: Great, fat. It's large and has fur. Odette: I need to know that he loves me... for just being me! Prince Derek: [King William's captain collapses at the doorway; Derek, Bromley, and Lord Rogers run to his side and Derek recognizes him] It's King William's captain! King William's captain: [with difficulty] We - we were attacked. A great animal. [he faints] Prince Derek: Odette... [takes off] Rogers: Derek! Wait! Prince Derek: [rides his horse into the woods] Odette! [dismounts and checks the abandoned carriage] Prince Derek: Odette? Odette! [Derek finds Odette's locket and finds King William unconscious on the ground] Prince Derek: King William! King William: [weakly] Derek. Prince Derek: Who did this? King William: It came so quickly. A great animal! Prince Derek: Where is Odette? King William: Listen to me, Derek. It's not what it seems. It's not what it seems. Prince Derek: What's not? Where is Odette? King William: [last words] Odette is... Odette... is... g-g-g-gone... [he dies, leaving Derek in shock] Prince Derek: ODETTE! Rogers: What else is there? She says, "Is beauty all that matters?", and you say, "What else is there?"! Prince Derek: It was dumb. I know! Rogers: You should write a book: "How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less". Rogers: Think, you must see something other than Odette's beauty. Prince Derek: Of course I do, Rogers. She's like... And then... How about... Am I right? Princess Odette: Will you love me, Derek? Until the day I die? Prince Derek: No, Odette, much longer. Much longer. Odette: Every night you ask the same question. And every night I give you the same answer... Rothbart: DON'T! Odette: ...I'll die first. Rothbart: You know... you are really starting to bug me! Odette: I would think you'd be use to it by now. Speed: You've come up with some dumb ideas, Jon Bab, but this one's a doozy. Prince Derek: [after Odette has died] I made the vow for her. Do you hear? THE VOW I MADE WAS FOR HER! Rothbart: No need to shout!

Other Titles

  1. Die Schwanenprinzessin (1996) (ENG)

  2. L'incantesimo del lago (1994) (ENG)


- Rothbart, voiced by 'Jack Palance' (qv), does a one-armed push-up during a song, just as Palance famously did during his acceptance speech for at the Academy Awards, when he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in _City Slickers (1991)_ (qv).

- Adapted from the famous ballet "Swan Lake".

- 'John Cleese' (qv) had a choice of playing Zazu in the Lion King (1994) or Jean-Bob in this film. He chose to play Jean-Bob because he felt he was more interesting.

- 'Richard Rich' (qv) originally pitched the idea at the Walt Disney studio while he is working there, but the idea was rejected.

- Throughout the movie, they mention the combination of Odette and Derick's kingdoms, yet they never give the names of the kingdoms, rather call them "our fair kingdoms".

- In the beginning of Rothbart's song, "No More Mr. Nice Guy", Rothbart causes an earthquake in the floor by shooting magic at it. In the flash of magic, the number 6.8 can be seen. This could be a reference to the earthquake being rated a 6.8 on the Richter scale.

- The princesses presented to Derek during the "Princesses on Parade" are: Colchester Princess, Antonia, Griselda, and Brunhilda.

- The song "No Fear" has