The Teller and the Truth (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Roadwings Entertainment [us]

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(USA) - 18 January 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Glasscock, Michael as [Tobin] <7>
  2. Ochoa, Russell Gustave as [Oliver Pearce] <2>
  3. Perella, Marco as [Carl Winstead] <6>
  4. Galvan, Leilani as [Francis Wetherbee] <1>
  5. Lee Fultz, Mona as [Janice] <6>
  6. Stoddard, Helena as [Bianca Pearce] <4>


  1. Mystery

Full Plot

What does it take to start your life all over again? The Teller and the Truth tells the story of the disappearance of Francis Wetherbee, a beautiful young bank teller missing since her car was found submerged in a river in 1974. Filmmaker Andrew Shapter (Before the Music Dies, Happiness Is) digs into the forty year old cold case that sparked the imagination of her hometown of Smithville, Texas and beyond. Did she drown? Commit Suicide? Was she kidnapped? Or is there another answer? The film combines a documentary style with modern narrative interpretation in order to uncover what about Francis Wetherbee is myth and what is fact. Jim Bruno Smithville, TX, 1974. Francis Wetherbee, a beautiful and mysterious bank teller, goes missing soon after a bank robbery. Her car is found a week later, submerged in the river, her body never recovered. Since then, her name and likeness have been the subject of myth and legend, and the town and townspeople have never been the same. The subject of envy and lust before she disappeared, Francis was also the muse of a local photographer who captured her in her most vulnerable moments, and who took the haunting last photo taken just before her disappearance, her eyes betraying a fate that would soon befall her. But what really happened to Francis? What would prompt her to do what she did? Did she drown in the river? Or did she meet another fate? Now, almost 40 years later, Francis is the subject of a new investigation, and a local filmmaker sets out to tell Francis' story, finding out more than he had bargained for. Christina Fernandez Shapter Plot not found


  1. Shapter, Andrew


Cinetic Management [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (all media)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, USA
  2. Austin, Texas, USA
  3. Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
  4. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  5. Denton, Texas, USA
  6. Marfa, Texas, USA
  7. Montevideo, Uruguay
  8. San Marcos, Texas, USA
  9. Smithville, Texas, USA
  10. Three Rivers, Texas, USA