The Triad (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Autonomous Entertainment [us]

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Born To Fight The Evil That Surrounds Us.

autonomous-entertainment, bisexual-male, cult, cult-film, gay, supernatural-power, witch,

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Three sibling male witches inherit great power from their mixed race and mixed power (lineage) parents. These witches will come to be known as the Triad. An ancient prophecy foretold of the birth of magical beings with extraordinary powers - born of a powerful witch. The prophecy states that one of the three will have the magical gift of amorous influence, a power that develops in female witches and sorceresses. It was long believed that the Triad would consist of a female and two males. The Triad's destiny is to overthrow the long-ruling demon king of the underworld. Armed with this knowledge, the demon king orders the slaughter of magical families with one girl and two boys. The families with all boys or all girls are spared; however, few other combinations seem to have survived the massacre. Many years later, when a set of boy siblings come into their abilities, it is revealed that they are the Triad. The oldest son, who happens to be gay, is blessed with the ability that usually develops in female witches. The mother of the boys trains them to fulfill the Triad destiny. The Triad and the Demon King, along with his minions, battle for control and/or peace in the magical community. Cedric Beasley Plot not found

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CP: Cedric L. Beasley