The V.I.P.s (1963) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.2/ 10 (1676 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
De Grunwald Productions [gb] - (for)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [gb] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - May 1963
(Denmark) - 1 September 1963
(Finland) - 1 September 1963
(Sweden) - 2 September 1963
(Australia) - 4 September 1963

Running Time

A Modern Love Story

airport, aristocrat, businessman, ensemble-film, entrepreneur, film-producer, finance, fog, forbidden-love, frantic, income-tax, industrialist, infidelity, loan, london-england, love-triangle, marriage, may-december-romance, melodrama, mistress, motion-picture-producer, nobility, passenger, playboy, secretary,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Terence as (uncredited) [Captain]
  2. Austin, Ray (I) as (uncredited) [Rolls Chauffeur]
  3. Beckwith, Reginald as (uncredited) [Head Waiter]
  4. Blythe, John (I) as (uncredited) [Barman]
  5. Briers, Richard as (uncredited) [Met. Official]
  6. Burton, Richard (I) as [Paul Andros] <2>
  7. Caldicot, Richard as (uncredited) [Hotel Representative]
  8. Coote, Robert as [John Coburn] <14>
  9. Davies, Griffith as (uncredited) [Porter]
  10. Davis, Stringer as [Hotel Waiter] <20>
  11. Fiander, Lewis as (uncredited) [Third Reporter]
  12. Fraser, Ronald (I) as [Joslin] <12>
  13. Frost, David (I) as [Reporter] <13>
  14. Hordern, Michael as [Airport Director] <16>
  15. Howard, Alan (I) as (uncredited) [Second Reporter]
  16. Howard, Arthur (III) as (uncredited) [Bar Steward]
  17. Illing, Peter as (uncredited) [Mr. Damer]
  18. Jones, Clifton as [Jamaican Passenger] <21>
  19. Jourdan, Louis as [Marc Champselle] <3>
  20. Lennie, Angus as (uncredited) [Metereological Man]
  21. Lewis, Duncan as (uncredited) [Hotel Receptionist]
  22. McCord, Cal as (uncredited) [Knebworth House visitor]
  23. Miller, Martin (I) as [Dr. Schwatzbacher] <18>
  24. Mollison, Clifford as (uncredited) [Mr. Rivers]
  25. Percival, Lance as [B.O.A.C. Officer] <17>
  26. Price, Dennis (I) as [Cmdr. Millbank] <10>
  27. Sallis, Peter as [Doctor] <19>
  28. Steele, Barry as (uncredited) [Fourth Reporter]
  29. Sterne, Gordon as (uncredited) [Official]
  30. Taylor, Rod (I) as [Les Mangrum] <7>
  31. Wattis, Richard as [Sanders] <11>
  32. Welles, Orson as [Max Buda] <8>
  33. Williams, Brook (I) as (uncredited) [First Reporter]
  34. Williams, Frank (I) as (uncredited) [Assistant to Airport Director]
  35. Bedard, Virginia as (uncredited) [Knebworth House visitor]
  36. Benham, Joan as [Miss Potter] <15>
  37. Buckley, Pamela as (uncredited) [Airport Announcer]
  38. Bucknor, Kofoworola as (uncredited) [Traveler]
  39. Carey, Joyce as (uncredited) [Mrs. Damer]
  40. Carson, Jill (I) as (uncredited) [Air Hostess]
  41. Castle, Ann as (uncredited) [Lady Reporter]
  42. Christian, Linda as [Miriam Marshall] <9>
  43. Dorken, Rosemary as (uncredited) [Airport Announcer]
  44. Fraser, Moyra as [Air Hostess] <22>
  45. Jamani, Dilashad as (uncredited) [Air Hostess]
  46. Manford, Elisabeth as (uncredited) [Traveler]
  47. Martinelli, Elsa as [Gloria Gritti] <4>
  48. Rennie, Maggie as (uncredited) [Waitress]
  49. Rutherford, Margaret as [The Duchess of Brighton] <5>
  50. See Tai, Maureen as (uncredited) [Air Hostess]
  51. Smith, Maggie (I) as [Miss Mead] <6>
  52. Taylor, Elizabeth (I) as [Frances Andros] <1>
  53. Yu Ling, Lee as (uncredited) [Air Hostess]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Awaiting at London Airport for a flight to New York, Frances Andros, seen off by her tycoon husband, Paul Andros, plans to leave her spouse for the arms of an aging international playboy, Marc Champselle. Les Mangrum, a self-made Australian businessman traveling with his loyal secretary, Miss Mead, must be in New York the following day to arrange the loan that will help him repel a hostile takeover of his tractor company. Max Buba, a film mogul traveling with starlet Gloria Gritti, must get out of England immediately or face ruinous British income tax. The Duchess of Brighton has taken a job as a hostess at an American holiday resort, thinking she will be able to keep her family estate on her new income. Fog descends and blurs the future for them all, forced now to wait in the airport hotel for morning and fair weather. alfiehitchie When London airport is fogged in, several travelers on the postponed flight to New York find themselves affected in one way or another. Frances Andros is running away from her husband Paul, a rich industrialist. She is unhappy in her marriage and feels that her husband no longer appreciates her. She is accompanied by her new love, Marc Champselle, a suave gigolo who genuinely loves her as well. She's left a note for her husband at home and the delay allows him to get wind of her plans and return to the airport to confront her. For businessman Les Mangrum, he's going to New York to stave off the take over of his company. It's essential that he attend the Board meeting later that day but a cheque he's written may be his downfall. His secretary, Miss Mead, finds a solution when she comes across Paul Andros in the hotel lobby. For movie producer Max Buda, getting out of England has to do with money - if he isn't out of the country by midnight, he will owe the British taxman a hefty sum. For the Duchess of Brighton, traveling to the USA is all about earning money to save her manor house and property. She's never flown before but the chance meeting with Max Buda provides her with a solution to her problems. garykmcd Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 4,000,000 GR: USD 14,000,000 (Worldwide) (January 1974) RT: USD 4,681,480 (USA) SD: January 1963 - March 1963

Movie Certificate

PG (Australia)(TV rating)
16 (West Germany)(f)
13 (Argentina)
G (Australia)
K-16 (Finland)
17 (Portugal)
18 (Spain)
11 (Sweden)

Music Composers

  1. Rózsa, Miklós (I) (as Miklos Rozsa)


  1. Hildyard, Jack

Dress Designers

  1. Cardin, Pierre (uncredited)


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (1967) (USA) (TV)
MGM/UA Home Entertainment [us] - (1993) (USA) (VHS) (pan/scan)
MGM/UA Home Entertainment [us] - (1999) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [de] - (1963) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [gb] - (1963) (UK) (theatrical)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us] - (1963) (USA) (theatrical)
Warner Home Video [us] - (2003) (USA) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [us] - (2006) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Clarke, Frank (III)


  1. Booth, Margaret (I) (production advisor)
  2. Faithfull, June (continuity)


Paul Andros: Pay no attention. Drunks cry very easily. It's only the whiskey. Frances Andros: I know it is foolishly sentimental to want to sit next to the man that you are eloping with. Frances Andros: For most of those thirteen years I've loved him. But I don't know him. Marc Champselle: You? Why should you be scared of him? Frances Andros: As a child I was scared of the dark. Max Buda: [they are playing cards, watched by a reporter] Not that one. *That* one! Gloria Gritti: How do you know what is in my hand? Max Buda: Because I know what is in your head. Gloria Gritti: So, I have nothing in my head. Max Buda: [to the reporter] Don't quote that. The Duchess of Brighton: [waiting for the plane to take off] I have two enormous pills to steady me down and the two pep-pills I took this morning - the pep-up pills. I'm flying already! Frances Andros: You so much want looking after. And I so much want to look after you. Frances Andros: That is what I love you for. That I can make fun of you. Frances Andros: I love you for what you are. Not what you think you are. Marc Champselle: "No" is not a word that I recognise. Frances Andros: You've recognised it for the past three months. Les Mangrum: A hundred years ago, top people were top people because they were born top people, but you know something, love? A hundred years from now, top people will be top people because they deserve to be. The Duchess of Brighton: what a ridiculous form of locomotion flying is. They tie you to your chair and tell you you're going, then they make scarifying noises with their engines, then they untie you and tell you're not going at all. Can you imagine the Queen Mary behaving like that? The Duchess of Brighton: 200 pounds a day. I can keep my home now. Sanders: Your plane, your grace. The Duchess of Brighton: Tell it it can go without me.

Other Titles

  1. Hotel International (1963) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  2. International Affair (1963) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  3. International Hotel (1963) (ENG)

  4. International Hotel (1963) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London Heathrow Airport, London Borough of Hillingdon, London, England, UK
  2. London, England, UK
  3. MGM British Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (studio)


- Based on a true story, the movie was a thinly disguised account of screenwriter 'Terence Rattigan' (qv)'s life friend 'Vivien Leigh' (qv) and her attempt to leave her husband 'Laurence Olivier' (qv) for Australian actor 'Peter Finch (I)' (qv) . Leigh and Finch made it to the London airport, but their plane was delayed by incoming fog giving Olivier time to confront the two and bring Leigh home. Leigh abandoned the plan after hours of fog delay.

- When asked for her number in the movie, 'Elizabeth Taylor (I)' (qv) says, "It's Grosvenor 7060", which was MGM's office number in London at the time the film was made.

- Most of the jewelry worn by 'Elizabeth Taylor (I)' (qv) in the film is from her personal collection. The diamond and emerald brooch is cited as her first "If it's Tuesday, I love you" gift from future husband 'Richard Burton (I)' (qv). The diamond tiara worn during the opening credits dinner party scene was a gift from third husband 'Michael Todd (I)' (qv) .

- First film of 'Brook Williams (I)' (qv).

- The second of eleven films that 'Elizabeth Taylor (I)' (qv) and 'Richard Burton (I)' (qv) starred in together.

- First of 16 'Richard Burton (I)' (qv) film or