"The Young and the Restless" (1973) {Sharon Takes the Witness Stand (#1.9620)} TV Season

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Overview "The Young and the Restless" Season 01 Episode 9620 (S01E9620)



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(USA) - 1 April 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Curda, Major as (uncredited) [Thai Kid]
  2. Graziadei, Michael as [Daniel Romalotti]
  3. Huynh, Robert (I) as [Thai Street Vendor]
  4. Hwang, Andrew (IV) as (uncredited) [Deng]
  5. James (XLII) as (uncredited) [Lucy Abigail Abbott]
  6. LeBlanc, Christian (I) as [Michael Baldwin]
  7. Miller, Billy (VI) as [Billy Abbott]
  8. Monte (V) as (uncredited) [Lucy Abbott]
  9. Morrow, Joshua as [Nicholas Newman]
  10. Muhney, Michael as [Adam Newman]
  11. Parke, Evan as [Spencer Walsh]
  12. Rikaart, Greg as [Kevin Fisher]
  13. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Vance Abrams]
  14. Adina, Sarah as [Juror #3/Single Mom]
  15. Alvarado, Angela (I) as (as Angela Alvarado Rosa) [Judge Salazar]
  16. Bregman, Tracey E. as [Lauren Fenmore Baldwin]
  17. Case, Sharon as [Sharon Newman]
  18. Conwell, Angell as [Leslie Michaelson]
  19. Greene, Ellen as [Primrose Deville]
  20. Heinle, Amelia as [Victoria Newman]
  21. Hendrickson, Elizabeth as [Chloe Abbott]
  22. Khalil, Christel as [Lily Ashby]
  23. O Brien, Emily (I) as [Jana Fisher]
  24. Stafford, Michelle as [Phyllis Summers Newman]
  25. Sun, Kimia as [Thai Woman]
  26. Viviana (IV) as (uncredited) [Lucy Abigail Abbott]


[first lines] Lily Ashby: Sorry I'm late. My dad and I were having this conversation. It just got into this whole big thing. Lauren Fenmore Baldwin: Don't even worry about it. Nice to see you. [last lines] Phyllis Newman: We've gotta talk about what we're gonna do. Listen, listen, listen to me. We can't drag him on the airplane in chains. We can't make him testify. Adam Newman: Everybody has a price. He will come back with us, and he will testify to what he saw in that video. It's the only chance that Sharon has left. Phyllis Newman: Oh, my...