This Is Personal: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper (2000) (TV) TV

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Ratings / Votes
7.4/ 10 (107 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Granada Television [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 26 January 2000

Running Time
UK:120 (including commercials) (2 parts)


based-on-true-story, mass-murder, murder, police, prostitute-killer, rape, ripper, serial-killer, sutcliffe, territory-name-in-title, yorkshire,

Technical Support
OFM:16 mm
PCS:Super 16
PFM:16 mm
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Angelis, Paul as [Det. Chief Supt. Jack Ridgeway] <7>
  2. Armstrong, Alun as [Asst. Chief Const. George Oldfield] <1>
  3. Benton, Mark as [Terence Hawkshaw] <36>
  4. Boorman, Neil (I) as [Wilf MacDonald] <32>
  5. Bradshaw, Ken (I) as [Adrian Windows] <38>
  6. Brailsford, Chris as [Ken Rees]
  7. Bridge, Jonathan as (uncredited) [Policeman in Park]
  8. Bruce, Robert (VIII) as (uncredited) [Policeman in Park]
  9. Cheetham, Craig as [Peter Sutcliffe] <26>
  10. Dantay, Tim as [DC Cleasby] <18>
  11. Donaghy, Pip as (as Pip Donaghay) [Det. Chief Supt. Will Brooks] <8>
  12. Duttine, John as [Det. Chief Supt. Jim Hobson] <4>
  13. Dykes, Steven as [Dewsbury Sergeant]
  14. Flynn, Keiran (I) as [DC Andy Laptew]
  15. Graham-Davies, John as [Det. Insp. Tony Glendenning] <11>
  16. Griffin, John (VIII) as [DC Garrett] <24>
  17. Hanna, Simon as [PC Robert Hydes]
  18. Healy, Matt as [DC Rogan] <19>
  19. Higgins, James (IV) as [Stevenson] <45>
  20. Horan, Gerard as [Detective Chief Superintendent John Domaille] <5>
  21. Humble, John Samuel as (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited) [Himself - Wearside Jack]
  22. Laurenson, James (I) as [Chief Const. Ronald Gregory] <3>
  23. Lenagan, Simon as [DC Cambrook] <17>
  24. Lewis, Matthew (III) as [Christopher Oldfield aged 9] <30>
  25. Lorenzelli, Peter as [Barker] <42>
  26. Maguire, Francis as [DC Greenwood]
  27. Mann, Terence as [DC Marks] <22>
  28. Maybrick, David as [Keighley Constable] <25>
  29. Millea, Jim as [Det. Insp. John Boyle] <10>
  30. Monaghan, Dominic as [Jimmy Furey]
  31. Moore, Stephen (I) as [Professor David Gee] <6>
  32. Prosho, David as [Det. Sgt. Parks] <13>
  33. Quinn, James (II) as [Det. Sgt. Desmond O'Boyle]
  34. Raeburn, Malcolm as [Bradford Sergeant]
  35. Ramsden, Steve (I) as [Sergeant Bob Ring]
  36. Readman, Andrew as [Det. Sgt. Peter Smith] <12>
  37. Ridings, Richard as [Det. Supt. Dick Holland] <2>
  38. Robbins, Ted (I) as [Chauffeur] <40>
  39. Roberts, Darren (I) as [DC Wakeman] <20>
  40. Robinson, John (VI) as (uncredited) [Plainclothes Policeman]
  41. Romer, Marcus as [DC Barkham] <23>
  42. Ronan, Martin as [DC Sandford] <21>
  43. Savage, Mike (I) as [Det. Chief Supt. Clark]
  44. Shepherd, Jack P. as
  45. Steel, John Kay as [Professor Stanley Ellis]
  46. Townend, Sam as [Christopher Oldfield, aged 13] <29>
  47. Wheatley, John (I) as [Keith McPhail]
  48. Woods, Stephen (VII) as [Police Pathologist]
  49. Brownson, Gillian as [Nurse]
  50. Clarke, Sue (III) as (uncredited) [Female protestor]
  51. Clayton, Rosy as [Maggie]
  52. Cleaver, Sue (I) as [Sylvia Holland] <32>
  53. Crossley, Laura as [Tracey Browne] <43>
  54. Ellis, Juliet as [Olivia Reivers]
  55. Ellison, Suzanne as [Irene MacDonald] <33>
  56. Horton, Paula J. as [WPC Susan Phillips] <16>
  57. Hume Dawson, Liz as [Chapeltown Prostitute] <34>
  58. Kennedy, Zoie as [WPC]
  59. Layden, Kate as [Mrs. Sykes]
  60. Mackie, Christine as [Mrs. Browne] <44>
  61. May, Olwen as [Diane Simpson]
  62. Myers, Tanya as (as Tania Myers) [Myra Lawton] <35>
  63. Ollerenshaw, Maggie as [Margaret Oldfield] <27>
  64. Phoenix, Gemma as (as Gemma Pheonix) [Schoolgirl] <41>
  65. Richmond, Laura (I) as [WPC Ruth Ford] <15>
  66. Robinson, Vinette as [Rita Rytka] <39>
  67. Rogers, Katharine as [WPC Sue Neave] <14>
  68. Rooke, Lynda as [Mrs. Hill]
  69. Rutter, Kate as [Jane Barker]
  70. Stevens, Jean (II) as [Mrs. Hawkshaw] <37>
  71. Storey, Hannah (I) as [Teresa Sykes]
  72. Walsh, Kimberley as [Gillian Oldfield] <28>
  73. Wardman, Jo as (uncredited) [Kerbcrawler's Wife]
  74. Webzell, Claire as [Sonia Sutcliffe] <6>
  75. Wilcock, Patricia as [Rachel Horton]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Full Plot

This is a dramatisation of the real-life investigation into the notorious Yorkshire Ripper murders of the late 1970s, showing the effect that it had on the health and career of Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield who led the enquiry. Martin Underwood Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Lindes, Hal


  1. Greenhalgh, Peter

Dress Designers

  1. Holman, Ray (I)


Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (2000) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. McPhee, Nick (I)


  1. Coombes, Deborah (production coordinator)
  2. Fagg, Hilary (script supervisor)
  3. Gilchrist, Lisa (researcher)
  4. Herbert, Mark (I) (location manager)
  5. Maloney, Chris (I) (assistant: Mr. Armstrong)
  6. Sipling, Dean (production accountant)
  7. Turner, Mark (IV) (floor runner)
  8. Wilson, Brett (I) (location assistant)