Thugs, Mugs and Violence.... (2009) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
7.2/ 10 (29 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
New Breed Productions [gb]
The Way Forward Productions [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 1 November 2009

Running Time
UK:90 (approx.)

New Breed Productions and The Way Forward Productions Proudly Present..... THUGS, MUGS and VIOLENCE....


Technical Support

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Full Cast

  1. Berry, Harry as [Walter]
  2. Charlton, Alan as [Stonewall]
  3. Clack, Albert as [DI Gibson]
  4. Clarke, Errol as [Redwood]
  5. Cook, Jason (IX) as [Otis]
  6. Cooke, Dennis (II) as [The Judge]
  7. Croot, Jason as [Ras] <15>
  8. Curtis, Gary (III) as [Stardust]
  9. Davis, Rob (IX) as [Gruff]
  10. Delaney, Marcus as [Frankie Hooters]
  11. Egan, Joe (V) as [Fearsome] <7>
  12. Grimes, Richard (III) as [Valerie] <9>
  13. Hinds, Peter as [Zeus]
  14. Hipgrave, Lee as [Sid]
  15. Hopley, Andre as [DI Walker]
  16. Joseph, Gary (II) as [8 Ball]
  17. Kaylor, Marc as [Mumbles]
  18. Kayne, Dean as [Clarke]
  19. Kirch, Warren as [Dave]
  20. Knight, Paul (X) as [Billy Davis] <3>
  21. Legg, Matt as [Charlie Treats]
  22. Lyddon, David as (uncredited) [Fight Spectator]
  23. Lynch, John (XXVI) as [Burt]
  24. Mais, Duncan JC as (as Duncan Mais) [Alfie Davis]
  25. Mccarthy, Matthew (I) as [Nightclub Dancer]
  26. Mills, Mel as [Stunning Steve] <11>
  27. Morgan, Dave (XIV) as [Stretch]
  28. Morris, Guy (III) as [The Narrator]
  29. Murphy, Arran (VII) as [Herc]
  30. Naughton, Patrick as [Johnny the Driver]
  31. Naughton, Paul (VI) as [Ref]
  32. O Keefe, Jamie (I) as [Johnny Davis] <1>
  33. O Sullivan, Luke (II) as (uncredited) [Drug Dealer Tortured and Killed]
  34. Overton, Louis Jay as [Samson]
  35. Prater, Ian (I) as [Mo Mo Mohamed]
  36. Pyle, Joe (I) as [The Ant]
  37. Ranpuria, Nitin as [Adam]
  38. Rogers, Lloyd (II) as [Lin]
  39. Samson, Andre as [Danny Digits] <5>
  40. Samuels, Otis as [Gunz]
  41. Shaw, Roy (I) as [Roy]
  42. Slaney, Mick as (uncredited) [Fight Fan]
  43. Venning, Ana as [Natalia] <7>
  44. Wiltshire, Dave (I) as [Harry] <13>
  45. Windebank, Andrew as [Andy Peepers]
  46. Berger, Lia Emily Rose as [Cindy]
  47. Bonura, Anna as [Plenty] <8>
  48. Brewer, Brandy as [Summer] <14>
  49. Conroy, Che as [Trixie]
  50. Davis, Meaw as [Luk]
  51. Edwards, Leigh (I) as [Alexia Millea]
  52. Grimes, Jayne as [Sharon]
  53. Hopkins, Victoria (II) as [Natasha] <10>
  54. Hughes, Julia (III) as [Roxie]
  55. Hussain, Jessica as [Mercy]
  56. Husson, Chantal as [Raine]
  57. Joi (V) as [Lara]
  58. Lee, Nikki (IV) as [Linda] <6>
  59. Love, Tina (II) as [Barmaid]
  60. Meakin, Laura as [Andrea] <2>
  61. Pearson, Jaqueline as [Ivana]
  62. Penlaver, Wendy as [Esme]
  63. Vince, Zowie as [Kelly] <4>
  64. Wong, Celeste (I) as [Candy]


  1. Action

Full Plot

After the disappearance of 2million pounds worth of drugs, blame falls between the rival firms. The streets of London then become the backdrop to an intertwined game of cat and mouse between the gangs as each make their play to gain control as the story twists and turns with a host of colourful characters, shoot outs and violence. Billy and Johnny Davis are old school criminals from the East End of London, Mo Mo is the leader of Brick Lane firm whilst the South London gang is headed by Tony 'The Ant' Declan. As the story unfolds around the three gangs, we encounter Peeper's, Judge, Stardust and the Serb who further intensify the tale of double-cross, bloodshed and revenge. Paul Knight Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 85,000

Movie Certificate

18 (UK)(self applied)


  1. Chen, Djonny


New Breed Productions [gb] - (2009) (UK) (all media)


  1. Ali, Miriam (II) (floor runner)
  2. Begum, Laila (production runner)
  3. Bhatt, Rahul (II) (script editor)
  4. Blanco, Benjamin (II) (floor runner)
  5. Conroy, Che (web publicist)
  6. Fadjar, Fonny (floor runner)
  7. Henry, Adam (V) (financial advisor)
  8. Hughes, Julia (III) (continuity)
  9. Hyde, Tim (I) (behind-the-scenes documentary)
  10. Knight, Diane (production assistant)
  11. Lamarque, Alexander (production runner)
  12. Laura, Zion (production runner)
  13. Merrifield, Sarah (production runner)
  14. Morris, Guy (III) (production coordinator)
  15. O'Sullivan, Luke (II) (floor runner)
  16. Patel, Rameshvari (production runner)
  17. Raymond, Daniel (II) (floor runner)
  18. Rowles, Vince (production runner)
  19. Thacker, Sheetal (floor runner)
  20. Widodo, Ayu (floor runner)
  21. Wooding, Andy (production runner)
  22. Wooding, Cathy (production runner)
  23. Zaleski, Cara (floor runner)
  24. Zaleski, Cara (production runner)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK - (town)