Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
7.1/ 10 (87658 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violence, some sexuality/nudity and language

Production Company
Canal+ [fr] - (support)
CinéCinéma [fr] - (support) (as Cinecinema)
Karla Films [gb] - (co-production)
Kinowelt Filmproduktion [de] - (co-production)
Paradis Films [fr] - (co-production)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Italy) - 5 September 2011
(Ireland) - 16 September 2011
(UK) - 16 September 2011
(Belgium) - 11 October 2011
(Netherlands) - 2 November 2011

Running Time

How do you find an enemy who is hidden right before your eyes? The secret is out. Trust no one. Suspect everyone. The enemy is within. At the height of the Cold War, only a master spy could be trusted to expose one of their own.

1970s, adultery, based-on-novel, based-on-novels, bathtub, briefcase, british-secret-intelligence-service, british-spy, budapest-hungary, bullet, caravan, chess-piece, cold-war, cultural-attach, divorce, double-agent, eye-test, f-word, forced-retirement, hungary, husband-wife-relationship, intelligence, interrogation, istanbul-turkey, may-day-parade,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Millennium, Panavision Primo Lenses
LAB:Nordisk Film Post Production, Stockholm, Sweden
LAB:i lab, London, UK - (rushed processing & transfers) (as ilab - Reliance Mediaworks)
OFM:35 mm - (Fuji Eterna 500T 8573, Reala 500D 8592)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (4K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (3-perf) (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
PFM:Digital - (Digital Cinema Package DCP)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bartfay, Peter as (voice) (uncredited) [Hungarian Secret Agent]
  2. Brown, Philip Martin as [Tufty Thesinger] <31>
  3. Csuja, Imre as [KGB Agent] <6>
  4. Cumberbatch, Benedict as [Peter Guillam] <13>
  5. Dencik, David as [Toby Esterhase] <9>
  6. Dzhabrailov, Oleg as [Sergei] <36>
  7. Firth, Colin as [Bill Haydon] <11>
  8. Graham, Stephen (I) as [Jerry Westerby] <14>
  9. Graham, Stuart (I) as [Minister] <24>
  10. Haddock, William as [Bill Roach] <29>
  11. Hardy, Tom (I) as [Ricki Tarr] <17>
  12. Hill-Pearson, Phillip as [Norman] <22>
  13. Hinds, Ciarán as [Roy Bland] <10>
  14. Hopper, Nick as [Janitor Alwyn] <38>
  15. Hurt, John as [Control] <2>
  16. Jay, Jean-Claude as (as Jean Claude Jay) [French Man at Residency] <44>
  17. Jones, Toby (I) as [Percy Alleline] <8>
  18. Khabenskiy, Konstantin as (as Konstantin Khabensky) [Polyakov] <25>
  19. Khoroshko, Denis as [Ivan] <35>
  20. King, Jamie Thomas as [Kaspar] <23>
  21. Kowalski, Tomasz (II) as [Boris] <32>
  22. Kálloy Molnár, Péter as [Hungarian Waiter] <4>
  23. le Carré, John as [Christmas Party Guest] <41>
  24. Lloyd-Pack, Roger as (as Roger Lloyd Pack) [Mendel] <20>
  25. McBurney, Simon as [Oliver Lacon] <16>
  26. McKay, Christian as [Mackelvore] <43>
  27. Mucsi, Zoltán as [Magyar] <3>
  28. Nightingale, Arthur as [Bryant] <15>
  29. O Connor, Peter (II) as (as Peter McNeil O'Connor) [Fawn] <19>
  30. Oldman, Gary as [George Smiley] <7>
  31. Procter, Rupert as [Guillam's Boyfriend] <40>
  32. Sarne, Michael as (voice) [Voice of Karla] <42>
  33. Shaw, Nick (I) as (uncredited) [Civil Servant]
  34. Strong, Mark (II) as [Jim Prideaux] <1>
  35. Stuart, Tom (II) as [Ben] <45>
  36. Wylie, Erksine as [Spikeley] <30>
  37. Burke, Kathy as [Connie Sachs] <12>
  38. Carmichael, Laura (II) as [Sal] <39>
  39. Fairbank-Hynes, Amanda as (as Amanda Fairbank Hynes) [Belinda] <18>
  40. Gibbs, Matyelok as [Mrs. Pope Graham] <21>
  41. Kassai, Ilona as [Woman in Window] <5>
  42. Khodchenkova, Svetlana as [Irina] <33>
  43. Linda, Sarah as (uncredited) [Miss Robinson]
  44. Marlowe, Linda as [Mrs. McCraig] <28>
  45. Salafranca, Alexandra as [Turkish Mistress] <34>
  46. Steventon, Gillian as [Listening Woman] <37>
  47. Vasilieva, Katrina as [Ann Smiley] <27>
  48. Von Mitzka, Eva as (uncredited) [MI5 Spy]
  49. Wright, Sarah Jane as (as Sarah-Jane Robinson) [Mary Alleline] <26>


  1. Drama
  2. Mystery
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

In the early 1970s during the Cold War, the head of British Intelligence, Control, resigns after an operation in Budapest, Hungary goes badly wrong. It transpires that Control believed one of four senior figures in the service was in fact a Russian agent - a mole - and the Hungary operation was an attempt to identify which of them it was. Smiley had been forced into retirement by the departure of Control, but is asked by a senior government figure to investigate a story told to him by a rogue agent, Ricky Tarr, that there was a mole. Smiley considers that the failure of the Hungary operation and the continuing success of Operation Witchcraft (an apparent source of significant Soviet intelligence) confirms this, and takes up the task of finding him. David Brain A year after he was forced into retirement, ex-spy George Smiley is called back by a Cabinet office official when information comes to him that there may be a Soviet spy, a mole, at the very top of the British secret service. Smiley had been forced out along with Control, the head of spy agency, after a disastrous mission in Hungary where a colleague, Jim Prideaux, was shot. It was also an unhealthy time in the secret service, known affectionately by its members as the Circus, with several senior officers having developed a new source of information in the USSR but refusing to share that person's identity. Smiley agrees to return and in the course of his examination learns that the secret secret Soviet source has become the mainstay of the service, one that they soon plan to use to get at US intelligence information. Smiley soon realizes that the Soviets have turned the service inside out. garykmcd Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 20,000,000 CP: 2011 Karla Films Ltd., Paradis Films S.A.R.L. and Kinowelt Filmproduktion GmbH. GR: USD 24,104,113 (USA) (18 March 2012) GR: USD 23,922,144 (USA) (11 March 2012) GR: USD 23,665,415 (USA) (4 March 2012) GR: USD 23,276,126 (USA) (26 February 2012) GR: USD 22,801,514 (USA) (19 February 2012) GR: USD 21,995,078 (USA) (12 February 2012) GR: USD 21,185,512 (USA) (5 February 2012) GR: USD 20,165,068 (USA) (29 January 2012) GR: USD 18,328,977 (USA) (22 January 2012) GR: USD 15,806,593 (USA) (15 January 2012) GR: USD 10,129,670 (USA) (8 January 2012) GR: USD 4,280,214 (USA) (1 January 2012) GR: USD 879,548 (USA) (18 December 2011) GR: USD 310,562 (USA) (11 December 2011) GR: USD 12,871,000 (USA) (14 January 2011) GR: GBP 14,072,324 (UK) (18 December 2011) GR: GBP 14,059,471 (UK) (11 December 2011) GR: GBP 13,538,928 (UK) (30 November 2011) GR: GBP 13,939,252 (UK) (27 November 2011) GR: GBP 13,901,769 (UK) (20 November 2011) GR: GBP 13,842,514 (UK) (13 November 2011) GR: GBP 13,716,113 (UK) (6 November 2011) GR: GBP 14,039,242 (UK) (4 November 2011) GR: GBP 13,120,786 (UK) (23 October 2011) GR: GBP 12,342,655 (UK) (16 October 2011) GR: GBP 11,100,553 (UK) (9 October 2011) GR: GBP 9,097,048 (UK) (2 October 2011) GR: GBP 6,924,269 (UK) (25 September 2011) GR: GBP 2,814,860 (UK) (18 September 2011) GR: USD 39,694,989 (Worldwide) (14 January 2011) GR: USD 26,823,989 (Non-USA) (14 January 2011) GR: EUR 2,081,869 (Italy) (22 January 2012) GR: EUR 1,115,402 (Italy) (15 January 2012) GR: EUR 662,764 (Netherlands) (25 January 2012) GR: EUR 618,708 (Netherlands) (18 January 2012) GR: EUR 558,340 (Netherlands) (11 January 2012) GR: EUR 419,326 (Netherlands) (4 January 2012) GR: EUR 289,960 (Netherlands) (28 December 2011) GR: EUR 165,249 (Netherlands) (21 December 2011) GR: EUR 122,945 (Netherlands) (18 December 2011) GR: PLN 3,951,234 (Poland) (18 December 2011) GR: PLN 3,341,341 (Poland) (11 December 2011) GR: PLN 2,477,903 (Poland) (4 December 2011) GR: PLN 1,301,949 (Poland) (27 November 2011) GR: RUR 25,060,237 (Russia) (18 December 2011) GR: RUR 14,905,835 (Russia) (11 December 2011) GR: UAH 1,421,750 (Ukraine) (18 December 2011) OW: USD 310,562 (USA) (11 December 2011) (4 screens) OW: GBP 2,814,860 (UK) (18 September 2011) (382 screens) OW: EUR 1,115,402 (Italy) (15 January 2012) (332 screens) OW: EUR 96,621 (Netherlands) (18 December 2011) (29 screens) OW: EUR 96,621 (Netherlands) (18 November 2011) (29 screens) OW: PLN 1,294,644 (Poland) (27 November 2011) (67 screens) OW: RUR 14,905,835 (Russia) (11 December 2011) (318 screens) SD: 29 September 2010 - ? WG: USD 102,372 (USA) (18 March 2012) (86 screens) WG: USD 172,494 (USA) (11 March 2012) (109 screens) WG: USD 263,189 (USA) (4 March 2012) (126 screens) WG: USD 341,549 (USA) (26 February 2012) (164 screens) WG: USD 386,315 (USA) (19 February 2012) (184 screens) WG: USD 547,509 (USA) (12 February 2012) (232 screens) WG: USD 670,429 (USA) (5 February 2012) (302 screens) WG: USD 1,099,927 (USA) (29 January 2012) (410 screens) WG: USD 1,763,380 (USA) (22 January 2012) (731 screens) WG: USD 3,194,172 (USA) (15 January 2012) (886 screens) WG: USD 5,478,521 (USA) (8 January 2012) (809 screens) WG: USD 1,085,896 (USA) (1 January 2012) (57 screens) WG: USD 456,777 (USA) (18 December 2011) (16 screens) WG: USD 310,562 (USA) (11 December 2011) (4 screens) WG: GBP 6,303 (UK) (18 December 2011) (7 screens) WG: GBP 8,644 (UK) (11 December 2011) (6 screens) WG: GBP 12,640 (UK) (4 December 2011) (8 screens) WG: GBP 15,876 (UK) (27 November 2011) (10 screens) WG: GBP 22,143 (UK) (20 November 2011) (13 screens) WG: GBP 38,073 (UK) (13 November 2011) (47 screens) WG: GBP 84,036 (UK) (6 November 2011) (113 screens) WG: GBP 162,855 (UK) (30 October 2011) (163 screens) WG: GBP 394,605 (UK) (23 October 2011) (293 screens) WG: GBP 572,806 (UK) (16 October 2011) (369 screens) WG: GBP 1,066,742 (UK) (9 October 2011) (468 screens) WG: GBP 1,064,901 (UK) (2 October 2011) (465 screens) WG: GBP 2,104,762 (UK) (25 September 2011) (422 screens) WG: GBP 2,814,860 (UK) (18 September 2011) (382 screens) WG: EUR 645,341 (Italy) (22 January 2012) (320 screens) WG: EUR 1,115,402 (Italy) (15 January 2012) (332 screens) WG: EUR 34,024 (Netherlands) (22 January 2012) (26 screens) WG: EUR 46,574 (Netherlands) (15 January 2012) (30 screens) WG: EUR 86,152 (Netherlands) (8 January 2012) (31 screens) WG: EUR 73,261 (Netherlands) (1 January 2012) (31 screens) WG: EUR 51,779 (Netherlands) (25 December 2011) (30 screens) WG: EUR 96,621 (Netherlands) (18 December 2011) (29 screens) WG: PLN 332,520 (Poland) (18 December 2011) (83 screens) WG: PLN 505,400 (Poland) (11 December 2011) (73 screens) WG: PLN 790,460 (Poland) (4 December 2011) (68 screens) WG: PLN 1,294,644 (Poland) (27 November 2011) (67 screens) WG: RUR 5,261,465 (Russia) (18 December 2011) (310 screens) WG: RUR 14,905,835 (Russia) (11 December 2011) (318 screens) WG: UAH 296,650 (Ukraine) (18 December 2011) (45 screens)

Movie Certificate

15 (UK)
15A (Ireland)
MA15+ (Australia)
14A (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario)
15 (Sweden)
M18 (Singapore)
18 (Malaysia)
M/12 (Portugal)
13+ (Canada)(Quebec)
15 (Norway)
A (India)
14 (Brazil)
15 (South Korea)
16 (Netherlands)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
12 (Germany)
U (France)
R15+ (Japan)
16 (Argentina)
K-15 (Finland)(2011)
K-16 (Finland)(2012) (DVD and Blu-ray cover)
B15 (Mexico)
R (USA)(certificate #46967)

Music Composers

  1. Iglesias, Alberto (I)


  1. Van Hoytema, Hoyte (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Durran, Jacqueline


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Film Editors

  1. Jonsäter, Dino


  1. Ackerley, Tom (crowd runner)
  2. Angeloudes, Christina (legal and business affairs manager: Working Title)
  3. Atik, Serdar (production accountant: Istanbul)
  4. Ayers, Brian (security guard)
  5. Ayers, Pip (epk producer)
  6. Bacon, Emma (rushes contact)
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[from trailer] George Smiley: [to Karla] We are not so very different, you and I. We've both spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in one another. [from trailer] George Smiley: [to Guillam] I need you to do something for me. You have to assume they're watching you... [from trailer] Easterhase: [to Smiley] Things aren't always what they seem. [from trailer] George Smiley: Now is the time. [from trailer] Oliver Lacon: [to Smiley] There's a mole, right at the top of the Circus. And he's been there for years. [from trailer] Bill Haydon: What the hell are you doing up here? [from trailer] Irina: [to Tarr] I know who you are. [from trailer] Ricki Tarr: [about Irina] She had information concerning a double agent. What she told me was sensational... Roy Bland: For twenty-five years we've been the only thing standing between Moscow and the Third World War! [from trailer] Control: All I want from you is one codename: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier... George Smiley: ...Spy. [from trailer] Ricki Tarr: I needed to see you. George Smiley: Why? [from trailer] Control: We have a rotten apple, Jim. [from trailer] George Smiley: What did you think of Control's theory? Jim Prideaux: I thought it was madness! Ricki Tarr: Mr Guillam, I'm sorry I was out for so long. [Guillam attacks Tarr] George Smiley: Ricki's been helping us, Peter! He's been telling us all about his adventures. Peter Guillam: He's a double, George! There is no mole! Irina's been locked up by Moscow! [turns on Tarr] Peter Guillam: I stole that, because of you! I spied on my own, because of him! Do you know how that makes me feel? Irina: I have something to trade. Something big. Ricki Tarr: She told me she had a secret, the mother of all secrets... Bill Haydon: It's become so ugly... Control: I know that Moscow has planted a mole, and I know it is one of five men. [starts placing out chess pieces with photos on them] Control: Allenine: Tinker. Haydon: Tailor. Bland: Soldier. We leave out "Sailor", too much like "Tailor". Esterhase: Poorman. Jim Prideaux: And the fifth? Control: Smiley. Connie Sachs: It was a good time back then. George Smiley: It was a war, Connie. Connie Sachs: A war we could be proud of. George Smiley: I know who it is. It's Karla. Control: [pouring vodka generously into a punchbowl] It'll take us five hours to get drunk on this monkey's piss! George Smiley: I want to talk about loyalty, Toby. Control recruited you, didn't he? He found you starving in a museum in Vienna, a wanted man. He saved your life, I heard. And yet, when the time came... when it came to picking sides between him and Allenine, you didn't hesitate. It's understandable, perhaps, with your war experience. You survived this long, I suppose, because of your ability to change sides, to serve any master. Easterhase: What's... what's this about, George? George Smiley: It's about which master you've been serving, Toby. Bill Haydon: I thought I'd pop down and catch a glimpse at the new girl before Bland gets to her. Peter Guillam: Ah, yes, Belinda the Blonde. [Haydon rides a bicycle into the Circus office] Peter Guillam: You got clearance for that? Bill Haydon: Well, I'm not bloody chaining it up outside. Mind you, probably no better off in here with this bunch of bloody cut-throats, they'll have the gold out of your teeth! [a teenage couple are making out in front of Connie and Smiley] Connie Sachs: I don't know about you George, but I'm feeling seriously under-fucked! Oliver Lacon: It's the oldest question of all, George. Who can spy on the spies? Jim Prideaux: [to Roach] I've known a lot of Bills in my time. They've all been good ones. Whatcha good at? George Smiley: [on Karla] He's a fanatic. And the fanatic is always concealing a secret doubt. Bill Haydon: You really are a poison dwarf, Toby. Why don't you fuck off to his majesty and stop trying to involve me in your little cabaret. Control: [signs his resignation] A man should know when to leave the party... Ricki Tarr: Everything the Circus thinks is gold is shit. Bill Haydon: [on the phone] As I said, you may fuck me but you still have to call me "Sir" in the morning. Jim Prideaux: [on Roach] Best watcher in the unit, I'll bet. As long's he's got his specs on, aye? Bill Haydon: [to Smiley] Karla said you were very good, the one we had to worry about. But you do have a blind spot. And if I was known to be Ann's lover, you wouldn't be able to see me straight. And he was right, up to a point. George Smiley: [discussing the veracity of a new report] Where did you get this? Control: I didn't. Percy and his little cabo walked in with it. Easterhase: Look, Control... Control: Shut up! Bill Haydon: Style, appalling. Blatantly a fabrication from beginning to end. Just could be the real thing. Control: Smiley is suspicious Percy. George Smiley: Where did it come from? What's the access? Percy Alleline: A new secret source of mine. George Smiley: But how could he possibly have access? Percy Alleline: He has access to the most sensitive levels of policy making. We named the Operation Witchcraft. Control: Well, Percy and his pals bypassed us Smiley. Gone straight to the minister. Percy has been allowed to keep the identity of his new friend top secret. [first lines] Control: [opening door] You weren't followed? Jim Prideaux: No. Control: Better come in. Control: Trust no one, Jim. Especially not in the mainstream. Ricki Tarr: They're going to kill me. George Smiley: Who is? Ricki Tarr: Your lot. Or their lot, whoever gets me first. I'm innocent. Within reason. Percy Alleline: Arabs. You can rent one but you can't buy one. Right Bill? George Smiley: We're not so different, you and I. We've both spent our lives looking for the weakness in one another's systems. Don't you think it's time to recognize there is as little worth on your side as there is on mine? [last lines] Bill Roach: I made this for you, sir. Jim Prideaux: I don't want you hanging around here anymore. Keep away from me from now on. Go and join the others. Bill Roach: But... Jim Prideaux: Just bloody join in, will you? Jim Prideaux: Go and play! Damn you!

Other Titles

  1. Dame König As Spion (2012) (ENG)
    (Germany) (alternative spelling)

  2. Dame, König, As, Spion (2011) (ENG)
    (Germany) (imdb display title)

  3. La talpa (2011) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

  4. La taupe (2011) (ENG)
    (France) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London, England, UK - (The Circus)
  2. Blythe House, 23 Blythe Road, West Kensington, London, England, UK - (SIS Headquarters, Cambridge Circus)
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Halászbástya, Budapest, Hungary
  5. Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill, London, England, UK - (MI6 HQ offices, Cambridge Circus)
  6. Istanbul, Turkey
  7. Keleti pályaudvar, Baross tér, Józsefváros, Budapest, Hungary
  8. London, England, UK
  9. Nyugati pályaudvar, Budapest, Hungary
  10. Párizsi Udvar, Paris Court, Budapest, Hungary


- 'Michael Fassbender' (qv) was originally cast as Ricki Tarr, but he had to back out because he was busy filming _X-Men: First Class (2011)_ (qv) and was replaced by 'Tom Hardy (I)' (qv).

- This is 'Tomas Alfredson' (qv)'s first English film.

- 'Peter Morgan (I)' (qv) wrote a draft for the screenplay and was going to write the final draft, but he gave up that assignment due to the death of a family member. He remains executive producer on this film.

- 'Jared Harris (I)' (qv) was originally cast as Percy Alleline, but he had to back out due to scheduling conflicts with _Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)_ (qv) and was replaced with 'Toby Jones (I)' (qv).

- Producer 'Tim Bevan (I)' (qv) recommended 'Tom Hardy (I)' (qv) for the role of Ricki Tarr, stating he resembled a younger 'Robert Redford (I)' (qv).

- To prepare for the role of George Smiley, 'Gary Oldman' (qv) ate a lot of treacle sponge and custard to "put on a bit of middle-aged tummy". Oldman also watched Sir 'Alec Guinness' (qv)'s performance in _"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (1979)_ (qv), and paid a visit to Smiley's creator 'John le Carré' (qv): "The way he touched his shirt, spoke and so on, I took all