Tirza (2010) Movie

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6.5/ 10 (922 Votes)

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Production Company
Cadenza Films B.V. [nl] - (presents)
CoBo Fonds [nl] - (with support from)
Fu Works [nl] - (presents)
Gemeente Den Haag [nl] - (with support from)
Ministerie van OC en W [nl] - (as Het Ministerie van OCW) (with support from)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Netherlands) - 22 September 2010
(Netherlands) - 30 September 2010
(Belgium) - 6 October 2010

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Dchar, Nasrdin as [Choukri]
  2. Dube, Michael as [Driver minibus]
  3. Hailundu, Panduleni as [Barkeeper Thüringer Hof Hotel]
  4. Heinrich, Hawala as [Receptionist Thüringer Hof Hotel]
  5. Kats, Gert as [Andreas]
  6. Luzipho, Thembani as [Pick-up truck driver]
  7. Mburu, Ernst as [Sandal seller]
  8. Mochabeb, Milton as [Mr. Solitaire]
  9. Motloung, Sello as [Taxidriver]
  10. Murangi, Joe as [Mr. Kulala]
  11. Ndandani, Simnikiwe as [Streetchild 1]
  12. Scholten van Aschat, Gijs as [Jörgen] <1>
  13. Shivute, Armas as [BBQ vendor]
  14. Smoki, Yamkele as [Streetchild 3]
  15. Spitzenberger, Jeroen as [Publisher]
  16. Stauder, Dani as (uncredited) [Party Guest]
  17. Xakwe, Mondy Abey as [Crippled Robber]
  18. Dyan, Pamele as [Chamber maid]
  19. Gazi, Asemahle as [Streetchild 2]
  20. Hoeks, Sylvia as [Tirza] <2>
  21. Hoes, Abbey as [Ibi] <4>
  22. Hoogendoorn, Titia as [Ester] <5>
  23. Karemba, Trish as [Internet café employee]
  24. Louw, Anna as [Ms. Hochland]
  25. Matlabo, Keitumetse as [Kaisa]
  26. Ndahalele, Lioni as [Waitress Thüringer Hof Hotel]
  27. Ozabialu, Ezimma as [Purse seller]
  28. Ross, Elisabeth (II) as [Waitress pool café]
  29. Stamper, Phumla as [Kaisa's mother]
  30. Steege, Johanna ter as [Alma] <3>
  31. van Es, Naomi as [Tirza Hofmeester - 8 years old]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Jrgen's world is crumbling. Forced into early retirement and harassed by his ex-wife, the only part of his life which makes sense - his beloved daughter Tirza - is shattered when she disappears on holiday in Namibia. After weeks of terrifying uncertainty, Jrgen goes searching for her, but the heat, his drinking and bad memories combine to unhinge him. His only ally is a child prostitute called Kaisa. Together they journey into the wilderness on Tirza's trail to discover her fate. Holland Film Plot not found

Total Business

GR: EUR 1,186,994 (Netherlands) (14 November 2010) GR: EUR 910,829 (Netherlands) (24 October 2010) SD: 5 September 2009 - ? WG: EUR 35,630 (Netherlands) (14 November 2010) (39 screens) WG: EUR 130,321 (Netherlands) (24 October 2010) (69 screens)

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)


  1. Szabó, Gábor (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Bogers, Linda


Film1 [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
Independent Films [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
NTR [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV)
Warner Home Video [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Warner Home Video [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)

Film Editors

  1. Burg, Job ter


  1. De Coninck, Jan (II) (digital film mastering)
  2. Klein, Frank (I) (budget controller)
  3. Pearson, Elnette (production secretary: namibia)
  4. Swart, Gwen (production coordinator: namibia)
  5. van der Ploeg, Paul (location manager: namibia)