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Overview "Titanic" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)


(Hollywood) USA

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6.4/ 10 (49 Votes)

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Release Date
(Canada) - 28 March 2012
(Germany) - 31 March 2012
(UK) - 1 April 2012
(Austria) - 4 April 2012
(Spain) - 8 April 2012

Running Time


anti-catholic, attorney, belfast-ireland, church-service, class-differences, electrician, home-rule, husband-wife-relationship, ireland, irish-catholic, irishman, jewelry, needle, shipyard, snobbery, steerage, the-troubles, thread, wink,

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RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Attwooll, Shane as [Billy Blake] <41>
  2. Barry, Cian as [Fourth Officer Boxhall] <44>
  3. Bishop, Ben (II) as [Stoker Lyons] <43>
  4. Blackhall, Glen as [Paolo Sandrini] <14>
  5. Bucur, Dragos as [Peter Lubov] <12>
  6. Calder, David as [Captain Smith] <5>
  7. Campbell Moore, Stephen as [Thomas Andrews] <3>
  8. Devere, Matt as [Boilerman] <42>
  9. Eisner, David as [Benjamin Guggenheim] <50>
  10. Hrisko, Preston as (uncredited) [Hudson Allison]
  11. Hutchinson, Lloyd as [Chief Steward Lattimer] <19>
  12. Ineson, Ralph as [Steward Hart] <16>
  13. Jones, Mark Lewis as [David Evans] <49>
  14. Jones, Toby (I) as [John Batley] <38>
  15. Kazek, John as [Steward Turnbull] <48>
  16. Keen, Will as [Chief Officer Wilde] <11>
  17. Kelly, Mike (XIII) as [Seaman Royce] <35>
  18. Kõszegi, Péter as [George Widener] <25>
  19. Latham, Alexis as [Man in Corridor] <18>
  20. Magro, Antonio as [Mario Sandrini] <15>
  21. May, Joseph as [Victor Giglio] <51>
  22. McCardie, Brian as [First Officer Murdoch] <6>
  23. McDonald, Peter (I) as [Jim Maloney] <1>
  24. McKee, Iain as [Seaman Scott] <17>
  25. Meredith, Ifan as [Fifth Officer Lowe] <45>
  26. Paisley Day, Simon as [Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon] <32>
  27. Reid, Noah (I) as [Harry Widener] <23>
  28. Richardson, Miles as [John Jacob Astor] <27>
  29. Roache, Linus as [Hugh, Earl of Manton] <36>
  30. Ross, Lee (I) as [Barnes] <39>
  31. Sutton, Richard (I) as [Second Officer Blair] <7>
  32. Waddington, Steven as [Second Officer Lightoller] <8>
  33. West, Timothy (I) as [Lord Pirrie] <2>
  34. Wight, Peter as [Joseph Rushton] <21>
  35. Wilby, James as [Bruce Ismay] <4>
  36. Bankes, Sally as [Mrs. Gibson] <29>
  37. Bradley, Ruth (II) as [Mary Maloney] <9>
  38. Coleman, Jenna-Louise as [Annie Desmond] <13>
  39. Darnley, Olivia as [Bessie Allison] <33>
  40. Eke, Angéla as [Madeleine Astor] <31>
  41. Imrie, Celia as [Grace Rushton] <28>
  42. Kennedy, Maria Doyle as [Muriel Batley] <37>
  43. Kent, Diana (I) as [Eleanor Widener] <30>
  44. Le Touzel, Sylvestra as [Lady Duff Gordon] <20>
  45. Marshal, Lyndsey as [Mabel Watson] <40>
  46. McCutcheon, Georgia as [Theresa Maloney] <10>
  47. Meszaros, Larina as [Loraine Allison] <34>
  48. Somerville, Geraldine as [Louisa, Countess of Manton] <26>
  49. Weeks, Perdita as [Lady Georgiana Grex] <22>
  50. Winkleman, Sophie as [Dorothy Gibson] <24>
  51. Zakariás, Eszter as [Woman 2 at Purser's] <47>
  52. Zentai, Beatrice as (as Beatrix Zentai) [Woman 1 at Purser's] <46>

Full Plot

Jim Maloney is in charge of completing the electrics on the Titanic. He's actually an engineer but being a Catholic in West Belfast, working as an installer is the best job he can get. The work is falling behind schedule and he's offered free passage on the ship's maiden voyage, in steerage, for himself and his family if he can get the work completed on time. He accepts but finds a way to get a cabin in second class. John and Muriel Batley row after their tea with Lord and Lady Manton. After striking the iceberg, they reconcile and decide that their lives are worth fighting for. Jim is able to get his family onto one of the boats. garykmcd The ship's architect Thomas Andrews is dismayed when his uncle,Lord Pirrie,Harland and Wolff chairman, and White Star president Ismay fail to respond to his view that there are insufficient lifeboats on board. He also gives steerage passage to Catholic engineer Jim Maloney in return for work done on the ship so that Jim can escape sectarian prejudice and take his wife Mayr and their four children to America. Following sea trials Captain Smith dismisses second officer Blair,who accidentally takes the key to the ship's binoculars with him. Following incidents of anarchy in the Balkans Ismay is wary of foreign workers,such as Italian stoker Mario Sandrini and his waiter brother Paolo,who is attracted to Annie Desmond whilst Jim befriends mysterious Latvian Peter Lubov. Muriel Batley once more berates her husband for condemning her to a boring life in England and his servility to Manton,letting slip that she knows Georgiana is not Louisa's daughter but the result of an illicit affair. When she upbraids the countess whilst waiting for the lifeboats she tells her that she knows this secret. After the ship hits the ice-berg Smith seems to break down and Lightoller takes charge of evacuation. Accepting that they may perish the Batleys reconcile,declaring their love for each other and determine to 'go down fighting.' don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

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Music Composers

  1. Goldsmith, Jonathan (II)


  1. Suschitzky, Adam (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Keast, James (I)


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)
Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (DVD)
Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
Eén [be] - (2012) (Belgium) (TV) (Flemish speaking region)
Global Television Network [ca] - (2012) (Canada) (TV)
ITV Global Entertainment [gb] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)
Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (2012) (UK) (TV) (ITV1)
Magyar Televízió [hu] - (2012) (Hungary) (TV)
Veronica [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV)
ZDFneo [de] - (2012) (Germany) (TV) (limited)
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) [de] - (2012) (Germany) (TV)
Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) [at] - (2012) (Austria) (TV) (ORF2)

Film Editors

  1. Shipton, Susan


  1. Arthurs, Darcy (video project coordinator)
  2. Benedek, Csaba (unit manager)
  3. Birtha, Roland (unit assistant)
  4. Blasko, Agi (production secretary)
  5. Bognár, Erika (production assistant)
  6. Collis, Alan (I) (production executive)
  7. Cserven, János (location manager)
  8. Endrefi, Szabolcs (assistant to production accountant: Hungary)
  9. Gál, Mihály (II) (assistant production coordinator)
  10. Horkay, Amy (production coordinator)
  11. Kanischtscheff, Waléra (voice actor: Lubov Peter) (uncredited)
  12. Kara, Veronika (cashier)
  13. Kondor, Ferenc (security coordinator) (uncredited)
  14. Kun, Ágnes (production accountant: Hungary)
  15. Molnar, Zsolt (I) (assistant location manager)
  16. Moore, Della (production accountant)
  17. Mányai, Rita (assistant to uk production accountant) (uncredited)
  18. Papp, János (I) (health & safety advisor)
  19. Schumm, Janice (script supervisor)
  20. Simmons, Nora (production accountant: Canada)
  21. Szabó, Richard (security head) (uncredited)
  22. Szori, Istvan (stand-in) (uncredited)
  23. Tolmer, Zsolt (set production assistant)
  24. Veres, Csaba (payroll accountant) (uncredited)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Stern Film Studio, Pomáz, Hungary