Treasure Planet (2002) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.8/ 10 (32312 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG for adventure action and peril

Production Company
Walt Disney Feature Animation [us]
Walt Disney Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(France) - 5 November 2002
(USA) - 17 November 2002
(Czech Republic) - 21 November 2002
(Canada) - 27 November 2002
(France) - 27 November 2002

Running Time

I have a lot to offer anatomically, uh I mean, astronomically. Find your place in the universe. Robert Louis Stevenson's Greatest Adventure 'Treasure Island' As It Has Never Been Seen Before Chart your own course. They're on the search for gold, but they better watch out for Silver.

alien, anthropomorphism, anti-hero, arrest, astrophysicist, based-on-novel, black-hole, booby-trap, box-office-flop, chase, cyborg, death, death-of-friend, disney-animated-feature, distant-future, eavesdropping, escape, eyeball, family-abandonment, family-relationships, father-figure, female-captain, fire, flashback, flatulence,

Technical Support
LAB:Technicolor, USA - (prints)
MET:2,630 m - (Finland)
MET:2613 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm - (Eastman)
PFM:35 mm - (Eastman)
PFM:70 mm - (horizontal) (IMAX blow-up)
PFM:Digital - (Texas Instruments DLP 1280 x 1024, 1.5 : 1 anamorphic)
RAT:1.50 : 1 - (approx.) (IMAX version)
RAT:1.66 : 1 - (negative ratio)
RAT:1.85 : 1 - (intended ratio)

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Full Cast

  1. Angel, Jack (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <15>
  2. Bergen, Bob (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <16>
  3. Browne, Roscoe Lee as (voice) [Mr. Arrow] <1>
  4. Bumpass, Rodger as (voice) [Additional Voice] <17>
  5. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Onus] <2>
  6. Cygan, John (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <19>
  7. Davis, Dane A. as (voice) [Morph] <3>
  8. Eiding, Paul as (voice) [Additional Voice] <21>
  9. Gordon-Levitt, Joseph as (voice) [Jim Hawkins] <4>
  10. Hyde Pierce, David as (voice) [Doctor Doppler] <11>
  11. Jay, Tony (I) as (voice) [Narrator] <5>
  12. Majors, Austin as (voice) [Young Jim] <6>
  13. McGoohan, Patrick as (voice) [Billy Bones] <7>
  14. McShane, Michael (I) as (voice) (as Micheal McShane) [Hands] <8>
  15. Murray, Brian (I) as (voice) [John Silver] <10>
  16. Pinney, Patrick as (voice) [Additional Voice] <25>
  17. Proctor, Phil as (voice) [Additional Voice] <26>
  18. Short, Martin (I) as (voice) [B.E.N.] <12>
  19. Suarez, Jeremy as (voice) [Additional Voice] <27>
  20. Ward, Jim (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <28>
  21. Wincott, Michael as (voice) [Scroop] <14>
  22. Carr, Jane (II) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <18>
  23. Darling, Jennifer as (voice) [Additional Voice] <20>
  24. Lynn, Sherry (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <22>
  25. Marshall, Mona (I) as (voice) [Additional Voice] <23>
  26. McGowan, Mickie as (voice) [Additional Voice] <24>
  27. Metcalf, Laurie as (voice) [Sarah Hawkins] <9>
  28. Thompson, Emma (I) as (voice) [Captain Amelia] <13>


  1. Adventure
  2. Animation
  3. Family
  4. Romance
  5. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

A futuristic twist on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, Treasure Planet follows restless teen Jim Hawkins on a fantastic journey across the universe as cabin boy aboard a majestic space galleon. Befriended by the ship's charismatic cyborg cook, John Silver, Jim blossoms under his guidance and shows the makings of a fine shipmate as he and the alien crew battle a supernova, a black hole, and a ferocious space storm. But even greater dangers lie ahead when Jim discovers that his trusted friend Silver is actually a scheming pirate with mutiny on his mind. Anonymous With his father out of the picture and his mother at her wit's end, Jim Hawkins is a rebelous teenager seen by the world as a slacker with no future. Even Jim fails to see what good could come from his life until one fateful night a dying pirate give him the map to all of his dreams - the legendary loot of Captain Nathaniel Flint. As his journey into space aboard a ship of unsavory characters begins, Jim finds a mentor in the crew's cook, a cyborg named John Silver. However, his trust in this new friend proves to be hazardous as they grow ever closer to Treasure Planet Max Vaughn Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 118,247 (Argentina) (31 December 2002) AD: 86,087 (Argentina) (24 December 2002) AD: 54,296 (Argentina) (17 December 2002) AD: 2,787,831 (France) (7 January 2003) (777 screens) AD: 2,534,887 (France) (31 December 2002) (823 screens) AD: 2,060,303 (France) (24 December 2002) (833 screens) AD: 1,584,945 (France) (17 December 2002) (833 screens) AD: 1,143,424 (France) (10 December 2002) (832 screens) AD: 722,256 (France) (3 December 2002) (829 screens) AD: 72,601 (France) (26 November 2002) (1 screen) AD: 48,538 (France) (19 November 2002) (1 screen) AD: 25,261 (France) (12 November 2002) (1 screen) AD: 940,738 (Germany) (12 January 2003) AD: 872,825 (Germany) (5 January 2003) AD: 552,150 (Germany) (22 December 2002) AD: 729,136 (Germany) (22 December 2002) AD: 403,459 (Germany) (15 December 2002) AD: 215,512 (Germany) (8 December 2002) AD: 161,794 (Netherlands) (31 December 2003) AD: 113,452 (Netherlands) (31 December 2002) AD: 843,675 (Spain) (5 January 2003) AD: 688,414 (Spain) (29 December 2002) AD: 483,000 (Spain) (22 December 2002) AD: 385,440 (Spain) (15 December 2002) AD: 257,000 (Spain) (8 December 2002) AD: 872,205 (Spain) (9 January 2002) BT: USD 140,000,000 CP: Disney Enterprises, Inc. GR: USD 38,120,554 (USA) (9 February 2003) GR: USD 37,851,428 (USA) (2 February 2003) GR: USD 37,486,727 (USA) (26 January 2003) GR: USD 37,179,160 (USA) (19 January 2003) GR: USD 36,560,387 (USA) (12 January 2003) GR: USD 35,820,872 (USA) (5 January 2003) GR: USD 32,849,870 (USA) (29 December 2002) GR: USD 29,905,068 (USA) (22 December 2002) GR: USD 27,905,575 (USA) (15 December 2002) GR: USD 23,650,217 (USA) (8 December 2002) GR: USD 16,599,714 (USA) (1 December 2002) GR: GBP 6,479,325 (UK) (30 March 2003) GR: GBP 6,334,083 (UK) (23 March 2003) GR: GBP 6,134,212 (UK) (16 March 2003) GR: GBP 5,827,983 (UK) (9 March 2003) GR: GBP 5,184,955 (UK) (2 March 2003) GR: GBP 3,488,563 (UK) (23 February 2003) GR: GBP 888,084 (UK) (16 February 2003) GR: USD 53,700,000 (Worldwide) (16 February 2003) (except USA) GR: USD 978,000 (Worldwide) (24 November 2002) (except USA) GR: USD 578,000 (Worldwide) (17 November 2002) (except USA) GR: USD 280,000 (Worldwide) (10 November 2002) (except USA) GR: USD 125,862 (Argentina) (24 December 2002) GR: USD 73,031 (Argentina) (17 December 2002) GR: AUD 2,093,995 (Australia) (8 January 2003) GR: EUR 4,520,701 (Italy) (23 November 2003) GR: EUR 4,519,707 (Italy) (9 November 2003) GR: EUR 4,490,536 (Italy) (6 April 2003) GR: EUR 4,480,639 (Italy) (2 March 2003) GR: EUR 4,472,512 (Italy) (23 February 2003) GR: EUR 4,461,282 (Italy) (16 February 2003) GR: EUR 4,446,413 (Italy) (9 February 2003) GR: EUR 4,410,694 (Italy) (2 February 2003) GR: EUR 4,374,534 (Italy) (26 January 2003) GR: EUR 4,310,308 (Italy) (19 January 2003) GR: EUR 4,169,713 (Italy) (12 January 2003) GR: EUR 3,538,684 (Italy) (5 January 2003) GR: EUR 2,241,316 (Italy) (29 December 2002) GR: EUR 443,800 (Italy) (22 December 2002) GR: USD 798,460 (Russia) (27 July 2003) GR: EUR 3,940,870 (Spain) (5 January 2003) GR: EUR 3,174,070 (Spain) (29 December 2002) GR: EUR 2,247,000 (Spain) (22 December 2002) GR: EUR 1,790,978 (Spain) (15 December 2002) GR: EUR 1,106,490 (Spain) (8 December 2002) GR: EUR 4,038,200 (Spain) (9 January 2002) OW: USD 12,083,248 (USA) (1 December 2002) (3,227 screens) OW: GBP 888,084 (UK) (16 February 2003) (409 screens) OW: USD 73,031 (Argentina) (17 December 2002) (79 screens) OW: EUR 443,800 (Italy) (22 December 2002) (198 screens) OW: EUR 1,067,864 (Spain) (8 December 2002) (297 screens) WG: USD 218,095 (USA) (9 February 2003) (312 screens) WG: USD 284,482 (USA) (2 February 2003) (367 screens) WG: USD 237,017 (USA) (26 January 2003) (422 screens) WG: USD 522,290 (USA) (19 January 2003) (512 screens) WG: USD 544,843 (USA) (12 January 2003) (759 screens) WG: USD 1,155,978 (USA) (5 January 2003) (1,253 screens) WG: USD 1,549,980 (USA) (29 December 2002) (1,414 screens) WG: USD 1,302,772 (USA) (22 December 2002) (1,804 screens) WG: USD 3,102,173 (USA) (15 December 2002) (2,192 screens) WG: USD 5,547,431 (USA) (8 December 2002) (3,227 screens) WG: USD 12,083,248 (USA) (1 December 2002) (3,227 screens) WG: GBP 130,957 (UK) (30 March 2003) (368 screens) WG: GBP 171,243 (UK) (23 March 2003) (415 screens) WG: GBP 264,985 (UK) (16 March 2003) (442 screens) WG: GBP 551,001 (UK) (9 March 2003) (450 screens) WG: GBP 903,508 (UK) (2 March 2003) (467 screens) WG: GBP 1,182,531 (UK) (23 February 2003) (474 screens) WG: GBP 888,084 (UK) (16 February 2003) (409 screens) WG: USD 52,831 (Argentina) (24 December 2002) (79 screens) WG: USD 73,031 (Argentina) (17 December 2002) (79 screens) WG: AUD 708,238 (Australia) (8 January 2003) WG: EUR 1,498 (Italy) (6 April 2003) (3 screens) WG: EUR 3,553 (Italy) (2 March 2003) (9 screens) WG: EUR 10,116 (Italy) (23 February 2003) (16 screens) WG: EUR 12,642 (Italy) (16 February 2003) (16 screens) WG: EUR 31,866 (Italy) (9 February 2003) (29 screens) WG: EUR 31,231 (Italy) (2 February 2003) (25 screens) WG: EUR 49,343 (Italy) (26 January 2003) (42 screens) WG: EUR 104,890 (Italy) (19 January 2003) (87 screens) WG: EUR 248,883 (Italy) (12 January 2003) (157 screens) WG: EUR 642,272 (Italy) (5 January 2003) (242 screens) WG: EUR 838,270 (Italy) (29 December 2002) (219 screens) WG: EUR 338,928 (Spain) (5 January 2003) (297 screens) WG: EUR 560,166 (Spain) (29 December 2002) (297 screens) WG: EUR 370,000 (Spain) (22 December 2002) (297 screens) WG: EUR 492,564 (Spain) (15 December 2002) (296 screens) WG: EUR 1,067,864 (Spain) (8 December 2002) (297 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG (Ireland)
L (Iceland)
Atp (Argentina)
PG (Australia)
Livre (Brazil)
G (Canada)
K-7/5 (Finland)
U (France)
6 (Germany)(bw)
I (Hong Kong)
U (Japan)
AL (Netherlands)
7 (Norway)
PT (Peru)
G (Philippines)
PG (Singapore)
All (South Korea)
T (Spain)
7 (Sweden)
6 (Switzerland)(canton of the Grisons)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
GP (Taiwan)
U (UK)
PG (USA)(No. 39135)

Music Composers

  1. Howard, James Newton


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Walt Disney Home Video [us] - (2003) (USA) (VHS)
Walt Disney Pictures [us]
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD)
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)

Film Editors

  1. Kelly, Michael (II)


  1. Achorn, Brett (technology supporter)
  2. Acosta, Natalie (I) (technology supporter)
  3. Adams, Patricia L. (production coordinator)
  4. Allan, Graham S. (technology manager: systems software development)
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Captain Amelia: Doctor, you have... wonderful eyes. Doctor Doppler: She's lost her mind! Doctor Doppler: It's the suit, isn't it? I should never have listened to that pushy two-headed saleswoman... this one said it fit, that one said it was my color, I don't know what to do, I get so flustered. Jim Hawkins: Without the map we're dead. If we try to leave we're dead. If we stay here... Morph: [imitating Jim] "We're dead!" "We're dead", "we're dead", "we're dead"! B.E.N.: I'm starting to see my life pass in front of my eyes! At least, I think it's my life. B.E.N.: [shouting] Was I ever dancing with an android named Lup? Jim Hawkins: So, uh, how'd that happen anyway? John Silver: You give up a few things, chasing a dream. Jim Hawkins: Was it worth it? John Silver: I'm hoping it is, Jimbo. I most surely am. John Silver: Now, you listen to me, James Hawkins. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes you get the chance to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you're made of! Well, I hope I'm there, catching some of the light coming off you that day. Doctor Doppler: Dang it, Jim. I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I'm not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate, it's not the same thing. You can't help people with a doctorate. You just sit there and you're useless! Doctor Doppler: Excuse me, brutish pirate? Brutish pirate: [belches] Doctor Doppler: Yes, you. I have a question. Is it that your body is too massive for your teeny-tiny head, or is it that your head is too teeny-tiny for your big fat body? Brutish pirate: I pummel you good! Doctor Doppler: Yes, I'm sure you will! But before you do, I have one more question! [Dr. Doppler holds the pirate at gunpoint] Doctor Doppler: Is this yours? Sarah Hawkins: Jim, I just don't want to see you throw away your entire future! Jim Hawkins: [to himself] Yeah, what future...? Captain Amelia: I'm Captain Amelia. Late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada, nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars; You've met my first officer, Mr. Arrow? Sterling, tough, dependable, honest, brave and true. Mr. Arrow: Please, Captain... Captain Amelia: Oh, shut up, Arrow. You know I don't mean a word of it. Captain Amelia: [to a protesting Doppler] Let me make this as... monosyllabic as possible. I... don't much care for this crew you hired. They're... [to Arrow] how did I describe them, Arrow? I said something rather good this morning before coffee. Mr. Arrow: 'A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots,' ma'am. Captain Amelia: [to Doppler] There you go, poetry. John Silver: Jimbo! I've got two new friends I'd like you to meet. Say hello to Mr. Mop and Mrs. Bucket! Jim Hawkins: [flat] Yippee. B.E.N.: [fixing the gravity] Back you go, you naughty plug! Doctor Doppler: It's... Jim Hawkins: Treasure Planet! Doctor Doppler: [in disbelief] No! Jim Hawkins: That's Treasure Planet! Doctor Doppler: Flints' Trove? The loot of a thousand worlds? Do you know what this means? Jim Hawkins: It means that all that treasure is only a boat ride away! Sarah Hawkins: Jim, I don't wanna lose you. Jim Hawkins: Mom, you won't. I'll make you proud. John Silver: Jimbo! Playing games... are we? Jim Hawkins: Yeah. Yeah, we're playing games. John Silver: [readying a blaster behind his back] Oh, I see. Well, I was never much good at games. Always hated to lose. Jim Hawkins: [stabs Silver in the leg] Me, too! John Silver: Look at you! Glowing like a solar fire. You're something special, Jim. You're gonna rattle the stars, you are! Billy Bones: He's a comin'. Can ya hear 'im? Those gears and gyros clickin' and whirrin' like the devil himself! Jim Hawkins: Hit your head there pretty hard, didn't ya? Onus: We are going to need a bigger pot! [while Doctor Doppler is flying the ship] Onus: We were better off on exploding planet! Scroop: [about to cut Jim's life line] Do say hello to Mr. Arrow... Jim Hawkins: [jumps down and knocks Scroop off the ship into space] Tell him yourself! Jim Hawkins: All that talk of greatness, light coming off my sails... What a joke. John Silver: Now, see here, Jimbo... Jim Hawkins: I mean, at least you taught me something, "Stick to it", right? Well, that's just what I'm gonna do! I'm going to make sure that you never see one drubloon of *my* treasure! John Silver: That treasure is owed me, by 'tunder! Jim Hawkins: Well, try to find it without *my* map, "by 'tunder"! John Silver: Ohhh, you still don't know how to pick you fights, do ya, boy? Now, mark me. Either I get that map by dawn t'morrow or so help me, I'll use the ships cannons t'blast ya'll ta kingdom come! Doctor Doppler: Woof! Doctor Doppler: Well, Jim, this should be a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get to know one and other. You know what they say. "Familiarity breeds..." um... well, "contempt". But, in our case... Doctor Doppler: I'm fluent in "flatula", Jim. Took two years of it in high school. Captain Amelia: Doctor. To muse and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew, demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic! And I mean that in a very caring way. [in Amelia's stateroom] Doctor Doppler: [furiously] Now, see here... Captain Amelia: Doctor, I'd love to chat. Tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I have a ship to launch and [sceptically looks at Doppler's ridiculous space suit] you've got your outfit to buff up. [Doppler shoots through the cable of a large air canister, it crashes down on the walkway below, sending the pirates falling into space] Captain Amelia: Did you actually aim for that? Doctor Doppler: You know, actually I *did*? Jim Hawkins: Look, I'm kind of in a hurry, ok? I've gotta find a place to hide and there's pirates chasing me... B.E.N.: Oh, pirates! Don't get me started on pirates, I don't like them! I remember Captain Flint. This guy had *such* a temper. Jim Hawkins: Wait, you knew Captain Flint? B.E.N.: I think he suffered from mood swings. Personally, I'm not a therapist, but I - You'll let me know when I'm rambling? [Doppler wants to start eating his meal, but notices a frog-like girl staring at him] Doctor Doppler: [cautiously] Hello. What brings you here, curious little... one? [Doppler picks up a spoonful of his meal, but pauses again when the girl continues staring at him] Doctor Doppler: [waving his hand to send her off] Go away. [pause] Are your parents around? [pause] Now, what's the matter? Cat got your... [he yelps as the girl shoots out a frog-like tounge and catches the food on Doppler's spoon, then skips away happily] Sarah Hawkins: Oh, they're so adorable at that age! Doctor Doppler: Oh, yes. Deplorable. Uh - adorable. [two robot constables who caught Jim solar surfing in a forbidden area bring him home] Jim Hawkins: [casually] Okay, thanks for the lift, guys. Robo-Cop 1: Not so fast! Robo-Cop 2: [to Sarah Hawkins] We apprehended your son operating a solar vehicle in a restricted area. Robo-Cop 1: Moving violation nine-zero-four, section fifteen, paragraph - uh... Jim Hawkins: Six. Robo-Cop 1: Thank you. Jim Hawkins: Don't mention it. Sarah Hawkins: Are you saying this because it's the right thing, or because *you* really wanna go? Doctor Doppler: I really, really, really, *really* want to go. And it's the right thing. Captain Amelia: [sternly] Mr. Arrow, I've checked this miserable ship from stem to stern and as usual it's- [smiles] -spot on. Can you get nothing wrong? Mr. Arrow: You flatter me, Captain. John Silver: [to Captain Amelia] Ahh, t'is a grand day for sailin', Cap'n! And lookit yeh! You're as trim an' as bonnie as a sloop with new sails and a fresh coat o' paint! [takes off his hat and bows to her] Captain Amelia: You can keep that kind of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver! Morph: [changes into a miniature Amelia and mimics her] Spaceport floozies, spaceport floozies- [Silver scoops him into his hat and puts it on] John Silver: Yeh cut me to the quick, Cap'n! I speaks nothin' but me heart, at all times... [Silver's hat suddenly rises off his head and Morph squeaks from under it] Morph: Nothin' but me heart... John Silver: [nervously] A-hem! [after discovering the map to Treasure Planet] Jim Hawkins: Mom, this is it! This is the answer to all our problems! Sarah Hawkins: Jim, there is absolutely no way... Jim Hawkins: Don't you remember? All those stories? Sarah Hawkins: That's all they were! Stories! Jim Hawkins: [frustrated] With that treasure, we could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over! Sarah Hawkins: Well this- it's just- oh, my. Delbert, would you please explain how ridiculous this is? Doctor Doppler: [sternly] It's totally preposterous! Traversing the entire galaxy alone! Sarah Hawkins: Now at last we hear some sense! Doctor Doppler: That's why I'm going with you! Doctor Doppler: I'm the noted astrophysicist Dr. Delbert Doppler. Perhaps you've heard of me. No? I have a clipping. John Silver: Here now. Have a taste of me famous bonzabeast stew. Doctor Doppler: [sniffs and tastes] Mmm. Delightfully tangy, yet robust. John Silver: Old family recipe. Doctor Doppler: [sees an eyeball in the stew] Aah! John Silver: In fact, that was part of the old family. Captain Amelia: And doctor, again with the greatest possible respect, zip your howling screamer. Scroop: Cabin boys should learn to mind their own business. Jim Hawkins: Why? Do you have something to hide, bright eyes? Scroop: Maybe your ears don't work so well. Jim Hawkins: Ugh! Too bad my nose works just fine. John Silver: Didn't your pap ever teach you to pick your fights a bit more carefully? [Jim looks away] John Silver: Your father not the teachin' sort? Jim Hawkins: No. He was more the "taking off and never coming back" sort. B.E.N.: I'm sorry, my memory isn't what it used to be. I've lost my mind. Ha ha! I've lost my mind! You haven't found it, have you? Jim Hawkins: Whoa! What is all this stuff? B.E.N.: You mean the miles and miles of machinery that run through the entire course of the inside of this planet? Not a clue! Jim Hawkins: [Finds a skeleton] Captain Flint? B.E.N.: In the flesh! Well, sort of, except for skin, organs and anything that - that - that resembles flesh, that's not there. Captain Amelia: [Trying to navigate out of the black hole] Blast these waves! They're so deucedly erratic! Doctor Doppler: No, captain! They're not erratic at all! There's another one in exactly 47.2 seconds, followed by the biggest magilla of them all! Captain Amelia: Of course! Brilliant, doctor! We'll ride that last magilla out of here! Doctor Doppler: [he and Captain Amelia are tied up] I feel like such an useless weakling. [Notices his hands have come loose]... with abnormally thin wrists. Jim Hawkins: Silver, you gave up...? John Silver: Just a lifelong obsession, Jimbo. I'll get over it. Onus: There it is! Feast eyes and click heels if you got 'em! [first lines] Narrator: On the clearest of nights, when the winds of the Etherium were calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships, with their cargos of Arcturian solar crystals, felt safe and secure. Little did they suspect that they were persued by... pirates. And the most feared of all these pirates was the notorious Captain Nathaniel Flint. Jim Hawkins: You know, these purps are kinda like the ones back home. On Montressor. You ever been there? John Silver: Ah, can't says I have, Jimbo. Jim Hawkins: Come to think of it, just before I left I met this old guy, who was, um, who was kinda looking for a cyborg buddy of his. John Silver: Is that so? Jim Hawkins: Yeah. What was that old salamander's name? Oh, yeah. Bones. Billy Bones. John Silver: Bones? Bones? 'Tain't ringin' any bells. Must have been another cyborg. There's a slew of cyborgs roamin' this port. John Silver: We best be keeping a sharp eye on this one, eh, Morph? Wouldn't want him strayin' into things he shouldn't. John Silver: If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they'd be bowing in the streets when I walked by today. Morph: Bowing in the streets! Jim Hawkins: I dunno... they weren't exactly singing my praises when I left home. But I'm gonna change all that. John Silver: Are ya now? How so? Jim Hawkins: Ah, I've got some plans... to make people see me a little different. John Silver: Oh. Sometimes - plans go astray. Jim Hawkins: Not this time. Doctor Doppler: Captain, that was, that was the most... Captain Amelia: Oh, tish-tosh. Actually, doctor, your astronomical advise was most helpful. Doctor Doppler: Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Well, I have a lot to offer anatomically... amamomically... astronomically. Robo-Cop 1: Any more slip-ups will result in a one-way ticket to juvenile hall. Robo-Cop 2: Kiddie hoosegow. Robo-Cop 1: The slammer. Sarah Hawkins: Thank you, officers. [to Jim] Sarah Hawkins: It won't. Happen. Again. Robo-Cop 1: We see his type all the time, ma'am. Robo-Cop 2: Wrong choices. Robo-Cop 1: Dead-enders. Robo-Cop 2: Losers. Robo-Cop 1: [tips hat] You take care now. Robo-Cop 2: Let's motor. Doctor Doppler: All my life, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, and here it is screaming, "Go Delbert! Go Delbert!..." Mr. Arrow: We're about to get under way. Would you like to observe the launch, Doctor? Doctor Doppler: Would I? Does an active galactic nucleus have superluminal jets? [pause] Doctor Doppler: [Sheepishly] I'll follow you. Jim Hawkins: Well, this has been a fun day. Making new friends, like that spider psycho. Morph: [Takes form of Scroop] Spider psycho. Spider psycho. Jim Hawkins: A little uglier. Morph: [Turns into an uglier version of Scroop] Ha-ha-ha-ha! Jim Hawkins: Pretty close. Mr. Arrow: You know the rules. They'll be no brawling on this ship. Any further offenders will be confined to the brigg for the remainder of the voyage. Am I clear, Mr. Scroop? [Scroop glares at Arrow, but literally catches a warning glint from Silver's eye] Scroop: Transparently. Jim Hawkins: But then - then you gotta know - about the treasure? B.E.N.: Treasure? Jim Hawkins: Yeah, you know, Flint's trove? The loot of a thousand worlds? B.E.N.: Well, it's all a little- little- little- fuzzy. Wait. I re-re-remember. I do, I- Treasure! Lots of treasure! Buried in the centroid- centroid- centroid of the mechanism! And there was this big door, opening and closing and opening and closing! And Captain Flint wanted to make sure nobody could ever get to his treasure, so I helped him- naaaaaaah data inaccessible! Reboot! Reboot! Reboot! [Jim slaps him] B.E.N.: And you are? Jim Hawkins: Wait, wait, wait! What about the treasure? B.E.N.: I wanna say Larry. Scroop: I say we kill 'em all now. John Silver: "I say"? What's this "I say"? Disobey my orders again like that stunt you pulled with Mr. Arrow, and so help me - you'll be *joinin'* him! Scroop: Strong talk, but I know otherwise. John Silver: You got somethin' to say, Scroop? Scroop: It's that boy. Methinks you have a soft spot for him. John Silver: Now, mark me, the lot of ya! I care about one thing, and one thing only: Flint's trove! You think I'd risk it all for the sake of some nose-wipin' little whelp? Scroop: What was it now? "Oh, you got the makings of greatness in ya!" John Silver: Shut yer gap! I cozied up to that kid to keep 'im off our scent! But I ain't gone soft! [last lines] Jim Hawkins: Stay out of trouble, you old scalawag. John Silver: [laughs] Jimbo, lad. When have I ever done otherwise? Narrator: There were nights when the winds of the Etherium, so inviting in their promise of flight and freedom, made one's spirit soar. Billy Bones: He'll be coming soon. Can't let them find it. Jim Hawkins: Who's coming? Billy Bones: The cyborg. Beware the cyborg. Captain Amelia: Ah, Doctor Doppler, I presume? Doctor Doppler: Uh, Yes... Captain Amelia: [Knocking on helmet] Hello! Can you hear me? Doctor Doppler: Yes I can! Stop that banging! Captain Amelia: You know, doctor, this works so much better when this... [Turns device in front of spacesuit]... is right side up, and... [Pulls out a power cord and plugs it into the back of the suit]... plugged in. Lovely, there you go. Doctor Doppler: If you don't mind, I can manage my own plugging, thank you! John Silver: Why, Mister Arrow, sir. Bringin' in such fine and distinguished gents to grace my humble galley. Had I known, I'd have tucked in me shirt. John Silver: If you pardon my plain speakin', gentlemen, are you all... [screams as he swings his sword around]... stark-ravin', totally blinkin' daft? After all my finagling to get us hired as an upstanding crew, you want to blow the mutiny before it's time? Scroop: The boy was sniffing about. John Silver: You just stick to the plan, you bug-brained twit. As for the boy, I'll run him so ragged he'll barely have time to think. [Treasure Planet is blowing up and Jim and BEN are on Flint's ship] B.E.N.: Run, Jimmy! Run for your life! Jim Hawkins: You go back and help the captain and Doc! lf l'm not there in minutes, leave without me. B.E.N.: l am not leaving my buddy Jimmy. [Jim gives BEN an evil glare] B.E.N.: Unless he looks at me like that. Bye, Jim! Young Jim: Do you think soembody'll ever find Treasure Planet? Sarah Hawkins: Sweetheart, I think Treasure Planet is more... like a legend. Young Jim: I know it's real. Sarah Hawkins: You win. It's real. Doctor Doppler: Speaking of which, how's Jim doing? Sarah Hawkins: Much better. I know he's had a few rough spots this year, but I really think he's starting to turn a corner. [the door opens; two robot cops are escorting Jim] Robo-Cop 1: Mrs. Hawkins? Sarah Hawkins: Jim! Doctor Doppler: Ooh, wrong turn. Doctor Doppler: I don't know how you manage it, Sarah. Trying to run a business while raising a felon - felon? - fellow - fellow like Jim. Sarah Hawkins: Manage it? I'm at the end of my rope. Ever since his father left, well, Jim has never recovered. You know how smart he is. He built his first solar surfer when he was eight. But lately, he's been failing school, he's constantly getting into trouble, and whenever I talk to him he's like a stranger to me. Doctor Doppler: That was more fun than I ever want to have again.

Other Titles

  1. Der Schatzplanet (2002) (ENG)

  2. Der Schatzplanet (2002) (ENG)

  3. Il pianeta del tesoro (2002) (ENG)


- The name of the ship, "R.L.S. Legacy" is a reference to the book's ("Treasure Island") author, 'Robert Louis Stevenson (I)' (qv).

- When Jim and Dr. Doppler arrive at the space-port they get directions from two characters using a ladder. These are caricatures of the two directors: 'John Musker' (qv) (at the top of the ladder) and 'Ron Clements' (qv) (holding the bottom of the ladder).

- The first Disney film in which the maquettes (small character reference sculptures) were not made entirely by hand, out of clay. Silver's cyborg parts were constructed out of plastic, using laser technology.

- The animators visited a Benihana restaurant to take notes for the scene where John Silver chops shrimp.

- The performance of Jim Hawkins was based in part on 'James Dean (I)' (qv).

- This film was pitched to Disney by 'John Musker' (qv) and 'Ron Clements' (qv) several times: (1) In 1985, during production on _The Black Cauldron (1985)_ (qv), but they ended up assigned to direct _The Great Mouse Detective (1986)_ (qv). (2) After directing _The Little Mermaid (1989)_ (qv), but they ended up assigned to direct _Aladdin (1992)_ (qv). (3) After directing _Aladdin (1992)_ (qv), but the