"Twice in a Lifetime" (1999) {O'er the Ramparts We Watched (#1.9)} TV Season

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Overview "Twice in a Lifetime" Season 01 Episode 09 (S01E09)



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Production Company
Pebblehut Productions [ca]

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Release Date
(Canada) - 3 November 1999

Running Time
60 (with commercials)



Technical Support
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Brown, Gordie as [Mr. Jones/Danny Ryan] <1>
  2. Burd, Tim as [Robber]
  3. Crean, David (I) as [Flynn]
  4. Denton, Scot as [Governor Stanton]
  5. Duffy, Jack (II) as [Samuel Gold]
  6. Flatman, Barry (I) as [Nathaniel Canby]
  7. Fraser, David (I) as [City Attorney]
  8. Hewlett, David as [Mr. Green] <5>
  9. Holden-Ried, Kris as (as Kristan Holdenreid) [Young Ken Stryker]
  10. Jessop, Jack as [Judge Carl Horner]
  11. Miller, Geoffrey D. as [Jerry]
  12. Nichols, Dave (I) as [Older Ken Stryker]
  13. Otis, Billy as [Cabbie]
  14. Rosser, David as [Court Bailiff]
  15. Waxman, Al as [Judge Jepthah] <2>
  16. Wilson, Caley as [Clerk]
  17. Carroll, Diahann as [Jael] <6>
  18. Dawson, Tracy (I) as [Pauline Kraft]
  19. Fahlenbock, Megan as (as Megan Fallenback) [Young Brooke Canby] <4>
  20. Gordon, Joyce (II) as [Edith Gold]
  21. Hartley, Mariette as [Brooke Canby/Janet Bryant] <3>

Full Plot

Both Jael and Mr. Jones recommend that recently appointed State Supreme Court Justice Brooke Canby, who has led an exemplary life, proceed to ascendancy, to which Judge Jepthah agrees. However, Brooke herself pleads for a second chance at life. She recently met up with Ken Stryker, her first and only love, who she had not seen in thirty years. They knew each other in the late 1960's when they were both anti-Vietnam War activists. Having grown up in a life of privilege under the watchful eye of her lawyer father, Brooke was forced by her father to provide testimony, albeit what she knew to be truthful, against Ken which sent him to jail and saved herself from a life of prison. Following, Brooke focused her life on the pursuit of a law career - one that she knew she wanted since a child - to the detriment of love, and now wants to have a second chance at love with Ken. Jepthah agrees to Brooke's wishes, however he does warn her that all may not turn out the way she wants and in turn may affect the good in her life that she has known. Jepthah sends her back to that era as Janet Bryant, Brooke's lawyer in her, Ken and two other accused's trial on criminal trespass and arson, with Jones as Danny Ryan, her co-counsel. As Janet, she may be able to save both herself and Ken from prison, but other forces may make her reexamine other aspects of her life in 1969. Huggo Plot not found


  1. Ortenburger, Harald

Dress Designers

  1. MacKay, Lynne


Canadian Television (CTV) [ca] - (1999) (Canada) (TV)
PAX Television [us] - (1999) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Sullivan, Brett (I)


  1. Allevato, Saverina (script supervisor)
  2. Beben, Anna (I) (production coordinator)
  3. Douglas, Jane (production accountant)
  4. Evrensel, Arthur (legal counsel)
  5. Federgreen, Avi (location manager)
  6. Korolus, Daria (assistant to producer)
  7. Kramer, James (II) (executive script editor)
  8. Long, Pamela K. (creative consultant)


- The title refers to a line in the American nation anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.