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Overview "Ultimate Spider-Man" Season 01 Episode 07 (S01E07)



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7.5/ 10 (35 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 6 May 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Bell, Drake as (voice) [Peter Parker/Spider-Man] <1>
  2. Lanter, Matt as (voice) [Harry Osborn/Delivery Man] <2>
  3. Lee, Stan (I) as (voice) [Stan the Janitor] <3>
  4. McBride, Chi as (voice) [Nick Fury] <4>
  5. Miller, Logan (I) as (voice) [Sam Alexander] <5>
  6. Simmons, J.K. as (voice) [J. Jonah Jameson] <6>
  7. Tatasciore, Fred as (voice) [The Hulk/Police Officer] <8>
  8. Strong, Tara as (voice) [Mary Jane Watson] <7>

Full Plot

Spider-Man agrees to a video interview with budding news reporter Mary Jane Watson, who gets a more exclusive scoop than she could ever have anticipated when Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk engage in an all-out battle against Zzzax throughout Manhattan. Jiilo Kim Plot not found

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Music Composers

  1. Manthei, Kevin

Film Editors

  1. Polk, Jonathan


  1. Acquaviva, Chris (finance: Marvel)
  2. Anthony, Brent (III) (production assistant)
  3. Avnet, Shaun (digital asset coordinator)
  4. Barson, Marc (business and legal affairs: Film Roman)
  5. Berger, Jesse (VI) (finance: Marvel)
  6. Booton, Dana C. (general manager: Film Roman)
  7. Casillas, Julio (production assistant)
  8. Chapman, Brittani (it department)
  9. Chapman, Jennifer (VI) (marketing director)
  10. Cooper, Bradley (III) (it department)
  11. Davis, Christopher (XVII) (business and legal affairs: Film Roman)
  12. De Mari, Elaine (director: studio services/purchasing)
  13. Denton, Erika (business and legal affairs: Marvel)
  14. Dini, Paul (creative consultant)
  15. Fondacaro, Chris (creative consultant)
  16. Galluzzi, David (business and legal affairs: Marvel)
  17. Gee, Brian (III) (it department)
  18. Goodbread, Amanda (production coordinator)
  19. Ho, Kwan-Ting (business and legal affairs: Marvel)
  20. Kantrowitz, David (production assistant)
  21. Litchfield, Flory (technical operations executive)
  22. Martinez, Aldo (production assistant)
  23. Mason, Samuel (it department)
  24. McAndrew, Tracy (II) (vice president: programming/distribution strategy)
  25. McCaskill, Charles (vice president: it/operations)
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  34. Sunderman, Collette (voice director)
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  38. Watson, Myron (studio service)
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