Untitled Drugstore Cowboy Sequel (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Cascade Sky Films [us]
EMO Films [us]

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Drugstore Cowboy Rides Again

cowboy, drugstore, second-part, sequel,

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  1. Drama

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Bob is an single adult, living at home with mom, making his bed, going to drug counseling, playing golf with his old nemesis, Det. Gentry. But everything changes when Rick (Bob's old protégé) and Diane (his ex) show up, running from the cops, with Diane shot in the thigh. It's blood dripping on mom's white rug and tragic-comic bedlam in the house. Worse for Bob, Rick and Diane's relationship annoys him to no end. Then everything changes again, when a stranger from Rick's deceased girlfriend's past unexpectedly shows up. There's an opening for Bob to get back together with Diane, whom he still loves. But his current straight-laced lifestyle, which Diane ridicules, is clearly in jeopardy amid her personal chaos and continued addiction. And the cops Bob once tricked are out for revenge, pressing Gentry to again go after Bob. In Drugstore Cowboy Rides Again, Bob finds out that you can't hide from your past, even when-with the best of intentions-trying to forge a new future. Anonymous Plot not found

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PD: 2012 - 2013

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  1. Portland, Oregon, USA