Urban Legends (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
BDHR Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

She'll love you ....TO DEATH! And you thought it was just a legend! Knock 'em Dead or Die Laughing


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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Geoffrey (II) as (rumored) [George Hamlin (segment: Dead Man's Bluff)] <10>
  2. Bogh, Jonathan as (rumored) [Zombie Bar Patron]
  3. Durbin, Joseph D. as (rumored) [Excited Fan (segment: Dead Man's Bluff)] <11>
  4. Ephraim Jr., Joe as (rumored) [Zombie Bar Patron]
  5. Harlan, Spencer as (rumored) [Chase (Segment 'Dead Man's Bluff')] <5>
  6. Headley, Richard as (rumored) [Kidney Heist Victim]
  7. Link, Nathan as (rumored) [Zombie Bar Patron]
  8. Mahone, Ky (I) as (rumored) [Chris (segment "Bloody Mary")] <8>
  9. Sandefur, Ryan (II) as (rumored) [Richard] <1>
  10. Savin, Casey (II) as (rumored) [Audience Member]
  11. Skinner, Nick as (rumored) [Zach (Segment 'Bloody Mary')] <9>
  12. Vaezi, Zoha as (rumored) [Zombie Bar Patron]
  13. Zahodnik, Jason as (rumored) [Connor (Segment 'Deadly Girlfriend')] <3>
  14. Bonino, Lucy as (rumored) [Michelle] <13>
  15. Dorff, Heather as (rumored) [Devin (Segment 'Bloody Mary')] <2>
  16. Feathers, Tiffany as (rumored) [Female Passerby]
  17. Greenberg, Diane L. as (rumored) [Spider Face Victim]
  18. Hood, Molly as (rumored) [Bartender]
  19. Kreinz, Aley as (rumored) [Linda (Segment 'Bloody Mary')] <7>
  20. Lippman, Rebecca as (rumored) [Lily] <12>
  21. McCarthy, Gita M. as (rumored) [Movie Producer (segment: Deadly Girlfriend)] <14>
  22. Sawyer, Amanda-Elizabeth as (rumored) [Morgan (segment: Deadly Girlfriend)] <6>
  23. Whittaker, Catie (II) as (rumored) [Kidney Harvester]
  24. Williams, Kaylee as (rumored) [Kyle (Segment 'Bloody Mary')] <4>


  1. Horror

Total Business

BT: USD 35,000 PD: 15 June 2012 - 3 July 2012 (pre-production)

Film Editors

  1. Legge, Travis


  1. Allen, Rachel (XV) (location manager)
  2. ap' Morrygan, Gavin (script supervisor)
  3. Borroso, Frank (production assistant)
  4. Greenberg, Diane L. (script supervisor)
  5. Headley, Richard (production assistant)
  6. McCarthy, Gita M. (production secretary)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
  2. Manassas, Virginia, USA