Vamp Bikers (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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(USA) - 6 June 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Acevedo, Manuel Mikey as [Starsky]
  2. Amo, Peter as [BAM RAZOR]
  3. Bird, Richard (X) as [Pimpire]
  4. Bishop, Brooklyn as [Bishop]
  5. Bracco, Ralph as [Officer bracco]
  6. Brenton, Mike Wolfpack as [Wolf]
  7. Clements, Teague (II) as [Blizzard]
  8. Dejesus, Stone Nutz as [Stone]
  9. Di Maria, Phill as [Hutch]
  10. Farley, James (VI) as [Officer Farley]
  11. Figueroa, Justin as [Bolo]
  12. Hardt III, Richard John as [Hazard]
  13. Henry, Malcom as [Trilobyte]
  14. Merolla, John as [Officer Merolla]
  15. Montana, Xavier Ramos as [Pizer]
  16. Ortiz, Mark A. as [Skulls]
  17. Paone, Frank as [Cop Thompson]
  18. Quiceno, Carlos as [Ill Ignacio]
  19. Ramirez, John G. as [DJ JOHN]
  20. Ramos, Apache as [Sargent Snow]
  21. Rebel, Ronnie as [Rebel]
  22. Rivas, Eric Spade as [AC -Gwynplaine]
  23. Rosales, Freddy (I) as [Trauma]
  24. Sanchez, Albert Dekota as [Dekota]
  25. Tee, Savage as [Savage]
  26. Trist, Optome as [Opto]
  27. Tyler, Brian (XI) as [Apalachian]
  28. Wright, Dorsey as [Priest Elias]
  29. Aichinger, Alessa as [Tantalize]
  30. Alexander, Siobhan Crystal as [Blaze]
  31. Carter, Jeannine as [Meter maid]
  32. Cohen-Spiegler, Alexandra as [Red Queen]
  33. Debraux, Amanda as [Desire]
  34. Fasano, Annmarie as [Mercury]
  35. Fi, Spidee as [Tigress]
  36. Goldin, Ruby as [Culebra]
  37. Isabella, Stella as [Torture]
  38. Koval, Melissa as [MOBY]
  39. Lopez, Ivelisse (III) as [Daisy]
  40. Lue, Jeanna as [Haze]
  41. Magalhaes, Francisca as [Chaos]
  42. Mathias, Samantha as [Sunshine]
  43. Noch, Louise as [Lotus]
  44. Rojek, Amy as [Sugar]
  45. Ruiz, Paulina as [Heretic]
  46. Sinn, Ivy as [Jaguar]

Total Business

BT: USD 5,000


  1. Best, Shadi (director of photography)


  1. Garcia, Diego F. (production assistant)
  2. Rosales, Freddy (I) (production assistant)