Vamp U (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(Canada) - 5 March 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Al-Enezi, Saad as [Joe] <16>
  2. Bentley, Gavin as [Kevin] <19>
  3. Celaya, Jason as [Gregor] <12>
  4. Cole, Gary (I) as [Arthur Levine] <3>
  5. Denney, Alex as (uncredited) [The 29th Victim]
  6. Garvis, Ben as [Barry Pearson] <14>
  7. Griffin, Kynan as [Grave Digger] <18>
  8. Johnson, Adam (I) as [Wayne Gretzky] <2>
  9. Johnson, Bart (I) as [Ted Keller] <6>
  10. Johnson, Brad (IX) as [Peter] <23>
  11. Levangie, Frankie as [Kyle] <9>
  12. Mattson, Matt as [Tom Slansky] <5>
  13. Myers, Rocky as [Jerry] <24>
  14. Nelson, Maclain (I) as [Fred Green] <4>
  15. Van Wagoner, Jake as [Jared] <10>
  16. Brim, Katherine as [Vampire Girl #3] <30>
  17. Engemann, Shannon as [Nurse Lady] <26>
  18. Flanders, Chantel as [Lorainne] <20>
  19. Gardiner, Laura as [Vampire Girl #2] <29>
  20. Gonzalo, Julie as [Chris Keller/Mary Lipinsky] <1>
  21. Gourley, Natalie as [Photo Girl] <25>
  22. Grames, Renny as (as Renny Richmond) [Mel] <11>
  23. Kidd, Joumana as [Teacher] <22>
  24. Knapp, Alexis as [Samantha] <7>
  25. Leatherwood, Toi ya as [Vampire Girl #1] <28>
  26. Magid, Lyndsay as [Noelle] <21>
  27. Niederpruem, Clare as [Janet] <8>
  28. Pareja, Leanna as [Carly] <15>
  29. Rees, Megan Nicole as [Student] <34>
  30. Rosquist, Jamie as [Vampire Girl #4] <31>
  31. Smith, Hailey (I) as [Lisa] <17>
  32. Thurman, Kylee as [Kelly] <27>
  33. Wixom, Rachel as [Vampire Girl #5] <32>


  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Horror

Full Plot

Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can't grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history - who better? Attempting to regain his full power, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine (Gary Cole). Nothing works until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller. She's a dead ringer for Mary and they have a lurid affair, while rumors fly around the campus. But it all sours when he turns Chris into a vampire and her newfound bloodlust spins out of control in a bloody rampage, making the rumors a little too real. Anonymous Plot not found

Movie Certificate

14A (Canada)(Ontario)

Music Composers

  1. Elliott, Robert Allen


  1. Whitaker, Bradford


Level 33 Entertainment [us] - (2012) (USA) (all media)
VVS Films [ca] - (2013) (Canada) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Jespersen, Matt (II)


  1. Anderson, Janelle L. (continuity)
  2. Foley, Sahna (production assistant) (uncredited)
  3. Friis, Tara (production assistant)
  4. Larsen, McCord (production assistant)
  5. Mirmontazeri, Sohrab (production assistant) (uncredited)

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