Vanity Fair (2004) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.1/ 10 (13262 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for some sensuality/partial nudity and a brief violent image

Production Company
Cine Mosaic [us]
Focus Features [us] - (presents)
Granada Film Productions [gb] - (co-production)
Inside Track Films [gb] - (in association with)
Mirabai Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 1 September 2004
(Italy) - 5 September 2004
(Australia) - 30 September 2004
(South Korea) - 27 October 2004
(Israel) - 28 October 2004

Running Time

In a time of social climbers, Becky Sharp is a mountaineer. All's fair in love & war. On September 1st, a heroine will rise.

1800s, 1810s, 1820s, 1830s, 19th-century, ambition, aristocrat, army-captain, art-dealer, artist, asian-indian, auction, aunt-nephew-relationship, baby, baden-baden-germany, bagpipes, ballet, bare-breasts, based-on-novel, battlefield, bed-ridden, benefactor, bird, bombay-india, bourgeoisie,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Cooke S4 and Angenieux HR Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Cooke S4 and Angenieux HR Lenses
CAM:Arriflex 435, Cooke S4, Angenieux HR and Revolution Lenses
LAB:DeLuxe, Hollywood (CA), USA
MET:3876 m - (Germany)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 500T 5218)
PCS:Super 35
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic) (Kodak Vision 2383)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bazely, Paul as [Biju] <12>
  2. Beall, Charlie as [Gambler] <15>
  3. Beard, Tom (I) as [Officer] <46>
  4. Bentall, Paul as [Coalman] <31>
  5. Bentinck, Tim as (as Timothy Bentinck) [German Official] <58>
  6. Bollinger, Max as (uncredited) [German Casino Goer]
  7. Broadbent, Jim as [Mr. Osborne] <29>
  8. Byrne, Gabriel as [The Marquess of Steyne] <1>
  9. Clarke, Sylvano as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <74>
  10. Cooper, Trevor (I) as [General Tufto] <38>
  11. Elder, Steven as [Curzon Street Footman] <40>
  12. Fox Davies, Tom as (uncredited) [German Gambler]
  13. Franklyn-Robbins, John as [Mr. Sedley] <11>
  14. Grant, Thomas (I) as [Little Pitt Crawley] <49>
  15. Hay, Daniel (I) as [Young Georgy Osborne] <43>
  16. Hodge, Douglas as [Pitt Crawley] <18>
  17. Horne, Mathew as (as Matthew Horne) [Casino Boy] <57>
  18. Hoskins, Bob (I) as [Sir Pitt Crawley] <17>
  19. Ifans, Rhys as [William Dobbin] <13>
  20. Irvine, Will (I) as (uncredited) [Dancer]
  21. Jones, Nicholas (I) as [Lord Darlington] <36>
  22. Knight, K. as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <73>
  23. Lloyd-Pack, Roger as (as Roger Lloyd Pack) [Francis Sharp] <3>
  24. Mackinnon, Bruce as [Casino Boy] <56>
  25. Maudsley, Tony as [Joseph Sedley] <9>
  26. McCabe, Richard as [The King] <54>
  27. McKenzie, Sean (I) as [Auctioneer] <32>
  28. Melling, William as [Young Rawdy Crawley] <42>
  29. O Brien, Niall (I) as [Mr. Moss] <44>
  30. Pattinson, Robert as (uncredited) [Older Rawdy Crawley]
  31. Pettifer, Brian as [Mr. Raggles] <39>
  32. Phillips, Jonny as [Mr. Wenham] <53>
  33. Preece, Tim as [Horrocks the Butler] <22>
  34. Price, Andrew (II) as [Casino Stranger] <59>
  35. Purefoy, James as [Rawdon Crawley] <26>
  36. Raaz, Vijay as (uncredited) [Indian Servant]
  37. Rhys Meyers, Jonathan as [George Osborne] <14>
  38. Sauer, Stefane as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <62>
  39. Saxena, Veerendra as (as Virendra Saxena) [Coventry Island Man] <55>
  40. Seely, Tim (I) as [Doctor] <28>
  41. Sterne, David as [Queen's Crawley Mail Coach Driver] <16>
  42. Sturridge, Tom as [Older Georgy Osborne] <60>
  43. Woodvine, John as [Lord Bareacres] <34>
  44. Atkins, Eileen as [Miss Matilda Crawley] <25>
  45. Baade, Mari as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <72>
  46. Borne, Sandy as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <69>
  47. Cinque, Gledis as (as Gledis Cimque) [Older Celia Crawley] <48>
  48. Coker, Helen as [Firkin the Maid] <27>
  49. Courtney-Davies, Amanda as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <64>
  50. Drysdale, Kathryn as [Rhoda Swartz] <33>
  51. Dubey, Lillete as (as Lillette Dubey) [Ms. Green] <7>
  52. Edmonds, Georgina as [Young Rose Crawley] <20>
  53. Edmonds, Roma as [Older Rose Crawley] <47>
  54. Findlay, Deborah as [Mrs. Mary Sedley] <10>
  55. Fleetwood, Kate as [Miss Pinkerton's Crone] <5>
  56. Forbes, Nicole (I) as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <63>
  57. Garai, Romola as [Amelia Sedley] <8>
  58. Gopalakrishnan, Anu as [Desert Beauty] <45>
  59. Hunter, Kelly (I) as [Lady Steyne] <50>
  60. Hunter, Sophie (I) as [Maria Osborne] <30>
  61. Langgaard, Lene as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <66>
  62. Lavrentyeva, Tatyana as (uncredited) [Posh Scarlet Lady]
  63. Leigh-Hunt, Barbara as [Lady Bareacres] <35>
  64. Little, Natasha as [Lady Jane Sheepshanks] <24>
  65. Lloyd, Gabrielle as [Nursemaid] <41>
  66. Lushington, Tracey as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <68>
  67. Mandy, Angelica as [Young Becky Sharp] <2>
  68. McEwan, Geraldine as [Lady Southdown] <23>
  69. McMillan, Stephenie as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <70>
  70. Mogg, Sarah as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <67>
  71. Owen, Meg Wynn as [Lady Crawley] <19>
  72. Ramsey, Jade (II) as (uncredited) [Public School Girl]
  73. Ramsey, Nikita as (uncredited) [Public School Girl]
  74. Richardson, Emilie as [Young Celia Crawley] <21>
  75. Rutherford, Camilla as [Lady Gaunt] <51>
  76. Sheen, Ruth as [Miss Pinkerton] <4>
  77. Staden, Alexandra as [Lady George] <52>
  78. Thomas, Sian (I) as [Lady Darlington] <37>
  79. Thomas, Suzanne (I) as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <71>
  80. Treend, Chloe as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <61>
  81. Weekley, Louise as [Dancer: Slave Dance] <65>
  82. Witherspoon, Reese as [Becky Sharp] <6>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

The British Empire flowers; exotic India colors English imaginations. Becky Sharp, the orphaned daughter of a painter and a singer, leaves a home for girls to be a governess, armed with pluck, a keen wit, good looks, fluent French, and an eye for social advancement. Society tries its best to keep her from climbing. An episodic narrative follows her for 20 years, through marriage, Napoleonic wars, a child, loyalty to a school friend, the vicissitudes of the family whose daughters she instructed, and attention from a bored marquess who collected her father's paintings. Honesty tempers her schemes. No aristocrat she, nor bourgeois, just spirited, intelligent, and irrepressible. Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 4,499 (Switzerland) BT: USD 23,000,000 CP: Copyright © 2004 Focus Features, LLC (on print) GR: USD 16,136,476 (USA) (11 November 2004) GR: USD 16,123,851 (USA) (7 November 2004) GR: USD 16,088,813 (USA) (31 October 2004) GR: USD 16,052,032 (USA) (24 October 2004) GR: USD 15,979,885 (USA) (17 October 2004) GR: USD 15,822,159 (USA) (10 October 2004) GR: USD 15,547,161 (USA) (3 October 2004) GR: USD 14,912,826 (USA) (26 September 2004) GR: USD 13,581,384 (USA) (19 September 2004) GR: USD 11,096,102 (USA) (12 September 2004) GR: USD 7,406,660 (USA) (5 September 2004) GR: USD 16,136,476 (USA) GR: USD 19,247,496 (Worldwide) GR: USD 3,111,020 (Worldwide) (except USA) GR: EUR 90,532 (Italy) (13 March 2005) OW: USD 6,268,925 (USA) (5 September 2004) (1,051 screens) OW: GBP 204,693 (UK) (16 January 2005) (139 screens) OW: EUR 90,532 (Italy) (13 March 2005) (66 screens) SD: 23 May 2003 - ? WG: USD 23,003 (USA) (7 November 2004) (57 screens) WG: USD 22,930 (USA) (31 October 2004) (56 screens) WG: USD 35,685 (USA) (24 October 2004) (70 screens) WG: USD 85,875 (USA) (17 October 2004) (142 screens) WG: USD 151,860 (USA) (10 October 2004) (188 screens) WG: USD 317,088 (USA) (3 October 2004) (331 screens) WG: USD 795,466 (USA) (26 September 2004) (835 screens) WG: USD 1,564,804 (USA) (19 September 2004) (995 screens) WG: USD 2,613,777 (USA) (12 September 2004) (1,054 screens) WG: USD 6,268,925 (USA) (5 September 2004) (1,051 screens) WG: GBP 204,693 (UK) (16 January 2005) (139 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG-12 (Taiwan)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Zurich)
13 (Argentina)
12 (Brazil)
K-7 (Finland)
14 (Hungary)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Canada)(Ontario)
10 (Iceland)
15 (South Korea)
PG (Australia)
PG (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia)
6 (Germany)
12 (Ireland)
PG (Singapore)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
PG-13 (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Danna, Mychael


  1. Quinn, Declan (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Pasztor, Beatrix Aruna


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Film Editors

  1. Johnson, Allyson C.


  1. Amir, Imtiaz (production accountant)
  2. Bisset, Maria (assistant horse master)
  3. Brockey, Christian (production coordinator: India)
  4. Carroll, Stephanie (I) (visual consultant)
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  7. Clark-Hall, Mike (floor runner)
  8. Collett, Hannah (I) (assistant: Ms. Witherspoon)
  9. Davey, Nigel Martin (stand-in) (as Martin Nigel Davey)
  10. Dixon, Heather (I) (assistant: Ms. Pilcher)
  11. Gopalakrishnan, Anu (assistant: Ms. Nair)
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Becky Sharp: Two men and two men only will enter my bedchamber. My husband and the doctor. Becky Sharp: Revenge may be wicked, but it's perfectly natural. Becky Sharp: Are you trying to steer me towards an indiscretion? Rawdon Crawley: Would you like me to? Becky Sharp: No man has managed it yet. Amelia Sedley: This is all just a blessing in disguise Becky Sharp: Well, the disguise is convincing Miss Matilda Crawley: Keep your toadying until I get to a fire. You can suck up all you wish once I'm warm. Miss Matilda Crawley: Oh, please tell me there's something disreputable in your past Becky Sharp: Well, my father was an artist Miss Matilda Crawley: Ah, that's better, a starving one I hope Becky Sharp: Absolutely ravenous Mrs. Sedley: I thought her a mere social climber, but now I see she's a mountineer Miss Matilda Crawley: [Rawdon gives Becky a note, and there is a sound as she throws it into a bowl of water] What was that? Becky Sharp: Nothing. False note. Miss Matilda Crawley: How do I look? Becky Sharp: A good deal stronger. They will be disappointed. Maria Osborne: George is engaged. It's understood. Mr. Osborne: And it can be un-understood. Rawdon Crawley: She talks like Oliver Cromwell and thinks like Charles I. Becky Sharp: I'll manage. Rawdon Crawley: Won't you just. There never was a woman that could manage like you, Becky Sharp. Rawdon Crawley: What? Tears? Tears from my strong, little Becky? Becky Sharp: [as Rawdon is about to leave for battle] You won't do anything brave, will you? Amelia Sedley: [to Becky] If you have stolen my last night with him I will never forgive you! The Marquess of Steyne: They'll bully you and patronize you. But that's what you want I suppose? Becky Sharp: I do. Becky Sharp: Rawdon, wait! WAIT! I'm sorry! You cannot know the journey I have made. Rawdon Crawley: I should. I traveled it with you. Becky Sharp: Not from the beginning. Rawdon, in my way, I have love you. Rawdon Crawley: Then that has been your misfortune. Rawdon Crawley: [pauses] Rawdon Crawley: Goodbye Rebecca. [leaves] Becky Sharp: [screams in despair] George Osborne: [as Becky plays a piano forte] So, Miss Sharp. How do you like your new place? Becky Sharp: My place? How kind of you to remind me. It's quite tolerable, thank you. And they treat me very well. But then, this is a gentleman's family... and quite a change from tradespeople. George Osborne: You seemed to like tradespeople well enough last year. Becky Sharp: Joseph Sedley, you mean? It's true. If he'd ask me, I would not have said no. George Osborne: How very obliging of you. Becky Sharp: I know what you're thinking. What an honor to have had you for a brother in-law. Captain George Osborne, son of John Osborne, Esquire, son of... what was your grandfather? [George remains silent and stern] Becky Sharp: Never mind. You cannot help your pedigree. Amelia Sedley: [the clock strikes midnight at the Waterloo ball] George, shouldn't we rest now? There may be a battle in the morning. George Osborne: Go to bed if you're tired, my dear. Sweet dreams. [Dances with Becky] Are you tired, you wicked woman? Becky Sharp: [laughing] I'm not a child, Captain Osborne. Not like your brainless little Amelia. Ambition doesn't tire. Evil never sleeps.

Other Titles

  1. La fiera della vanitĂ  (2004) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. 6 Fitzroy Square, Bloomsbury, London, England, UK
  2. Bath, Somerset, England, UK
  3. Chatham Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent, England, UK
  4. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, UK
  5. Chiswick House, Burlington Lane, Chiswick, London, England, UK - (exteriors)
  6. Great Pulteney Street, Bath, Somerset, England, UK - (street when Rebecca first arrives in London)
  7. Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, England, UK
  8. Hatfield House, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK
  9. Holburne Museum of Art, Bath, Somerset, England, UK - (Lord Steyne's residence)
  10. Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  11. London, England, UK
  12. Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England, UK
  13. Stanway House, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England, UK
  14. Theatre Royal, Bath, Somerset, England, UK - (exteriors)
  15. UK
  16. Wrotham Park, Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (Gaunt House interiors)


- After asking 'Reese Witherspoon' (qv) to get pregnant for the role (as a joke, because she thought Reese was too thin), 'Mira Nair' (qv) was delighted when Witherspoon announced she was expecting after all.

- 'Natasha Little' (qv), who plays Lady Jane Sheepshanks, played Becky Sharp in _"Vanity Fair" (1998)_ (qv).

- Most of the costumes were purposefully made a little smaller than necessary, to slightly alter the overall look of them.

- Shot in 55 days

- The sheer brown gown with white embroidery worn by 'Kelly Hunter (I)' (qv) (Lady Steyne) at the Prince Regent's party is the same costume worn by 'Faith Brook' (qv) (Countess Rostova) in _"War & Peace" (1972)_ (qv), by an extra at the London Ball in _"Poldark" (1975) {(#2.2)}_ (qv), and by a guest at the London ball in _Poldark (1996) (TV)_ (qv).

- In the early 1970s 'Stanley Kubrick (I)' (qv) wanted to direct an adaptation of this book, but found it to be too big to make it into a three-hour film. He instead made _Barry Lyndon (1975)_ (qv).

- 'Daniel Craig (I)' (qv) was considered for a part.