Very Annie Mary (2001) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.7/ 10 (880 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Arts Council of England [gb]
Arts Council of Wales [gb]
Canal+ [fr]
Dragon Pictures [us]
FilmFour [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 25 May 2001
(Germany) - 14 June 2001
(Norway) - 21 October 2001
(Poland) - 11 January 2002
(France) - 27 February 2002

Running Time

about to be very big in a very small town one can dream, can't one?

betting-on-horse, character-name-in-title, father-daughter-relationship, lingerie-slip, singing,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Cater, Wayne as [Competition judge] <44>
  2. Davis, Glan as [Stage manager] <32>
  3. Devreaux, David as [Phillip] <42>
  4. Grafton, Radcliffe as [The mayor] <7>
  5. Gravell, Ray (I) as [Frank, the bookie] <21>
  6. Griffith, Kenneth (I) as [Minister] <5>
  7. Gruffudd, Ioan as [Hob] <3>
  8. Holt, Simon (I) as [Sports commentator] <46>
  9. Hopkins, Morgan as [Big fat walloper] <43>
  10. Hugh, Rhodri as [Mervin] <18>
  11. Ifans, Llyr as (as Llyr Evans) [Ginger gravedigger] <19>
  12. Price, Colin (I) as [Cardiff bookie] <45>
  13. Pryce, Jonathan as [Jack Pugh] <2>
  14. Rhys, Matthew as [Nob] <4>
  15. Richards, Josh (I) as [Mr. Bevan] <8>
  16. Singh, Binda as [Doctor] <34>
  17. Thomas, Rhys Miles as [Colin Thomas] <10>
  18. Daniel, Llinos as [Braccy nurse] <33>
  19. Davies, Gwenllian as [Gwenllian, Twinge] <30>
  20. Edwards, Donna (I) as [Mrs. Bevan] <24>
  21. Esli, Marged as [Kidwelly Hall cook] <36>
  22. Gravell, Mari as [Chapel woman] <14>
  23. Griffiths, Iris as [Chapel woman] <13>
  24. Griffiths, Marlene as [Dinnerlady] <41>
  25. Griffiths, Rachel (I) as [Annie Mary Pugh] <1>
  26. Grundy, Rhian as [Kelly, Bracket] <27>
  27. Hopkin, Mary as [Chapel woman] <10>
  28. Hunnam, Crisian as [District nurse] <35>
  29. Hunter, Lynn (I) as [Mrs. Thomas] <23>
  30. Isaac, Rachel as [Estate agent] <20>
  31. Jones, Ruth (I) as [Complaining customer] <38>
  32. Madoc, Ruth as [Mrs. Ifans] <6>
  33. Mason, Peggy (I) as [Peggy] <37>
  34. Matthews, Cerys as [Nerys] <31>
  35. McTernan, Michele as [Mother] <25>
  36. Mountford, Anna as [Blodwyn, Minge] <29>
  37. Page, Joanna as [Bethan Bevan] <9>
  38. Parry, Stevie as [Chapel woman] <12>
  39. Pascoe, Jennifer as [Young Annie-Mary] <26>
  40. Petty, Gwenyth as [Chapel woman] <9>
  41. Phillips, Wendy (II) as [Megan, Hinge] <28>
  42. Rees, Maureen (I) as [Chapel woman] <11>
  43. Richards, Jill (II) as [Chapel woman] <8>
  44. Vincent, Melissa (I) as [Betting shop assistant] <22>
  45. Williams, Buddug as (as Buddug Mair Williams) [Miss Hughes] <40>
  46. Williams, Carys as [Co-op cashier] <39>


  1. Comedy
  2. Musical

Full Plot

When Annie Mary was 16, she was offered a scholarship to sing in Milan, but was never allowed to go because her mother was dying. Now Annie Mary is 33 and no longer sings. She lives under the shadow of her chapel-strict father, known to all as The Voice of the Valleys, who sees himself as a budding Pavarotti. She wants to break free, but her father has a stroke and demands even more of her. When she finally rebels, the whole village becomes involved in a competition to raise money and get Annie's terminally ill best friend, 16-year-old, Bethan Bevan to Disneyland. Unfortunately Annie loses all the money they win betting on horses! She is now the most unpopular person in the village until she is asked to sing again... and Annie Mary realises that she can, at last, move on. Sujit R. Varma Plot not found

Movie Certificate

L (Iceland)
M (Australia)
U (France)
12 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
12 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
15 (UK)
A (Canada)(Ontario)

Music Composers

  1. Warbeck, Stephen


  1. Ackroyd, Barry

Dress Designers

  1. Harris, Caroline (III)


01 Distribuzione [it]
Canal+ [fr]
Empire Pictures Inc. [us] - (2002) (USA)
Euripide Distribution [fr] - (France)
Koch Lorber Films [us] - (2004) (USA) (DVD)
Madman Entertainment [au] - (2004) (Australia) (DVD)
Rai Cinema [it]
Studio Canal [fr]

Film Editors

  1. Sales, Robin


  1. Brandon, Danielle (production coordinator)
  2. Burt, Pauline (production representative: lottery) (uncredited)
  3. Chin, Elaine (director of development)
  4. Davies, Allen (post-production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  5. Ellerker, Wendy (production accountant)
  6. Evans, Clive (II) (assistant location manager)
  7. Evans, Delyth (production assistant)
  8. Gamble, Linda (I) (unit publicist)
  9. Goodson, Katie (production executive)
  10. Grant, Fraser (assistant accountant)
  11. Green, Dominique (I) (production executive)
  12. Jack, Andrew (dialogue coach)
  13. MacFarlane, Angeli (story editor)
  14. Mannion, Andrew (production assistant)
  15. O'Reilly, Caroline (script supervisor)
  16. Phillips, Roger (II) (title designer)
  17. Rudge, Kate (floor runner)
  18. Stevens, Amanda (location manager)
  19. Stevenson, Katrina (I) (assistant to producers)


Nob: Don't ever stop being you.

Other Titles

  1. Annie-Mary à la folie! (2002) (ENG)

  2. Pavarotti in Dad's Room (1999) (ENG)
    (UK) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Blaengarw, Mid-Glamorgan, Wales, UK
  2. Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK
  3. Newbridge Memorial Hall, Newport, Wales, UK
  4. Pontycymmer, Bridgend, Wales, UK


- The last film role of Kenneth Griffth.