Violet Is Blue (2014) Movie

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Slum Goddess [ca]

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Blood! Boobs! & Bad-ass Bitches!!! Yes, there will be teats!!!!!!!! ...and, Violet is pissed!!!!!!

blood, character-name-in-title, death, drug, female-nudity, female-vigilante, girl-with-a-gun, gun, heist, independent-film, nudity, revenge, sex, violence,

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Full Cast

  1. Scealf, Eric as (rumored)
  2. Watt, Tony (I) as [Actor]
  3. Cat, Sophia The as [Sophia]
  4. Ridge, Tegan as
  5. Schimmel, Christina as
  6. Vivita as [Actress]


  1. Action

Full Plot

"Violet is Blue" is a retro 1970s-style bad-girl revenge-thriller tale of a drug addicted war veteran, Violet Espinoza, whose life consists of getting high and carrying out armed robberies with a motley gang of losers. After Violet does a stint in jail, she learns that her former gang killed her parents for extra drug money. Violet, angered by the police's non-activity, takes it upon herself to track down her former gang and avenge her parents' murder one-by-one, in a variety of devious ways; in this dark and twisted romp through suburbia. The Slum Goddess Team Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Cat, Sophia The (original music by)
  2. Vivita (original music by)
  3. Watt, Tony (I) (original music by)