Virtuos Virtuell (2013) Movie

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(Germany) - February 2013

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  1. Animation
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  3. Short

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The overture of the opera THE ALCHYMIST by the early German Romanticism Composer Louis Spohr is the basis of the eight minute long film. The drawer Maja Oschmann and the animation film maker Thomas Stellmach, who both shared their direction in this project since April 2010, became acquainted after their study at the Academy of Arts in Kassel. They joint their different artistic experiences of storytelling and expressive drawings to music and developed an intense kind of music visualisation. Hand crafted ink drawings inspired by the composition and accompanying the music play on the threshold between the figurative and abstract, thus allowing for a wide range of associations to form. The musical and dramaturgical versatility of the overture induced Stellmach and Oschmann to a story-like interpretation of the composition. They developed a "character" in an environment that through an interplay of careful encounters and dynamic pursuits, of agile lightness but also of confrontation tell their very own story. The waves, jumps, fades and surges of the films graphic elements express a variety of emotions such as curiosity, joy, anger or threat and take the listener and viewer on an exciting but equally poetic journey through the music into the abstract associative visual world. Thomas Stellmach Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Spohr, Louis


  1. Stellmach, Thomas

Film Editors

  1. Stellmach, Thomas


  1. Oschmann, Maja (choreographer)