Vishwatma (1992) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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6.4/ 10 (294 Votes)

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Production Company
Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. [in]

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Release Date
(India) - 24 January 1992

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budding-friendship, family-killed, friendship, harmonica, harmonica-player, kenya, mouth-organ, police-officer, revenge, trust,

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Full Cast

  1. Anand, Mahesh (I) as [Rajnath] <13>
  2. Anand, Vikas as [Minister] <30>
  3. Arora, Vijay as [Jailer] <22>
  4. Bakshi as [Pilot] <38>
  5. Balraj, Anand as [Chhota Nilu] <15>
  6. Bhalla, Amit (I) as [Tapasvi's Henchman] <35>
  7. Chakraborty, Malal as [Danmalji] <43>
  8. Chimp, Tombo the as <48>
  9. Deol, Sunny (I) as [Inspector Prabhat Singh] <2>
  10. Dhanoa, Dan as [Majhla Nilu] <14>
  11. Dhillon, Mangal as [Madan Bhardwaj] <28>
  12. Duggal, Raja as [Peon] <45>
  13. Firoze as [Bridegroom] <39>
  14. Goyal, Ramesh as [Merchant] <41>
  15. Grover, Gulshan as [Tapasvi Gunjal] <8>
  16. Hingoo, Dinesh as [Sharma] <21>
  17. Khan, Ali (I) as [Gaffoor Bhai] <42>
  18. Khan, Salim (I) as [Tapasvi's Henchman] <36>
  19. Kohli, Sanjay as [Inspector Balbir Govot] <18>
  20. Kumar, Kiran (I) as [Naagdansh Jurhad] <26>
  21. Malik, Idries as (as Idris Mallick) [Bhardwaj Brothers] <34>
  22. Manjunath, Master as [Babu] <23>
  23. Mohan, Ram (I) as [Villager] <29>
  24. Murad, Raza as [Commissioner Pandey] <7>
  25. Nath, Alok as [Anurag Singh] <16>
  26. Opar, Dan as [Kenyan Henchman] <47>
  27. Ounza, Jairuz as [Kenyan Henchman] <46>
  28. Pandey, Chunky as [Akash Bhardwaj] <3>
  29. Parvez, Arshad as [Doctor] <37>
  30. Parvez, Yunus as [Verma] <20>
  31. Pradhan, Vishwajeet as [Bhardwaj Brothers] <32>
  32. Puri, Amrish as [Azghar Jurhad] <9>
  33. Sadique, Master as (as Master Sadiq) [Munna] <24>
  34. Sagar (I) as [Gyanchand] <44>
  35. Sapru, Tej as [Bada Nilu] <12>
  36. Saxena, Sharat as (as Sharad Saxena) [Commisioner B.L. Roy] <11>
  37. Shah, Naseeruddin as [Inspector Surya Pratap Singh] <1>
  38. Singh, Samer as [Bhardwaj Brothers] <33>
  39. Tahil, Dalip as [DCP Gupta] <10>
  40. Vivek, Rajesh as [Dacoit Manohar Dev] <19>
  41. Aparajita (I) as [Mrs. Anurag Singh] <17>
  42. Baby Ashrafa as [Sunayana] <25>
  43. Bharti, Divya as [Kusum] <5>
  44. Juneja, Kiran as [Renuka's sister] <27>
  45. Kiran (VII) as [Bride] <40>
  46. Shetty, Poonam as [Surya Pratap's wife] <31>
  47. Singh, Jyotsna as [Sonia Jurhad] <6>
  48. Sonam (I) as [Renuka] <4>


  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

Two brave and smart young men: namely Police inspector Prabhat Singh (Sunny Deol) and a reformed criminal Akash Bhardwaj (Chunkey Pandey) is sent to the African country of Kenya in order to apprehend the underworld criminal Azghar Jhorat (Amrish Puri). He is a criminal in India but his whereabouts is known in Kenya. While in Kenya they reaches up with a stern Kenyan police officer who is of Indian origin Surya Pratap Singh (Naseeruddin Shah), it is his duty to make Prabhat and Akash abide by the Kenyan laws but to capture Azghar both is forced to break the laws and gets into confrontation with Surya where a misunderstood is created. Will Akash and Prabhat be able to fulfilled there duties towards there country or will they leave there mission half way and run like cowards? gAvInDrA ( A suspended police inspector, Prabhat Singh is given a special assignment to apprehend the underworld mob boss, Azghar Jurhad, he refuses to accept this contract but finally accepts it. Azghar is a criminal in India but his whereabouts is in the African country of Kenya, he travels along to Kenya with a bandit, Akash Bhardwaj. Both reaches up with Police inspector, Suraya Pratab Singh, whose duty is to ensure that Prabhat and Akash play by the Kenyan laws but to capture Azghar both is unable to do so and puts themselves into hot soup. gavin ( Police inspector Prabhat Singh (Sunny Deol) comes from a middle-class family consists of his mom, dad and brother. When he attempts to intervene in the work of an underworld criminal don, Azghar Jurhad (Amrish Puri) he witnesses the death of this brother. After a recent investigation it was found that Azghar where about is unknown in India, he reside in the African country of Kenya. With Vengeance Prabhat along with Akash Bhardwaj (Chunkey Pandey), whose family members has been brutally murdered by Azghar travels to Kenya with a sole aim to have there revenge on Azghar. While in Kenya they met a Kenyan police officer, Surya Pratap Singh (Naseeruddin Shah) who is of Indian Origin, and who has the duty to keep an eye on Prabhat and Akash. Will Surya jeopardize Prabhat and Akash's mission or will he prove to be a boon to the two legends? raj ( Police Inspector Prabhat Singh and a reform convict, Akash Bhajwag is sent to Kenya on a secret mission namely to apprehend the underworld criminal don, Ajhar Johrat, since his wear about is unknown in India. Akash's adventures is based mainly on revenge for the brutal killing of his family members, while in Kenya, a police officer, of Indian origin, Surya Pratab is to watch over Prabhat and Akash ensure that they do not break the Kenyan law. When Akash and Pratab find out that Ajhar and his gang has got hold of a dye to print fake Indian currency notes they immediately seize the dye, abduct Ajhar's daughter, Sonia. It is here Akash and Prabhat's secret mission will go against them as they are misunderstood and are to be sent back to India. It looks like Prabhat's mission will remain a total flop and Akash's revenge case will go to the wind. gavin ( This movie tells the story of two revenge seeking men(Sunny Deol & Chunky Pandey) who go to Kenya in search of the underworld leader(Amrish Puri). In Kenya they meet a heartbroken cop Nasserudin Shah whose wife was murdered and he has been searching for her killer ever since. He has the job of watching over Sunny Deol and Chunky Pandey during their stay in Kenya. He gets in the way of these two men while they try to capture Amrish Puri. Little does Nasserudin Shah know that the man he is trying to protect is his wife's killer. When he finally finds out, they join forces and fight the man who destroyed their dreams. Neo, Wellington, NZ Inspector Prabhat Singh has been assigned the task of apprehending an elusive criminal don named Azghar Jurhad. Azghar's whereabouts are unknown in India, but after an investigation, he is traced to the African country of Kenya. Prabhat, accompanied by Akash Bhardwaj, who is the only person who can identify Azghar, go to Kenya. Once in Kenya they are met with the Kenyan Police Inspector of Indian-origin named Surya Pratap Singh. It is Surya's duty to ensure that Prabhat and Akash play by the Kenyan rules, and not break the law. But after a confrontation with Azghar and his men, Prabhat and Akash decide not to play by the rules, thus bringing them in confrontation with the Kenyan police, and Surya himself. rAjOo ( Plot not found

Total Business

GR: INR 137,323,949 (India)

Music Composers

  1. Shah, Viju


  1. Xavier, Thomas A.


Shemaroo Video Pvt. Ltd. [in] - (2001) (India) (video)

Film Editors

  1. Rai, Rajiv


- Jackie Shroff was Rajiv Rai's original choice to play Akash Bhardwaj.