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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 3 May 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Danny (III) as (as Danny Alexander MP) [Himself - Chief Secretary to the Treasury]
  2. Ansari, Arif as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC North West]
  3. Balls, Ed as (as Ed Balls MP) [Himself - Shadow Chancellor]
  4. Barltrop, Paul as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC West]
  5. Bartley, Jonathan as [Himself - Green party]
  6. Bogdanor, Vernon as (as Professor Vernon Bogdanor) [Himself - King's College London]
  7. Bore, Albert as (as Sir Albert Bore) [Himself - Labour group leader, Birmingham City Council]
  8. Browne, Jeremy (II) as (as Jeremy Browne MP) [Himself - Foreign Officer minister]
  9. Burns, Patrick (VI) as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC West Midlands]
  10. Cable, Vince as (as Vince Cable MP) [Himself - Business Secretary]
  11. Cook, James (XIII) as [Himself - Political Correspondent, BBC Scotland]
  12. Crawford, Ewan as [Himself - Former SNP advisor]
  13. Curtice, John as (as Professor John Curtice) [Himself - University of Strathclyde]
  14. Davies, Philip (II) as (as Philip Davies MP) [Himself - Conservative, Shipley]
  15. Dimbleby, David as [Himself - Presenter] <1>
  16. Donovan, Tim (V) as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC London]
  17. Dugher, Michael as (as Michael Dugher MP) [Himself - Labour, Barnsley East]
  18. Farage, Nigel as (as Nigel Farage MEP) [Himself - UKIP leader]
  19. Gilligan, Andrew (I) as [Himself - Daily Telegraph]
  20. Green, Damian (I) as (as Damian Green MP) [Himself - Immigration minister]
  21. Hain, Peter as (as Peter Hain MP) [Himself - Shadow Welsh Secretary]
  22. Harris, Evan (IV) as (as Dr Evan Harris MP) [Himself - Former Liberal Democrat MP]
  23. Henley, Peter as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC South]
  24. Hess, John (III) as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC East Midlands]
  25. Hughes, Simon (VII) as (as Simon Hughes MP) [Himself - Deputy Liberal Democrat leader]
  26. Iredale, Tim as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC Yorks & Lincs]
  27. Jenkin, Bernard as (as Bernard Jenkin MP) [Himself - Conservative, North Essex]
  28. Jones, Carwyn (IV) as (as Carwyn Jones AM) [Himself - First Minister of Wales]
  29. Karmani, Alyas as [Himself - Respect candidate, Little Horton (segment: Look North)]
  30. Khan, Sadiq (I) as (as Sadiq Khan MP) [Himself - Shadow Justice Secretary]
  31. Lammy, David as (as David Lammy MP) [Himself - Labour, Tottenham]
  32. Leese, Richard (I) as (as Sir Richard Leese) [Himself - Leader Labour group, Manchester City Council]
  33. Littlewood, Mark (IV) as [Himself - Institute of Economic Affairs]
  34. Mackay, Derek as (as Derek Mackay MSP) [Himself - SNP campaign director]
  35. McGauley, Alan as [Himself - Sheffield Hallam University (segment: Look North)]
  36. Mercer, Karl as [Himself - Political Correspondent, BBC London]
  37. Montgomerie, Tim as [Himself - Editor of ConservativeHome]
  38. Morgan, Rhodri as [Himself - Former First Minister of Wales]
  39. Nelson, Fraser as [Himself - Editor, The Spectator]
  40. Nuttall, Paul as (as Paul Nuttall MEP) [Himself - UKIP deputy leader]
  41. Oates, Martyn as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC South West]
  42. Pickles, Eric as (as Eric Pickles MP) [Himself - Communities Secretary]
  43. Ramsbottom, Marc as [Himself - Former Liberal Democrat group leader, Manchester]
  44. Redwood, John as (as John Redwood MP) [Himself - Former Cabinet minister]
  45. Rennard, Chris as (as Lord Rennard) [Himself - Former Liberal Democrat Chief Executive]
  46. Robinson, Nick (IV) as [Himself - Political Editor] <4>
  47. Salmond, Alex as (as Alex Salmond MSP) [Himself - First Minister of Scotland]
  48. Sinclair, Andrew (XIII) as [Himself - Political Correspondent, BBC East]
  49. Smith, Norman (VIII) as [Himself - Chief Political Correspondent]
  50. Sopel, Jon as [Himself - Reporter]
  51. Straw, Will as [Himself - Founder, Left Foot Forward]
  52. Streeter, Gary (I) as (as Gary Streeter MP) [Himself - Conservative, South West Devon]
  53. Sutcliffe, Gerry as (as Gerry Sutcliffe MP) [Himself - Labour, Bradford South (segment: Look North)]
  54. Tingle, Len as [Himself - Political Editor, BBC Yorkshire]
  55. Umunna, Chuka as (as Chuka Umunna MP) [Himself - Shadow Business Secretary]
  56. Vickers, Martin as (as Martin Vickers MP) [Himself - Conservative, Cleethorpes]
  57. Vine, Jeremy as [Himself] <3>
  58. Watson, Tom (XXVIII) as (as Tom Watson MP) [Himself - Labour Party campaign coordinator]
  59. Whitby, Mark as [Himself - Outgoing Conservative leader, Birmingham City Council]
  60. Willetts, David (II) as (as David Willetts MP) [Himself - Universities Minister]
  61. Ackroyd, Christa as [Herself - Presenter (segment: Look North)]
  62. Benita, Siobhan as [Herself - Independent candidate for Mayor of London]
  63. Cooper, Yvette as (as Yvette Cooper MP) [Herself - Shadow Home Secretary]
  64. Davidson, Lorraine as [Herself - Former Scottish Labour advisor]
  65. Greening, Justine as (as Justine Greening MP) [Herself - Transport Secretary]
  66. Jones, Hilary (IV) as [Herself - Liberal Democrat group leader, Derby City Council]
  67. Maitlis, Emily as [Herself] <2>
  68. Miller, Maria (IV) as (as Maria Miller MP) [Herself - Minister for Disabled People]
  69. Powys, Betsan as [Herself - Wales Political Editor]
  70. Stewart, Louise (III) as [Herself - Political Editor, BBC South East]
  71. Teather, Sarah as (as Sarah Teather MP) [Herself - Minister for Children]
  72. Thornberry, Emily as (as Emily Thornberry MP) [Herself - Shadow Attorney General]
  73. Tiffin, Annabel as [Herself - Political Correspondent, BBC North West]
  74. Toynbee, Polly as [Herself - The Guardian]
  75. Warsi, Sayeeda as (as Baroness Warsi) [Herself - Conservative Party Co-Chair]


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] - (2012) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Woodhouse, Sam


  1. Linehan-Cross, Elliott (tech coordinator)
  2. Reay, George (I) (technical assistant)