What a Girl Wants (2003) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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5.7/ 10 (27186 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG for mild language

Production Company
DiNovi Pictures [us]
Gaylord Films [us] - (in association with)
Gerber Pictures [us]
HSI Tomorrow Film
Sloane Square Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 27 March 2003
(Australia) - 3 April 2003
(New Zealand) - 3 April 2003
(Canada) - 4 April 2003
(USA) - 4 April 2003

Running Time

Trying to fit in. Born to stand out.

affection, american, american-abroad, american-in-the-uk, big-ben-london, billboard, british, camel, cell-phone, chandelier, cinderella-story, class, class-system, clumsiness, comedy-of-manners, culture-clash, dancing, double-decker-bus, election-campaign, england, estrangement, falling-chandelier, falling-into-water, fashion, fashion-show,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Cameras and Lenses
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Super 35
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Acheson, Matt as [Country Club Wedding Singer] <58>
  2. Anderson, Steven (II) as [Television Reporter] <25>
  3. Ashton-Griffiths, Roger as [Lord Orwood] <41>
  4. Beall, Charlie as [Rufus] <34>
  5. Bell, James (V) as [Libby's Band Member] <17>
  6. Boothe, Newton as [Taxi Driver] <22>
  7. Carrick, Antony as [Prince Michael] <39>
  8. Castle, Chris (I) as [Prince Harry] <32>
  9. Clarke, Andrew (V) as [Male Twin 1] <50>
  10. Clarke, Peter (VI) as [Male Twin 2] <51>
  11. Croney, Ash as [Dancer] <61>
  12. Davey, Malcolm as [Dancer] <62>
  13. Degruttola, Raffaello as [Groom] <20>
  14. Firth, Colin as [Henry Dashwood] <2>
  15. Fornara, Tim as [Ian's Band Member] <45>
  16. Fredericks, Luke as [Ian's Band Member] <44>
  17. Goodfellow, Tom as [Libby's Band Member] <16>
  18. Greene, James (III) as [Percy] <12>
  19. Gyasi, David as [Ian's Band Member] <46>
  20. Hanna, Tom (II) as [Ian's Band Member] <47>
  21. Harper, Tom (II) as [Edward] <35>
  22. Hugo, Peter as [Prince Charles] <30>
  23. James, Oliver (III) as [Ian Wallace] <7>
  24. Jessup, Peter as [Dancer] <64>
  25. Jobaid, Jafri as [Dancer] <65>
  26. Kemp, Tony as [Dancer] <66>
  27. Laza, Allan as [Dancer] <67>
  28. Linton, James as [Political Advisor Two] <27>
  29. Miller, Count Prince as [Dancer] <69>
  30. Miller, George (XII) as [Dancer] <70>
  31. Osborne, Steven (I) as [Staff Member] <13>
  32. Patton, Basil as [Dancer] <73>
  33. Penn, Tom (I) as [Libby's Band Member] <15>
  34. Phillips, Neville as [Butler] <40>
  35. Preston, Vernon as [Duke of Edinburgh] <55>
  36. Pryce, Jonathan as [Alistair Payne] <6>
  37. Reeves, Peter (I) as [Sir John Dashwood] <11>
  38. Russell, Jonah as [Policeman] <28>
  39. Saint-Juste, Louis as [Dancer] <75>
  40. Scholfield, Ben as [Armistead Stuart] <33>
  41. Shaw, Barrington as [Dancer] <74>
  42. Temple, David (II) as [Ian's Band Member] <48>
  43. Todd, Sian as [Dancer] <77>
  44. Toller, Mike as [Libby's Band Member] <14>
  45. Tonioli, Bruno as [Fashion Emcee] <38>
  46. Townsend, Stanley as [Bride's Father] <19>
  47. Tuite, Daniel as [Newspaper Reporter #1] <52>
  48. Turpin, Matthew as [Prince William] <31>
  49. Vodden, Pieter as [Sven] <23>
  50. Voss, Thomas Michael as [Dancer] <79>
  51. Whitmey, David (II) as [Ian's Band Member] <49>
  52. Woolley, James (II) as [Political Advisor One] <26>
  53. Young, Raymond (II) as (uncredited) [Guy in Cafe]
  54. Atkins, Eileen as [Jocelyn Dashwood] <4>
  55. Bromley, Natalie as [Jane] <36>
  56. Bynes, Amanda as [Daphne Reynolds] <1>
  57. Chancellor, Anna as [Glynnis Payne] <5>
  58. Cinque, Flaminia as [Caterer] <57>
  59. Cole, Christina as [Clarissa Payne] <8>
  60. Collins, Judy as [Dancer] <59>
  61. Crichlow, Ethel as [Dancer] <60>
  62. Ellison, Layla as [Dancer] <63>
  63. Lane, Stephanie (IV) as [Fiona] <37>
  64. Lucas, Annie (I) as [Dancer] <68>
  65. Mark, Sarah (II) as [Newspaper Reporter #2] <53>
  66. McGhee, Soleil as [Young Daphne] <10>
  67. Mills, Susan (III) as [Dancer] <71>
  68. Mistry, Nita as [Girl in Hostel] <24>
  69. Oakley, Ella Desmond as [Baby Daphne] <29>
  70. Patel, Bharti (I) as [Dancer] <72>
  71. Powney, Cassie as [Peach Orwood] <42>
  72. Powney, Connie as [Pear Orwood] <43>
  73. Preston, Kelly as [Libby Reynolds] <3>
  74. Raskin, Mindy Lee as [Bride] <18>
  75. Richard, Elizabeth (I) as [Queen] <56>
  76. Summers, Tara (III) as [Noelle] <21>
  77. Syms, Sylvia (I) as [Princess Charlotte] <9>
  78. Victory, Jane as [Dancer] <76>
  79. Walker, June (II) as [Dancer] <78>
  80. Waters, Maureen as [Dancer] <80>
  81. Wicks, Victoria as [Henry's Secretary] <54>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Daphne, a seventeen-year-old girl from New York goes to England in search of her father, who does not know he had a child with an American girlfriend he met while working in Morocco, and whose aristocratic family did not approve of the woman. Anonymous Daphne, a free-spirited American 17-year-old raised by her equally free-spirited mother goes to England to establish a relationship with her father, who turns out to be a prominent political figure heavily involved in social customs. Daphne must attempt to fit in with the social requirements demanded of her, while also getting to know her father, dealing with his territorial other daughter, and maintaining her own self-identity. Al Hayfever Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 171,523 (Brazil) (5 October 2003) AD: 120,980 (Brazil) (28 September 2003) AD: 56,224 (Brazil) (21 September 2003) AD: 310,353 (Germany) (20 July 2003) AD: 103,230 (Germany) (29 June 2003) AD: 71,690 (Netherlands) (31 December 2003) AD: 45,032 (Spain) (10 August 2003) BT: USD 20,000,000 CP: Warner Bros. and Gaylord Films LLC GR: USD 35,990,505 (USA) (15 June 2003) GR: USD 35,924,119 (USA) (8 June 2003) GR: USD 35,829,232 (USA) (1 June 2003) GR: USD 35,695,123 (USA) (26 May 2003) GR: USD 35,488,686 (USA) (18 May 2003) GR: USD 35,272,242 (USA) (11 May 2003) GR: USD 34,515,620 (USA) (4 May 2003) GR: USD 32,853,869 (USA) (27 April 2003) GR: USD 27,228,224 (USA) (20 April 2003) GR: USD 19,989,630 (USA) (13 April 2003) GR: USD 11,434,964 (USA) (6 April 2003) GR: GBP 616,066 (UK) (17 August 2003) GR: GBP 220,217 (UK) (10 August 2003) GR: USD 14,622,111 (Worldwide) (6 November 2003) (except USA) GR: EUR 329,437 (Italy) (7 September 2003) GR: EUR 492,910 (Spain) (17 August 2003) GR: EUR 219,725 (Spain) (10 August 2003) OW: USD 11,434,964 (USA) (6 April 2003) (2,964 screens) OW: GBP 220,217 (UK) (10 August 2003) (250 screens) OW: EUR 219,725 (Spain) (10 August 2003) (225 screens) SD: 5 June 2002 - August 2002 WG: USD 34,161 (USA) (15 June 2003) (138 screens) WG: USD 48,319 (USA) (8 June 2003) (178 screens) WG: USD 89,595 (USA) (1 June 2003) (288 screens) WG: USD 178,439 (USA) (26 May 2003) (330 screens) WG: USD 130,702 (USA) (18 May 2003) (260 screens) WG: USD 522,422 (USA) (11 May 2003) (925 screens) WG: USD 1,172,445 (USA) (4 May 2003) (1,720 screens) WG: USD 3,235,190 (USA) (27 April 2003) (2,540 screens) WG: USD 4,503,277 (USA) (20 April 2003) (2,930 screens) WG: USD 6,287,478 (USA) (13 April 2003) (2,964 screens) WG: USD 11,434,964 (USA) (6 April 2003) (2,964 screens) WG: GBP 108,339 (UK) (17 August 2003) (248 screens) WG: GBP 220,217 (UK) (10 August 2003) (250 screens) WG: EUR 15,589 (Italy) (7 September 2003) (26 screens) WG: EUR 113,990 (Spain) (17 August 2003) (224 screens) WG: EUR 219,725 (Spain) (10 August 2003) (225 screens)

Movie Certificate

L (Iceland)
All (South Korea)
PG (Ireland)
M/12 (Portugal)
Atp (Argentina)
G (Australia)
Livre (Brazil)
G (Canada)
o.Al. (Germany)
G (New Zealand)
A (Norway)
PT (Peru)
G (Philippines)
PG (Singapore)
Btl (Sweden)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
7 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)

Music Composers

  1. Gregson-Williams, Rupert


  1. Dunn, Andrew (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Cunliffe, Shay


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (2006) (USA) (TV)
Argentina Video Home [ar] - (2004) (Argentina) (DVD)
Argentina Video Home [ar] - (2004) (Argentina) (VHS)
Fox-Warner [ch] - (2003) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
Net5 [nl] - (2006) (Netherlands) (TV)
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Warner Home Video [nl] - (2004) (Netherlands) (DVD) (VHS)


  1. Barton-White, Keziah (assistant script supervisor)
  2. Curtis, Matt (II) (title designer)
  3. Daubeny, Nick (location manager)
  4. Faria, Genevieve (assistant location manager)
  5. Fear, Maureen Poon (assistant: Denise Di Novi)
  6. Gasson, Jen (assistant: Denise Di Novi)
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  10. Harvey, Steve (IV) (assistant location manager)
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  28. Warren, Chris (III) (video coordinator)
  29. White, Toby (II) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  30. Willey, Deborah (production assistant)
  31. Winston, Beverly (script supervisor)


Ian: Why are trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out? Jocelyn Dashwood: No hugging, dear. I'm British. We only show affection to dogs and horses. Libby Reynolds: I love you a million Swedish Fish. Daphne Reynolds: I love you a million red M&M's. Glynnis Payne: I know my daddy was naughty, but what about me? Clarissa: Oh, very you, lovely. So Henry asked us to give you a few pointers, didn't he? Well, pointer number 1: go home. Mother and I belong here and it's quite clear you just don't fit in. And pointer number 2: while you're packing, keep your grimy little Yankee paws off Armistead Stuart, he's mine. Daphne Reynolds: If you take your nose out of the air for one second you'll see you're designer, I'm vintage. You've got a mansion, I've got a five floor walkup. You're a snotty little miss cranky pants and I go with the flow, so why would you ever think for one second that I'd ever have the same taste in guys? So here's a little pointer for you. Get over yourself and stop trying to be my daddy's little girl because I'm not going anywhere. Daphne Reynolds: [to Clarissa] My evil stepsister, you've seen Cinderella, right? Let me clue you in, I win. Glynnis Payne: Darling, we have to get Lubby here an escort. Daphne Reynolds: It's Libby, and why doesn't he just ask her himself? Glynnis Payne: Oh, put a cork in it, Clarissa. Clarissa: Maybe someone should've put a cork in it seventeen years ago. [Regarding Henry Dashwood's familiy mansion] Daphne Reynolds: It's bigger than our entire apartment and the Chinese restaurant downstairs and the dry cleaner down the street; it makes the White House look like a McDonalds! Henry Dashwood: Remember when I told you how groovy I used to be? Clarissa: That girl is totally barbaric! Glynnis Payne: Now Daphne, we don't want to make a scene now, do we? Libby Reynolds: Take your hand off my daughter or you won't get a scene, you'll get a Broadway Musical! [talking about Daphne] Armistead's friend: I'd let her dump tea in my harbor anytime. Henry Dashwood: I think I owe you a rather large apology. Libby Reynolds: Do you think I've waited 17 years for an apology? Daphne Reynolds: Every year I would wish if that I was good enough you would come and find me. Clarissa: I will, absolutely, [hangs up phone] not. Henry Dashwood: You like Co-co Puffs? Daphne Reynolds: It's chocolate! Need I say more? Daphne Reynolds: I had you down as an all bran man. Glynnis Payne: Darling, darling, all I'm saying is before we let this hypothetical daughter blow your political career out of the water, we might at least consider doing some checking up on her. Henry Dashwood: Now, checking up for what? Glynnis Payne: I don't know... criminal record, blood type, triple sixes on her skull. Henry Dashwood: Glynnis, she has a birth certificate, she has my photograph and she has my eyes. Henry Dashwood: I'm not explaining this very well, am I? Daphne Reynolds: No, not really. But I'm having fun watching you try. Henry Dashwood: I hope you find you sleeping arrangements conducive to... Daphne Reynolds: Henry, all it takes is sweet dreams. Daphne Reynolds: Hey! What are you doing here? Ian: You know, just another one of my glamourous jobs. Daphne Reynolds: Oh. Clarissa: [after Daphne walks out in fashion show] Holy poo on toast. Clarissa: Seems you had a better time in Morocco than you let on. Clarissa: [Sees Daphne fall over the wall] Did you see that? Glynnis Payne: What? Clarissa: An impossibly large bird falling off that wall. Glynnis Payne: Are you hallucinating? [Waves her hand in front of her face] Glynnis Payne: [Takes a bite of her eggs] These eggs are positively glacial. When I run this house, senile servants will be the first thing to go. Clarissa: You'd have to get around the old bat somehow. She'd never allow it. Jocelyn Dashwood: [Enters the room] Anyone seen my pruning shears? The *old bat* seems to have forgotten where she put them. Ian: Looking for me? Daphne Reynolds: No, I was just looking for the loo. Ian: Outside? On the terrace? Henry Dashwood: For me, it's just a stop on the campaign trail, and for Glynnis it's a chance to launch Clarissa on society. Daphne Reynolds: Launch her? You make her sound like a ship. Henry Dashwood: No, in Clarissa's case it's more like an intercontinental ballistic missile. Henry Dashwood: So are you and Daphne... Ian: Yeah, we're eloping. I know it's rather sudden but after last night, there was no going back. Henry Dashwood: You are joking aren't you? Ian: Yes, of course. Daphne Reynolds: [seeing her mother's outfit] Are you actually wearing a bra? Jocelyn Dashwood: [to Daphne] Everybody's rooting for you to fail. That's what makes it fun. Daphne Reynolds: [to Ian] I better go. Everyone's just waiting for me to mess up again. Daphne Reynolds: [after everything has happened] The truth is sometimes things aren't exactly what you always imagined... they're even better! Peach Orwood: [nervous; with her sister, Pear] I'm Peach, she's Pear. You see, our mother was slightly obsessed with fruits. We have a sister named Parsnip... she doesn't get out much. Henry Dashwood: Alistair, you've lied to me, I know you lied to Libby, so you'll forgive me if I don't give a flying fart in space what you think! Daphne Reynolds: Let's get the party started! Ian: No. Daphne Reynolds: Come on, why not? Ian: Well, first of all I could get fired; and second of all, I could get fired! Daphne Reynolds: Oh come on! Ian: No. No, no! Daphne Reynolds: Wimp. Ian: No. No! Daphne Reynolds: For me? [bats eyelashes flirtatiously] Ian: [grins] Okay. Let's do it. Glynnis Payne: Until then we have to keep up appearances. Look what happened to Olivia Nixon when she went to China last summer. Clarissa: Who's Olivia Nixon? Glynnis Payne: Exactly. Henry Dashwood: Sorry, did you just say you've known about this your whole life? Daphne Reynolds: Yeah? Jocelyn Dashwood: Good. Well, now we've got that settled... How about some tea and a nice piece of fruitcake? Henry Dashwood: But your mother didn't feel I deserved the same consideration? Jocelyn Dashwood: [Quietly] No to the fruitcake, then. Henry Dashwood: [shouts] How could she keep something like this from me? Glynnis Payne: Excuse me, but what happened to the mistake theory we were operating on a moment ago? Daphne Reynolds: [Daphne turns to leave] Jocelyn Dashwood: No, wait a minute, Ducky! Clarissa: You'd think they'd choose debs who actually had ankles. Those look like baked hams. Alistair Payne: Oh, my giddy aunt! Uncredited: What a disgrace! Uncredited: Must be American. Clarissa: I can't believe that little impostor is going to ruin my summer! Fiona: She may be a lot of things, but I can't believe impostor is one of them. Technically, she's 39th in line to the throne. Clarissa: Really, Fiona. 38 people would have to die for her to be queen. Jane: Well, it's far less than the 72 you'd need. Clarissa: Hmph! Armistead Stuart: Women are just drawn to me. It's something I happen to be blessed with. An Indefinable quality that just relaxes them, fascinates them. You're feeling it now, aren't you, Dabney? Daphne Reynolds: It's Daphne. Armistead Stuart: [Moves his hand to her lower back] Daphne Reynolds: And let me guess, you're feeling it in my backside? [Pulls his hand back up] Ian: Looking for me? Daphne Reynolds: Oh, no. I was just looking for the loo! Ian: Outside? On the terrace? Daphne Reynolds: [Mouths] Oh.

Other Titles

  1. American Girl (2002) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  2. London Calling (2002) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  3. Una ragazza e il suo sogno (2003) (ENG)

  4. Was Mädchen wollen (2003) (ENG)

  5. Was Mädchen wollen (2003) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Battersea Park, Battersea, London, England, UK - (exteriors)
  2. Borough Market, Borough, London, England, UK - (New York's Chinatown)
  3. Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, UK - (Henley Regatta)
  4. Lancaster House, The Mall, St. James's, London, England, UK - (Daphne's debutante ball)
  5. London, England, UK
  6. New York City, New York, USA
  7. Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England, UK - (Henry's speech withdrawing his candidacy)
  8. Ouarzazate, Morocco
  9. RAF Halton, Halton, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  10. West Wycombe Park, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (Dashwood Manor/ wedding scenes/Ian and Daphne on lake)
  11. Wrotham Park, Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, UK


- This film opened during war with Iraq which made Warner Bros. change the poster art for the film. Because the original artwork showed 'Amanda Bynes' (qv) displaying a peace symbol, the artwork was changed so that the peace symbol was airbrushed out. The studio did not want anyone to think the artwork was a war protest.

- When Henry Dashwood is looking through the photo album of Daphne's childhood, there are actual pictures of 'Amanda Bynes' (qv) when she was younger.

- When Henry calls Libby to tell her Daphne has been out all day with a boy in a band (Ian), Libby says, Lemme guess, he's a drummer? In reality, 'Oliver James (III)' (qv), who plays Ian, is a drummer.

- 'Kelly Preston' (qv) and 'Oliver James (III)' (qv) did all of their singing in the movie.

- 'Amanda Bynes' (qv) said in the commentary that it took three weeks to put braces on her for the short scene of Daphne's 15th birthday, in which case the braces aren't even noticeable.

- 'Anna Chancellor' (qv) and 'Christina Cole' (qv) who play mother and daughter in this movie both played Caroline Bingley. Anna in _"Pride and Prejudice" (1995)_ (qv) with 'Colin Firth' (qv) (who is also in this movie) and Christina