When Angels Sing (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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When Angels Sing [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Technical Support
CAM:Red One Camera - (4K)

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Michael Wayne as (as Mike Adams) [Father/Neighbor]
  2. Adams, Mitchell Lance as [State Trooper] <24>
  3. Barker, Brennan as [Young Michael] <11>
  4. Benson, Ray (I) as [Pit Master] <21>
  5. Bernal, Mike as [Dale's Band - Drums] <36>
  6. Bhakta, Nirav as [College Student]
  7. Buescher, Brandon as [Neighbor]
  8. Canterbury, Chandler as [David Walker] <3>
  9. Connick Jr., Harry as [Michael Walker] <1>
  10. Crepps, Christopher as [Dale's Band - Upright Bass] <35>
  11. Davenport, Eric Vincent as (uncredited) [Soccer Player]
  12. Draguicevich, Alex as [Young David]
  13. Edwards, Ken (I) as [E.R. Doctor] <17>
  14. Forsyth, Guy as [Guy] <28>
  15. Gassaway, Mike as [Doctor]
  16. Giminiani, Jack as [Sightseer]
  17. Giminiani, Tyler as [Sightseer]
  18. Guzman, Joel (II) as [Joel Guzman] <26>
  19. James, Connor as [Travis] <37>
  20. James, Ernest (II) as [Barista] <19>
  21. Jimenez, Steve (III) as [Pedestrian]
  22. Kennedy, Austin (II) as [Neighbor/Child]
  23. Kristofferson, Kris (I) as [The Colonel] <7>
  24. Laskowski, Cameron as [Boy in church]
  25. Lathan, Quentin as [Black BBQ Restaurant Customer]
  26. Lewis, Irvin as [Neighbor Walking in Street]
  27. Lovett, Lyle as [Griffin] <5>
  28. lowe, Corbyn as [Sightseer]
  29. Machate, Kevin as [Doctor]
  30. Mayberry, James Leonardo as [Church goer]
  31. Meris, J.E. as (uncredited) [Postal Worker]
  32. Nelson, Willie as [Nick] <6>
  33. Pawlak, Donald John as [Dale's Band - Steel Guitar] <34>
  34. Pipkin, Turk as [Uncle Theo] <15>
  35. Pointer, John as [Beat Box Guy in Coffeehouse] <32>
  36. Potter, Shane as [BBQ Restaurant Patron]
  37. Rodriguez, Rebel as [Neighbor Boy] <25>
  38. Schneider, Bob (II) as [Robert Earl] <41>
  39. Sexton, Charlie as [Bob] <40>
  40. Smith-Tillman, RJ as (as Ryan Tillman) [Customer/stand In]
  41. Stephenson, Milo as [Young Michael]
  42. Summerall, Dylan as [Young David] <10>
  43. Tucker, Blaze as [Restaurant Customer]
  44. Watson, Dale (III) as [Dale Watson] <33>
  45. Wilson, Jamie (XIX) as [The Trishas] <44>
  46. Abshire, Ariel as [Kylie] <20>
  47. Allieri, Patty as [Technician]
  48. Ball, Marcia (I) as [Great Aunt Jocelyn] <39>
  49. Black, Ro as [Neighborhood Lady]
  50. Blessing, Lili as [Lily] <31>
  51. Britton, Connie as [Susan Walker] <2>
  52. Canterbury, Shelby as [Young Maggie] <51>
  53. Cole, Deborah (III) as [Theresa] <13>
  54. Cole, Georgia as [Tricia] <38>
  55. Cordero, Melissa (IV) as [College Student]
  56. DeJoria, Eloise as [Laura] <9>
  57. Edmonson, Kat as [Kat] <46>
  58. Flanagan, Fionnula as [Ma] <4>
  59. Foster, Liz as [The Trishas] <45>
  60. Fox, Sarah (IX) as [Sarah Guzman] <27>
  61. Grace, Naomi (III) as (uncredited) [Restaurant Customer]
  62. Hickman, Sara (V) as [Aunt Claire] <14>
  63. Kafka, Heather as [David's Doctor] <23>
  64. Kennedy, Connie (III) as [Neighbor/Mom]
  65. Kennedy, Kaylin as [Neighbor/Child]
  66. Kinslow, Abigail as [Front Porch Decorator]
  67. Kinslow, Lauren as [Front Porch Decorator]
  68. Laskowski, Zali as [Girl in Church]
  69. McNeil, Caroline as [Neighbor]
  70. Mickwee, Kelley as [The Trishas] <43>
  71. Paterno, Annabelle as [Neighborhood Teen]
  72. Porto, Lidia as [Rosalba] <16>
  73. Raine, Elisabeth as [Sightseer]
  74. Richardson, Grayce as [Child]
  75. Seretti, Timeca M. as [Nurse]
  76. Valles, Michelle as [Reporter] <22>
  77. Welch, Savannah (I) as [The Trishas] <42>
  78. Wheeler-Nicholson, Dana as [Maggie] <8>
  79. White, Kristin Miller as [Nurse & Jogger]
  80. White, Lillia Mae as [Miss Lavelle] <30>
  81. Wilson, Deborah (VI) as [Sightseer]
  82. Wonderland, Carolyn as [Carolyn] <29>
  83. Young, Alison (IV) as (uncredited) [Neighbor]


  1. Family

Full Plot

As a child, Michael Walker wished every day could be Christmas. That is, until a tragic accident crushed his holiday spirit. Thirty years later, Michael still can't muster any joy for the holidays, despite encouragement from his playful wife and well-intentioned parents. But when his young son faces a tragedy, Michael needs to make amends with his past. A mysterious man named Nick gives Michael a gift and instills in him the courage to find the joy that he lost. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

SD: - 25 March 2011


  1. Derkaoui, Kamal

Dress Designers

  1. Perkins, Kari


  1. Beckley, Nicole (stand-in)
  2. Bellino, Beatrice (script supervisor)
  3. Bilski, Debbie (key craft service)
  4. Bilski, Randy (medic)
  5. Bradley, Jessica (office production assistant)
  6. Carr, Travis (I) (additional set production assistant)
  7. Cartwright, Laura (I) (key production accountant)
  8. Cohen, Chad (II) (insurance)
  9. Connor, Caroline (production coordinator)
  10. Conrad, Paul (II) (set production assistant) (as Paul Linden)
  11. Coronado, Franky (security)
  12. Crump, April (payroll accountant)
  13. del Castillo, Christa (I) (second assistant accountant)
  14. English, Dean (production services)
  15. Flanigen, Jordan (assistant: Mr. Miller)
  16. Gaitan, Vanessa (key set production assistant)
  17. Gallagher, Mollie A. (assistant production coordinator)
  18. Greenwood, Spencer (stand-in: Harry Connick Jr.)
  19. Herrera, Amber (stand-in)
  20. Ho, Evan (additional craft service assistant)
  21. Joyner, Matt (stand-in)
  22. Kalai, Deena (production legal)
  23. Kearl, Frank (location scout)
  24. Kennedy, Connie (III) (stand-in)
  25. Kruemcke, Max (craft service production assistant)
  26. Kurk-Dmytryk, Lisa (first assistant accountant)
  27. Kyle, Kristi (assistant: Mr. Miller)
  28. Kyle, Kristi (location assistant)
  29. Lacina, Barry (assistant location manager)
  30. Ledesma, A.J. (additional set production assistant)
  31. Malone, Riley (location manager)
  32. McCutchen, Mike (strike crew)
  33. Miller, Whitney J. (additional first assistant accountant)
  34. Mohler, Jeremy (set production assistant)
  35. Neels, C.J. (additional set production assistant)
  36. Nelson, Joe (VII) (stand-in)
  37. Perez, J. Andrew (office production assistant)
  38. Powell, Karen (II) (production services)
  39. Redwine, Ashlyn (stand-in)
  40. Reeves, Ronnie (animal coordinator)
  41. Rimmer, Will (set production assistant)
  42. Romero, Rolando Alonzo (assistant: Ms. Avellán)
  43. Storch, Shara (unit publicist)
  44. Thornton, Raigen (paramedic)
  45. Zubiate, Daniel (stand-in)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Austin, Texas, USA
  2. Bastrop, Texas, USA - (street scenes)