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Ratings / Votes
3.6/ 10 (314 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violence/gore, sexual content/nudity and language

Production Company
Gatlin Pictures [gb]
Pure Grass Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 16 October 2006
(UK) - 31 October 2006
(USA) - 22 January 2008

Running Time

Evil has your number

calls, clown, evil, mobile, popularity, school-uniform, tv-mini-series, wish,

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Full Cast

  1. Barrie, Chris as [Headmaster/Samantha's Father] <3>
  2. Baylis, Marc (I) as [Al]
  3. Beechy, Benjamin as [Charlie]
  4. Blacknell, Jo as [Ross]
  5. Brandon, Simon (I) as (as Simon Nuckley) [Neville]
  6. Brosnan, Sean (I) as [Nelson] <5>
  7. Buckster, Michael as [Kenny]
  8. Grass, Ben as [Mortician]
  9. Hutson, Shaun as [Daniel's Stepdad] <9>
  10. Jefferson, Daniel as (as Dave Lee) [Martin's Farther]
  11. Lynch, Luke (II) as [Peter]
  12. Martin, Gareth as [Martin]
  13. Parsons, Danny as [Daniel]
  14. Pearce, Oscar as [The Clown] <6>
  15. Pertwee, Sean as [The Janitor] <2>
  16. Pinon, Dominique as [Detective Ringwald] <2>
  17. Rees-Hunt, James as [Mark]
  18. Warden, Rick (I) as [Mr. Dale] <7>
  19. Aitken, Victoria as [Jane]
  20. Baillie, Katherine as [Basketball Girl 6]
  21. Barker, Lucy (I) as [Miss Nibb] <8>
  22. Bennett, Amy (I) as [Basketball Girl 2]
  23. Blows, Vikki as [Hilary]
  24. Chan, Gemma as [Molly Nelson]
  25. Ezekwugo, Rachel as [Nurse]
  26. Ferlaise, Memi as [Basketball Girl 3]
  27. Gale, Joanne (I) as [Basketball Girl 1]
  28. Hirst, Lia as [Basketball Girl 4]
  29. Johnson, Ebony (I) as [Victoria]
  30. Kay, Marysia as [Alice]
  31. Knight, Carrie Anne as [Basketball Girl 5]
  32. Lim, Jennifer (I) as [Samantha] <1>
  33. Lovelle, Tieva as (as Ksenia Lavrentieva) [Carol]
  34. McWilliams, Shona as [Susan]
  35. Ogino, Yuriko as [Samantha's Mother]
  36. Picot, Virginie as [Goth Girl]
  37. Pitkin, Rebecca as [Laura]
  38. Reid, Leila as [Linda]
  39. Waugh, Katharine as [Mrs. Hooper]
  40. Winstone, Lois as [Kirsty] <4>


  1. Comedy
  2. Horror

Full Plot

In the Willburn Hall, a Sixth Form College, the janitor tells the story of the geek Samantha Neil, the outcast Headmaster's daughter, in twenty episodes. Episode 1: The Wish - An evil Djinn dressed like a clown offers a wish to Samantha. In return, Samantha should indicate two schoolmates to receive a phone call offering a wish. She wishes to be popular and her wish comes true and she dates Daniel. Episode 2: Bad Trip - A girl wishes to be prettier than the gorgeous Victoria, and she is accidentally deformed by acid in the laboratory. Episode 3: Passed Away - The unpopular Neville has acne on his face and wishes to have no spot. He is locked in a garbage can by the bully Kirsty and rats eat his face. Episode 4: Die-T - The fat boy Kenny wishes to be thin and he is pressed against a wall by a van. Episode 5: Beauty and the Geek - The alcoholic detective Ringwald comes to the college with his partner Detective Nelson to interview the Headmaster. Meanwhile, a nerd wishes to kiss the lesbian Molly and he is murdered by her lover Kirsty. Episode 6: Dribbling - One student wishes to have X-ray vision to see the girls naked but things do not work as he had planned. Episode 7: Brain Dead - Charlie Parker wants to cheat the exams and wishes to see into Ross's brain. Episode 8: Pretty Dead - Victoria is in the hospital and wishes to be beautiful again. Episode 9: Dangers of Dieting - The anorexic Hilary wishes to lose half-stone. Episode 10: What's Eating You - A girl sees Kirsty and Molly kissing each other and wishes to look good enough to eat; sooner Molly literally eats her. Episode 11: Drastic Surgery - Alice's boyfriend wishes he has bigger breasts and they blow-up. Episode 12: Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner: Samantha brings Daniel to be introduced to her parents and he wishes that his stepdad is not dead. When the bell rings, Samantha already knows who is coming to dinner. Episode 13: Smoking Kills - A girl wishes to be hot, and when her mate lights a cigarette, her wish is granted, Episode 14: Sight for Sore Eye - When Linda sees her beloved boyfriend Mark cheating her with Molly, she wishes to never see Mark again. Episode 15: Gutted - Detective Ringwald reads the book "The Modern Djinn" and tells his findings to Detective Nelson. Meanwhile, a student wishes that people could see her beautiful on the inside. Episode 16: Overage Sex: Carol (Tieva Lovell) tries to seduce her teacher Mike Dale that tells that she is too young for him. When she sees Mr. Dale with Miss Nibbs, she wishes to be old now. Episode 17: Good Night and Sweet Screams - Samantha has nightmares with the Clown. Episode 18: Deadly Embrace - Molly and Kirsty are having a shower together totally drunken with a bottle of booze. They stumble and the shattered bottle kills them. Episode 19: Eye Scream - Mark wishes that Linda could see again. Meanwhile, the Djinn captures Samantha. Episode 20: Homecoming Scream - Samantha wishes she had never met the Djinn and everything returns to the initial status quo, with Samantha unpopular. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Willburn Hall is your average six form college, with a complex hierarchy. Towards the bottom is Samantha (played by Jennifier Lim) one day when she is walking home after an average day, a door falls out of the sky. Then out of the door comes a Clown (played my Oscar Pearce). Samantha is then granted one wish via text message in return for passing the message on two people. The clown or evil genie goes on to cause havoc in the college with all the pupils owning mobile phones....Will the pupils of Willburn Hall be able get through it? Anonymous Plot not found

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Taylor, Alex (XI)


  1. Raggett, John


Grindstone Entertainment Group [us]


  1. Blacknell, Jo (runner)
  2. Brisenden, Mark (script supervisor)
  3. Classic, Eddie (caterer)
  4. Delahay, Richard (runner)
  5. Etridge, Charlotte (caterer)
  6. Evans, Mark (XXV) (runner)
  7. Griffiths, Huw (runner)
  8. Kenyon, Helen (runner)
  9. Mycroft, Adam (runner)
  10. Tilbury, Elizabeth (runner)

Other Titles

  1. "Johannes Roberts' When Evil Calls" (2006) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (complete title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK


- The world's first horror series for mobile phones extended with extra footage for DVD release.