When the Dust Settles (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Mushroom Cloud Productions [us]
i2i Productions [us]

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40 years of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan leaves a woman wondering how to help.


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This story tells of the real life struggle with radioactive fallout, the proliferation of the idea of pity and the long term consequences of "helping" that keep generations swirling in confusion. When the dust settles, we see the opportunity to go beyond that which holds us back, to expose who we are at the core and who we really want to become. When The Dust Settles looks through the eyes of Kimberley, an Australian in her 30's, who really wants to understand what this beleaguered Kazakh area needs and how she can truly be of assistance. Her encounters with four villagers paint the real picture of the Kazakh mentality and situation. Aware of her own health limitations, she wants to help but sees how helping, without understanding, can lead to more disaster. We are reminded of this theme throughout the film as we unravel the history of brutal nuclear tests and blind eyed oppression; all of these the results of new ways to "help" protect the Motherland and revolutionize communist life. The test sites themselves were once heralded as an economic savior, as they promised 10,000 jobs to the area. As one Kazakh relates, "I have had two happy days in my life: The day they opened the test site and the day they closed it, 40 years later." Adam Schomer Plot not found

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BT: USD 400,000 PD: September 2011 - December 2012


  1. Kam, Milton

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  1. Kazakhstan