When the World Was Flat (2013/I) Movie

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Full Cast

  1. Gensiorek, Cheryl as [Grace Weibe] <6>
  2. Klueckmann, Kristen as [Wendy] <7>
  3. Leslie, Suzanne (II) as [Sharron] <5>
  4. Liivamagi, Roxanne as [Jill] <10>
  5. Sy, Stephanie (II) as [Nurse] <11>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Travis, Elliott, Jake, Troy; friends since they were children, they coexist in a spectrum of idealism and realism, contrasting though complementing and sustaining one another also. With a mix of absent, and negligent parental figures, the boys are able to thrive in their own vitality, boldness, and loyalty. Realist Travis, and dreamer Elliott, become the focus for they exist, polarized by one another in an attempt to broaden their world from what is right in front of them. Their relationship is boundless, intimate; allowing sensitivity to fuel the fight for one another. An unexpected accident threatens that loyalty, leaving them submerged in a web of loss that extends beyond their own, and into the lives of those around them. The scope of loss leaves no one untouched, and everyone hurt. It is this pain, be it past or present, illuminated along the way that leaves the boys at the mercy of the loss in others. Sorrow and grief manifest in some of the darkest colors, though all human, but nevertheless, leave the boys struggling to keep from losing both themselves, and each other. Jonathan Lawrence Plot not found

Total Business

BT: CAD 3,000


  1. Popowich, Jordan

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  1. Popowich, Jordan