Whispers: An Elephant's Tale (2000) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
4.9/ 10 (167 Votes)

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Production Company
Walt Disney Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 10 March 2000
(USA) - 13 October 2000
(Germany) - 16 June 2002
(UK) - 3 May 2004
(Russia) - 2 October 2004

Running Time

The True-Life Adventure Of A Big Little Hero.

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Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Black, Jim (II) as [Poacher] <13>
  2. Carter, Sandor as [Poacher] <16>
  3. DiMaggio, John as (voice) [Tough-Tusk/Fulla Bull] <10>
  4. Loc, Tone as (voice) [Macho Bull] <11>
  5. Mabukane, David as [Poacher] <15>
  6. Molekoa, Joseph as [Poacher] <14>
  7. Richardson, Kevin Michael as (voice) [Adult Whispers] <5>
  8. Archer, Anne as (voice) [Gentle Heart] <3>
  9. Bassett, Angela as (voice) [Groove] <1>
  10. Cressida, Kathryn as (voice) (as Kat Cressida) [Princess] <8>
  11. Derryberry, Debi as (voice) [Whispers] <4>
  12. Elias, Jeannie as (voice) [Stranger/Herd Elephant] <12>
  13. Floden, Lea as [Various characters]
  14. Ghostley, Alice as (voice) [Tuskless] <6>
  15. Lumley, Joanna as (voice) [Half Tusk] <2>
  16. Rivers, Joan as (voice) [Spike] <9>
  17. White, Betty (I) as (voice) [Round] <7>


  1. Family

Full Plot

A nameless baby elephant-steer was just getting used to life in the herd, when poachers kill his mother, so he runs and gets lost. He's found by a grouchy female, Groove, the sister of an alpha-female, who walks off disgusted with life in her herd. Not exactly wholehearted, she still takes the orphan under her wing, 'till we find your herd', but fails to find his herd, or a new home with males -who find him disrespectful and mouthy- or her own herd, which nicknames the kid whispers since his trumpeting is so weak. meanwhile the fear for poachers and (that is, in the movie) lions drives them north over the great river, a long and dangerous journey... KGF Vissers Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 4,000,000 GR: USD 537,000 (USA) (2 February 2000) GR: USD 250,000 (USA) (2000)

Movie Certificate

G (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Rabin, Trevor


  1. Joubert, Dereck


Buena Vista Pictures [us] - (2000) (USA)

Film Editors

  1. Olwage, Nena


  1. Ballantine, Todd (production accountant)
  2. Bradley, Susan (I) (title designer)
  3. Dasher, Deborah (post-production accountant)
  4. Rimer, Kimberly (production coordinator)
  5. Sellers, Scott (I) (post-production accountant)

Other Titles

  1. Bisbiglio, elefantino coraggioso (2000) (ENG)

  2. Whispers: Ein Elefantenmärchen (2000) (ENG)
    (Germany) (TV title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Botswana