White Fury (1990) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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5.2/ 10 (20 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 11 December 1990

Running Time

Two sadistic killers... one chance for survival.

bank, colorado, competition, hostage, independent-film, robbery, shootout, snow, snowboarding,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Alder, Dan M. as [Bank Customer] <24>
  2. Anderson, Deke as [Tyler] <1>
  3. Baker, Sand as [Bank Customer] <23>
  4. Bennett, Chris (I) as [Bank Personel] <20>
  5. Berg, William as (as Bill Berg) [Greg] <5>
  6. Carbone, Jacqueline as [Bank Customer] <21>
  7. Churchill, David A. as [Bank Customer] <22>
  8. Cimbura, James M. as [Shop Owner] <10>
  9. Clauson, John as [Marvin] <8>
  10. Fitzpatrick, Daniel (I) as [Race Crowd Extra] <35>
  11. Harter, Douglas as (as Douglas L. Harter) [Martin Towers] <3>
  12. Hartleb, Tom as [Bank Customer] <26>
  13. Holton, Sean (I) as [Danny] <2>
  14. Kaskel, Michael as [Marcus] <7>
  15. Kutchinsky, A.B. as [Race Crowd Extra] <34>
  16. Kyuik, Robb as [Race Crowd Extra] <31>
  17. Lockwood, Kipp as [Officer] <11>
  18. Mancini, Frank as [Ranger #2] <13>
  19. McGinnis, Norm as [Race Crowd Extra] <32>
  20. Milholland, James as [Detective] <9>
  21. Price, Douglas G. (I) as [Bank Customer] <29>
  22. Roberts, Brian (I) as [Bank Customer] <28>
  23. Rools, Charles as [Race Crowd Extra] <37>
  24. Sager, Theodore P. as [Race Crowd Extra] <33>
  25. Sandberg, Rusty as (as Rusty 'RC' Sandberg) [Bank Customer] <25>
  26. Stadler, John as [Ranger #1] <12>
  27. von Neumann, John (II) as [Bank Manager] <15>
  28. Westover, Ken as [Ranger #3] <14>
  29. Bosley, Francie as [Race Crowd Extra] <38>
  30. Burch, Shana as [Race Crowd Extra] <40>
  31. Chavan, Jolene as [Bank Teller] <16>
  32. Crohan, Peggy as [Bank Teller] <18>
  33. Diaz, Suzanne as (as Sue Diaz) [Race Crowd Extra] <42>
  34. Graham, Kit as [Race Crowd Extra] <36>
  35. Hammons, Chasity as [Lesley] <6>
  36. Perkins, Jennifer (V) as [Bank Customer] <30>
  37. Sanderberg, Sandie as [Bank Personel] <19>
  38. Sclar, Deborah as [Bank Customer] <27>
  39. Scully, Gwendolyn as [Race Crowd Extra] <39>
  40. Shinn, Christine (I) as [Christine] <4>
  41. Skalla, Jodie as [Race Crowd Extra] <41>
  42. Webb, Jill (II) as [Bank Teller] <17>
  43. Winslow, Ann as [Race Crowd Extra] <43>


  1. Action
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Danny is a professional snowboarder who decides to take a little R&R before his next snowboarding competition with his girlfriend Christine, and friends Greg and Lesley to a remote cabin in the snow-covered mountains north of Boulder, Colorado. But their idle weekend is interrupted when two sadistic and murderous bank robbers, Tyler and Marcus, stumble into their cabin and hold the four couple hostage while they wait out a blizzard that hits. In the meantime, a bounty hunter named Martin Towers, relentlessly tracks down the ruthless robbers to find and either capture or kill them to claim the huge bounty on their heads. Anonymous Plot not found

Movie Certificate



  1. Veatch, Brian D. (as Brian Veatch)


Action International Pictures Home Video (AIP) [us]

Film Editors

  1. Simeone, Lawrence L. (as Larry Simeone)


  1. Birdsal, Doug (production assistant)
  2. Davis, Jason (XV) (production assistant)
  3. Harter, Douglas (craft service)
  4. Hess, Jim (II) (production assistant)
  5. Norton, John (VII) (production assistant)
  6. Oh, Nina (III) (production assistant)
  7. Perkins, Jennifer (V) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Boulder, Colorado, USA