White House Down (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Centropolis Entertainment [us]
Iron Horse Entertainment (II) [us]
Mythology Entertainment (II) [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Australia) - 27 June 2013
(New Zealand) - 27 June 2013
(France) - 28 June 2013
(Sweden) - 28 June 2013
(USA) - 28 June 2013

Running Time


secret-service, u.s.-president,

Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa Plus
PCS:ArriRaw - (2.8K) (source format)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (4K) (master format)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bingham, Dan as [Nuclear Scientist]
  2. Bradshaw, Richard (I) as [Naval Commander]
  3. Chartrand, Colby as [DC Sonic #1]
  4. Clarke, Jason (I) as [Stenz]
  5. Craven, Matt (I) as [Secret Service Agent Kellerman]
  6. Dargis, Stéphane as [Park Police]
  7. Dewar, Faber as [Colonel Cameron]
  8. Foxx, Jamie as [President James Sawyer]
  9. Geoffrey, Mario as [Midwestern Father]
  10. Hentschel, Falk as [Motts]
  11. Jacobson, Peter (I) as [Lawless]
  12. Jarman, Charles as [Radar Tech #1]
  13. Jenkins, Richard (I) as [Speaker of the House]
  14. Kerton, Patrick as [Mercenary #2]
  15. Klein, Joey as [TV Producer]
  16. Krupa, Mark Antony as [Naval Aide]
  17. Laferriere, Maxime as [Police Driver]
  18. Lalla, Tristan D. as [Pentagon Computer Voice/Captain Voice]
  19. Leclerc, Vincent as [Secret Service Agent Ryan Todd]
  20. Lemke, Anthony as [Captain Hutton]
  21. MacDonald, John (I) as [Security Guard #2]
  22. Moussi, Alain as [Agent Reid's partner]
  23. Murphy, Michael (I) as [Vice-President Alvin Hammond]
  24. Mwinga, Mizinga as [Black hawk pilot #2]
  25. Napier, Neil as [Task Force Commander]
  26. Northwood, Simon as [DC Sonic #3]
  27. Orzari, Romano as [Mulcahy]
  28. Paquette, Louis as [DC Sonic #2]
  29. Pierre, Lindsay Owen as [F-22 Pilot]
  30. Priest, Benoit as [Bad Ass Crowd]
  31. Primeau, Marc as [Brave Tourist]
  32. Rankin, Kevin (I) as [Killick]
  33. Reddick, Lance as [Colonel Janowitz]
  34. Sabongui, Patrick as [Bobby]
  35. Scheelar, Darryl as [DC Sonic #5]
  36. Shaver, Andrew as [Secret Service Agent Young]
  37. Simms, Andrew as [Roger Skinner]
  38. Songui, Kwasi as [North Gate Guard]
  39. Tatum, Channing as [John Cale]
  40. Terrazzano, Maurizio as [Blackhawk Pilot #3]
  41. Thibaudeau, Martin as [Air Force Colonel]
  42. Villeneuve, Lee as [Chen]
  43. Wasniewski, Gary as [Secret Service Agent Wilson]
  44. Weber, Jake as [Secret Service Agent Hope]
  45. Williams, Rhys (II) as [Lead Sniper]
  46. Wong, Holden as [Cantonese Reporter]
  47. Woods, James (I) as [Secret Service Agent Walker]
  48. Wright, Nicolas (I) as [Donnie Donaldson]
  49. Beauvais, Garcelle as [The First Lady]
  50. Geary, Jackie (I) as [Jenna]
  51. Gyllenhaal, Maggie as [Secret Service Agent]
  52. Kavanagh, Yardly as [Margaret Schaeffer]
  53. King, Joey as [Emily Cale]
  54. Lefevre, Rachelle as [Melanie]
  55. Lemieux, Catherine as
  56. Safari, Shiva as [Persian News Reporter]
  57. Simard, Mélodie as [Schoolgirl]


  1. Action
  2. Drama

Total Business

SD: 8 August 2012 -


  1. Foerster, Anna

Dress Designers

  1. Christl, Lisy


Columbia Pictures [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [fr] - (2013) (France) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Wolfe, Adam (I)


  1. Bachand, Michel (key craft service: second unit Montreal)
  2. Bailly, Marie-Elaine (production coordinator)
  3. Bredbenner, Sean (set production assistant: Washington DC)
  4. Bujold, Kevin (production assistant)
  5. Chow, Nickey (second assistant accountant)
  6. Claymore, Christie (stand-in)
  7. Courchesne, Louis (stand-in)
  8. Crosby, Kyle David (production coordinator: DC second unit)
  9. Crosby, Kyle David (production coordinator: second unit, DC)
  10. Daireaux, Patrick (production assistant: second unit Montreal)
  11. Daireaux, Patrick (unit truck production assistant: second unit, Montreal)
  12. Desaulniers, Marc (production assistant)
  13. Ensign, Brooke (unit publicist)
  14. Faucher, Andrée-Anne (back up set production assistant)
  15. Francis, Josée (assistant location manager)
  16. Fuentes, Vladimir (assistant accountant: accounts payable)
  17. Fuentes, Vladimir (second assistant accountant)
  18. Gauthier, Alain Goog (stand in/photo double)
  19. Godbout, Andrée Anne (on set location manager assistant: second unit, Montreal)
  20. Hall, Jean-Francois (production assistant)
  21. Jensen, Eva (II) (studio teacher)
  22. Johnson, Tish (production accountant)
  23. Joseph, Jean-Patrick (special equipment supplier)
  24. Klein, Richard (VII) (political advisor)
  25. Lagacé, Nathalie (first assistant accountant)
  26. Lalla, Tristan D. (reader)
  27. Morin, Nicolas (set medic)
  28. North, Frédéric (aerial coordinator/pilot)
  29. Provost, Emmanuelle (production assistant)
  30. Quintans, Paulo (key set production assistant: second unit Montreal) (as Paulo Quintas)
  31. Quintans, Paulo (key set production assistant: second unit, Montreal) (as Paulo Quintas)
  32. Quintero, Eva (production secretary)
  33. Rioux, Jean-François (production assistant: second unit, Montreal)
  34. Sanchez, Esteban (I) (assistant production coordinator)
  35. Sanzari, Patrizio (stand-in)
  36. Schwartz, Samantha (II) (second assistant: Roland Emmerich)
  37. Scott, Ozzie (assistant: producer)
  38. Shaw, Bridget (II) (production assistant: washington dc)
  39. Shepherd, Marco (I) (assistant: Roland Emmerich)
  40. St-Arnaud, Michèle (location manager)
  41. Tasker, Julia (script supervisor: DC unit)
  42. Vogel, David (I) (set production assistant: Washington DC)
  43. Webber, Kimi (script supervisor)
  44. White, Martine (I) (key assistant location manager)
  45. Young, Josh (XXII) (production consultant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  2. Washington, District of Columbia, USA