White Men Can Jump (2013) Movie

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New Forest Pictures

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icon, motorcycle-daredevil, record-holder, stuntman, stunts,

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  1. Kidd, Eddie as (rumored) [Himself]


  1. Documentary

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World Record Holder and Daredevil Stuntman, Eddie Kidd, was a legend to many, a sex symbol to thousands of women, an inspiration to millions of fans, a loving father with a heart of gold and double to Hollywood stars including Pierce Brosnan, Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford to name but a few. He was on top of his game and on top of the world. Tragically, on August 11th 1996, at the Hells Angel's Bulldog Bash, Eddie had a horrific crash leaving him unconscious and close to the brink of death. Doctors battled to save him after he flat-lined twice but then he slipped into a deep coma. In truth the Doctors didn't know when or whether he would ever come around. The documentary is an awe Inspiring insight into the man that became a legend and his struggles to overcome his horrendous brain injuries to hopefully and eventually one day, walk again. Nick Kennedy Plot not found

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BT: GBP 300,000

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  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates