White T (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Eleventh Entertainment [us]
Prefect Films [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Big Dreams...Big Seams. Comedy of Epic Proportions!!

adventurer, african-american, black-american, california, comedy-duo, compton, edge, excitability, fat, hood, hysterics, independent-film, los-angeles-california, performance, rap, southern-california, stoner, urban-setting, west-coast,

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Full Cast

  1. Amstler, Robert as [Bouncer #2]
  2. Bachar, Dian (I) as [Andy] <17>
  3. Bednob, Gerry as [Habu] <10>
  4. Belser, Jadarrel as [Door Man #2]
  5. Cameron, Kevin J. as [Cop]
  6. Chen, Alexandre as [Factory Assistant]
  7. Cox, Tony (I) as [Head Bouncer] <6>
  8. Cruzado Burge, Jesse as [Mailman]
  9. Donohoe, William as [Rapper Dono-Fro]
  10. Glass, Greg L. as [Mall Guy/Real Deal Fan]
  11. Goat, George as [Jerry the goat]
  12. Huber, Max as [Mr. Bosworth]
  13. Hughes, Jason R. as [Eddie Rodomski]
  14. Jenkins, Terrence as [Raekwon] <12>
  15. Kaller, Robbie as [Kevin] <14>
  16. Keith, Quron as [Rapper]
  17. Kett, Rez as (as Rez Ketabchi) [CSI]
  18. Lasher, Charles as [Club Patron]
  19. Lee, Dario A. as [Club Patron]
  20. Lister, Tommy Tiny as [Mad Rapper] <7>
  21. Livingood, Marc as [Mel] <20>
  22. Loc, Tone as (voice) [Jerry] <9>
  23. Love, Faizon as [Anthony] <5>
  24. Madison, David (V) as [Bouncer 1]
  25. McCracken, Sean (I) as [Hot Guy at bar]
  26. Mixon, Jamal as [Henry Weatherspoon] <1>
  27. Mixon, Jerod as [Herbert Weatherspoon] <2>
  28. Morris, Lamorne as [Woody] <19>
  29. Muscle, Kali as [Bouncer]
  30. Pabon, Felix (I) as [Parking Attendant]
  31. Parrish, Larry Wang as [Present Day Owner]
  32. Paz, Jose as [Man at club]
  33. Rahnavardi, Amir as [Door Man]
  34. Ratliff, Speed as [Speedy-B]
  35. Rector, Jeff (I) as [Officer Myers]
  36. Reyes, Cisco as (uncredited)
  37. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Ricardo] <3>
  38. Rodriguez, Ricky (II) as [Gene]
  39. Sanders, Deion as [Prime Time] <4>
  40. Snyder, Steven D. as [Doorman]
  41. Stellate, Nick as [Stage Director]
  42. Terry, Hunter as [Kid]
  43. Thorne, Rick as [Redneck Rick]
  44. Torti, Robert as [Damien] <15>
  45. Travis, Greg (I) as [Stage Manager] <16>
  46. Tsuyumine, Craig as [Owner]
  47. Vigil, Chad as [Skater Kid]
  48. Vigil, Mathew as [Skater Kid]
  49. Vigil, Ryan as [Skater Kid]
  50. Vigil, Travis as [Skater Kid]
  51. Branen, Dana as [Bubbles]
  52. Cantrell, Gina as [Veronica]
  53. Chyna (III) as [Psychic] <11>
  54. De Athey, Carolina as [Pretty Girl]
  55. Dee, Lyla as [Asian Waitress]
  56. DeGrazia, Angie as [Stacy]
  57. Delaney, Carla as [Kandelier Spectrum]
  58. Deliz, Yasmin as [Megan] <13>
  59. Eichar, Hiyasmin as [Dancer] <100>
  60. Farrell, Joan as [Naya-Isha 'The Beat']
  61. Han, Helen (III) as [Clothing Shop Worker]
  62. Jones, Dot as [Thelma] <8>
  63. Jordan, Raquel as [Tonesha] <18>
  64. Kylian, Rachel as [Bartender]
  65. Lee, Danielle Marshay as (uncredited)
  66. Mahalah, Tiana as [Painted Face Rapper]
  67. Morris, Deanna Marie as [Felicia]
  68. Nimi (I) as (uncredited)
  69. Ostler, Savannah as [Hot Girl at Bar]
  70. Rhee, Alexis as [Mei Ling]
  71. Robinson, Jenny (IV) as [Alicia]
  72. Rosenberg, Lindsay as (uncredited) [Dancer]
  73. Silva, Darcey as [Chanel]
  74. Silva, Stacey as [Coco]
  75. Taylor, Fay-Risha as [Sheheda]
  76. Zamora, Andrea as [Sheena 'Chopped Salad' Robertson]
  77. Zion, Lisa as [Lupita]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Herbert & Henry (Jerod and Jamal Mixon) are twin brothers with dreams to become the biggest rap stars in the game. Their chance at super-stardom comes after they buy a T-shirt with a winning golden tag allowing them to perform with Real Deal, the most legendary rapper in the World. The only problem is, Kevin, an equally sized Jewish kid with dreams of singing and blinging, manages to steal the prized White T and has his own plans to perform at the concert. With the help of a gypsy, a goat, and cast of characters as big as Herbert and Henry's appetites, White T is a feel good urban adventure reminiscent of Dude Where's My Car, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Prefect Films Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 2,500,000

Movie Certificate



  1. Smith, Keith L.


Mance Media [us] - (2013) (Non-USA) (all media)
Project 8 Films [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Gharaee, Cameron (co-editor)
  2. Hiett, Keenan (co-editor)
  3. Rice, Dana (II) (lead editor)
  4. Scovil, Mark


  1. Aguja, Mario (script supervisor)
  2. Cantrell, Gina (choreographer)
  3. Chambers, Shakir (production coordinator)
  4. Cordova, Alicia (assistant to producer)
  5. Guillot, Susan (animal trainer)
  6. Heerman, Alex (production assistant)
  7. Keene, Sarah (production assistant)
  8. Monier, Damien (researcher)
  9. Robinson, Jenny (IV) (choreographer)
  10. Sayegh, Louie (production supervisor)
  11. Simpson, Jennifer (V) (press publicist)
  12. Vance, Cece (I) (press publicist)


[from trailer] Damien: As long as you don't die from diabetes between now and then, yes, you made it. [from trailer] Kevin: Who bought them? Andy: Two black guys. Kevin: What'd they look like? Andy: Two... black guys! [from trailer] Henry Weatherspoon: I just want to put my belly on yo back!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Santa Clarita, California, USA
  2. Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, USA


- Blake Phillips & Lance Frank are colleague's with musical band "1500 or Nothin".

- Lance Frank is a native from East Liverpool, Ohio.

- The concept of White T. was initially thought up by Brother's Jerod & Jamal Mixon. The writing of the script later came by Blake Phillips & Lance Frank.

- Lance Frank was the first and only candidate considered for the director of the film White T.

- Lance Frank & Blake Phillips are both personal friends with Jerod Mixon & Jamal Mixon.

- The role of Habu was originally written for actor: Gerry Bednob

- Jason Hughes worked on a television pilot with Blake Phillips, prior to landing the supporting role of Eddie Rodomski.