Wide Awake (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Do-Over Productions [us]

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armageddon, based-on-comic, based-on-graphic-novel, dream, dreamscape, drugs, end-of-the-world, h.p.-lovecraft, messenger, monster, nightmare, nightmare-becomes-reality, numerology, sleep,

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As far back as she can remember Amanda's dreams have had a life of their own. When she sleeps she finds herself in a place she calls the Dreamlands. A place filled with horrible things that want desperately to get out. It's up to her to keep that from happening and she does that the only way she knows how - by fighting tooth and nail, blood and bone. Over time she's learned it's easier to just not sleep. So she lives a wired existence of coffee and alarm clocks, doing everything she can to stay awake. Until one day, the inevitable happens and one of her nightmares gets loose in New York. Suddenly her secret is out and she's on the run, pursued by unlikely friends and certain foes. With nowhere to hide, Amanda has no choice but to head home - back to the place where her nightmares first began - to face the truth about who she really is. Do-Over Productions Plot not found


  1. Bezdek-Goodloe, Bianca (production legal)