Wild Cactus (1993) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
4.8/ 10 (197 Votes)

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Production Company
Imperial Entertainment
Lincolnwood Motion Pictures
Metropolis Motion Pictures

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 24 March 1993
(South Korea) - 30 October 1993

Running Time
USA:95 (unrated version)

In the desert, no one can escape the heat.

b-movie, bare-chested-male, bare-chested-male-bondage, bisexual, desert, erotica, female-nudity, hairy-chest, independent-film, legs, lesbian, lesbianism, murder, nudity, rattlesnake, sex, tied-to-a-bed,

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Full Cast

  1. Baker, Bubba as [Drunk] <11>
  2. Gleason, Paul (I) as [Sheriff Brenner] <13>
  3. Hudson, Gary (I) as [Randall Murphy] <3>
  4. Konigsberg, Ric as [Sketch Artist] <17>
  5. Naughton, David as [Philip Marcus] <1>
  6. Polan, Jay as [Dean] <15>
  7. Stoneback, Ric as [Bartender] <10>
  8. Sweeney, Warren as [Gas Mart Clerk] <8>
  9. Wells, David (I) as [Salesman] <9>
  10. Z Dar, Robert as [Officer Grady] <12>
  11. Allen, India as [Alexandria 'Alex' Marcus] <2>
  12. Chambers, Carrie as [Waitress] <16>
  13. Jones, Faith (I) as [Prison Clerk] <14>
  14. Karin, Anna as [Inga] <6>
  15. MacDonald, Wendy (I) as [Abby] <7>
  16. Moffett, Michelle as [Maggie] <4>
  17. Shower, Kathy as [Celeste] <5>


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

Philip and Alexandria Marcus are a young couple who decide to take a vacation to a friend's house in the Arizona desert to rekindle their passion, only to have their vacation turn into a nightmare when they cross paths with a homicidal ex-con named Randall and his seductive hitchhiking partner/lover Maggie whom they hold Philip and Alex hostage in their house which begins a web of mind games, deceit and lust among all four involved. Matthew Patay Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Iceland)
18 (South Korea)
18 (Germany)(video premiere)
Unrated (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Wolff, Larry


  1. Mathers, James (II)

Film Editors

  1. Resnick, Ron


  1. Buckingham, Madeleine (production assistant)
  2. Chapman, Chandrika (production assistant)
  3. Fielding, Halima (script supervisor)
  4. Hoffman, Michelle (I) (assistant: Mr. Bursteen)
  5. Rayney, Patrick (location manager)
  6. Selevan, Ilene (production coordinator)
  7. Winter, Charlene (I) (craft service)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Arizona, USA