"Will & Grace" (1998) {Between a Rock and Harlin's Place (#1.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Will & Grace" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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7.2/ 10 (69 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 12 October 1998

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Full Cast

  1. Grubbs, Gary as [Harlin Polk] <5>
  2. Hayes, Sean (I) as [Jack McFarland] <4>
  3. Herzog, Tim (I) as [Bartender] <7>
  4. McCormack, Eric as [Will Truman] <1>
  5. Lapides, Beth as [Ione] <6>
  6. Messing, Debra as [Grace Adler] <2>
  7. Mullally, Megan as [Karen Walker] <3>

Full Plot

When Grace decorates Harlin's apartment, she gets carried away with a cowboy theme. Will is both shocked and embarrassed by the cowboy chic and makes an even greater mess of the situation. Meanwhile, Jack decides to embark on a singing career - with a little help from Karen. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Wolff, Jonathan (I) (music by)


  1. Askins, Tony (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Eskowitz-Carter, Lori (as Lori Eskowitz)


NHK Sôgô [jp] - (2002) (Japan) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Chakos, Peter


  1. Abram, Kim (production assistant)
  2. Bochner, Michelle (assistant to writer) (as Michelle Bochner Spitz)
  3. Bradford, Sally (production assistant)
  4. Clark, Steve (XVIII) (production assistant)
  5. Freeman, Jill (I) (assistant to executive producer)
  6. Gaydos, Tracy (production secretary)
  7. Goldsmith, Jennifer (assistant accountant)
  8. Hurd, Eric L. (production assistant) (as Eric Hurd)
  9. Kagan, Janet (script supervisor)
  10. Lew, Eugene (production accountant)
  11. Peters, Michael S. (assistant to writer)
  12. Petersen, Donald (I) (production assistant)
  13. Sandoval, Steve (production coordinator)
  14. Sherman, Russ (technical coordinator)


Harlin Polk: I'm Harlin Polk. I'm supposed to meet Grace. Karen Walker: I'm Karen Walker. I'm supposed to be Grace's assistant. Harlin Polk: Well, you don't strike me as the assistant type. Karen Walker: Well, honey, behave yourself, and I won't have to strike you at all. Go on, honey, sit down. Grace'll be here in a minute. Jack McFarland: Hey hey! It's not the Will & Grace show! It's called Just Jack! Jack McFarland: [Karen is at her desk filing her nails as Jack enters] Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Just Jack! [singing] Touch me in the mornin' ... Karen Walker: Honey, I'm busy. Touch yourself. Jack McFarland: Karen, you can't just devastate me and kick me out. You're not my lover. Jack McFarland: This guy, lemme tell ya... Thursday night, downtown at the duplex. Be there, be blown away. Will Truman: What are you talking about? You're not a performer. Jack McFarland: I am now. Me, a piano, and a spotlight. I'm calling it "Just Jack." Here's my flyer. "Just Jack." One night only. "Just Jack." Will Truman: Why one night-- oh. It's open mike night. [about Grace's designing of Harlin's apartment] Will: Grace, that was completely offensive. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was offended. Grace: You know, the only expression that Harlin's face was saying was "Hey, I'm Harlin's face." Jack: Oh Karen, you just can't devastate me and kick me out. You're not my lover.


- When Will and Harlin are talking at the bar there is a poster behind Will. It has a picture of Debra and Eric standing next to each other.