"Will & Grace" (1998) {Saving Grace, Again: Part 2 (#7.9)} TV Season

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Overview "Will & Grace" Season 07 Episode 09 (S07E09)



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7.3/ 10 (40 Votes)

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Production Company
KoMut Entertainment [us]
NBC Universal Television [us] - (as NBC Universal Television Studio)
Three Sisters Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 18 November 2004
(Hungary) - 7 July 2007

Running Time


feeling-demeaned, gay-character,

Technical Support

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Full Cast

  1. Ducey, John as [Jamie] <6>
  2. Ferro, Rick as (uncredited) [Waiter]
  3. Garber, Victor as [Peter Bovington] <5>
  4. Hayes, Sean (I) as [Jack McFarland] <4>
  5. McCormack, Eric as [Will Truman] <1>
  6. Pancake, Sam as [Jimmy] <7>
  7. Taylor, Rip as [Himself] <8>
  8. Carson, Deborah as [Margaret] <9>
  9. Messing, Debra as [Grace Adler] <2>
  10. Mullally, Megan as [Karen Walker] <3>

Full Plot

After taking Grace out of town to forget about Leo and their anniversary, Will and Grace stay at a hotel and Will hopes that Grace will finally find some peace. But, Will finds out that Grace has brought the answering machine with Leo's message on it with her and forces her to get rid of it so she stops thinking about going to the roof of Peninsula Hotel to meet Leo or not. Jack has to make up an idea for a promo for Out TV and meets the perfect actor for it in a hotel where he is working as a Bell Boy. Also, other people at the network think the actor is perfect, but when it comes to shooting the actor feels demeaned by the words he is supposed to say. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Wolff, Jonathan (I)


  1. Askins, Tony (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Eskowitz-Carter, Lori


Fox [jp] - (2007) (Japan) (TV)
Viasat3 [hu] - (2007) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Chakos, Peter


  1. Abram, Kim (production assistant)
  2. Cogan, Larry (production accountant)
  3. Conner, Chris (VI) (assistant to executive producers)
  4. Ervin, Jason (production assistant)
  5. Fleischer, Julie (script supervisor)
  6. Flowers, Sandy (craft service)
  7. Foulke, Michael (production assistant)
  8. Gabriel, Steve (script coordinator)
  9. Gordon, Jessica (III) (production assistant)
  10. Greenstein, Jeff (executive consultant)
  11. Hicks, Heather (I) (assistant to executive producers: )
  12. Kowalsky, Amanda (assistant to co-executive producers)
  13. La Fleur, Julienne (assistant accountant) (as Julienne LaFleur)
  14. Lacey, Michael (II) (production secretary)
  15. Langer, Barry (assistant to writers)
  16. Marsh, Corey L. (production assistant) (as Corey Marsh)
  17. Opp, Becky (assistant production coordinator)
  18. Robinson, Marsy (assistant to executive producers: )
  19. Schrader, Danny (production assistant)
  20. Sherman, Russ (technical coordinator)
  21. Silberman, Josh (II) (assistant to co-executive producers)
  22. Strauss, Melissa (assistant to executive producers: )
  23. Walker, Kathryn (III) (assistant to executive producers: )
  24. Warfield, Sonja (story editor)
  25. Wheelan, Jim (I) (craft service assistant) (uncredited)