"Will & Grace" (1998) {Speechless (#6.22)} TV Season

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Overview "Will & Grace" Season 06 Episode 22 (S06E22)



Ratings / Votes
7.4/ 10 (39 Votes)

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Production Company
KoMut Entertainment [us]
NBC Studios [us]
Three Sisters Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 22 April 2004

Running Time



Technical Support

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Full Cast

  1. Hayes, Sean (I) as [Jack McFarland] <4>
  2. McCormack, Eric as [Will Truman] <1>
  3. Saverino, Frank as (uncredited) [Disc Jockey]
  4. Crofoot, Amy as [Female Student] <7>
  5. Kightlinger, Laura as [Nurse Sheila] <6>
  6. Messing, Debra as (credit only) [Grace Adler] <2>
  7. Morrison, Shelley (I) as [Rosario Salazar] <5>
  8. Mullally, Megan as [Karen Walker] <3>

Full Plot

Jack is graduating from nursing school and because he was voted The Most Popular, he gets to make a speech - but then he realizes the graduation day is sooner than he thought and he needs to write his speech very very quickly. Enter Will to do it for him - a potential disaster. Toni Tapola, Finland Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Wolff, Jonathan (I) (music by)


  1. Askins, Tony (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Eskowitz-Carter, Lori

Film Editors

  1. Chakos, Peter


  1. Abram, Kim (production assistant)
  2. Barnett, Ashley (II) (production assistant)
  3. Barnow, Kate (assistant to executive producers: )
  4. Bradford, Sally (executive story editor)
  5. Cogan, Larry (production accountant)
  6. Dixon, Shannon (assistant production coordinator)
  7. Ervin, Jason (production assistant)
  8. Evenson, Danielle (assistant to co-executive producers)
  9. Fleischer, Julie (script supervisor)
  10. Flowers, Sandy (craft service)
  11. Gabriel, Steve (script coordinator)
  12. Hicks, Heather (I) (executive assistant: Kohan & Mutchnick)
  13. Kowalsky, Amanda (assistant to co-executive producers)
  14. La Fleur, Julienne (assistant accountant) (as Julienne LaFleur)
  15. Langer, Barry (assistant to writers)
  16. Malkoff, David (production assistant)
  17. Opp, Becky (production secretary)
  18. Sandoval, Steve (production coordinator)
  19. Schrader, Danny (production assistant)
  20. Sherman, Russ (technical coordinator)
  21. Slovinsky, Zack (assistant to executive producers: )
  22. Steimel, Chris (production assistant)
  23. Strauss, Melissa (executive assistant: Kohan & Mutchnick)
  24. Sultan, Jessica (assistant to executive producers: )
  25. Wheelan, Jim (I) (craft service assistant) (uncredited)