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Overview "Will & Grace" Season 08 Episode 23 (S08E23)


(Hollywood) USA

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8.1/ 10 (253 Votes)

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Production Company
KoMut Entertainment [us]
NBC Universal Television [us] - (as NBC Universal Television Studio)
Three Sisters Entertainment [us]

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All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 18 May 2006
(UK) - 8 September 2006
(Australia) - 1 February 2007
(Hungary) - 9 January 2008
(Germany) - 3 January 2009

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Full Cast

  1. Allis, Jesse Fremont as [Warren] <12>
  2. Bacon, Kevin (I) as (uncredited) [Himself]
  3. Burns, Jere as [Man in Cast] <9>
  4. Cannavale, Bobby as [Vince D'Angelo] <6>
  5. Connick Jr., Harry as [Leo Markus] <7>
  6. Hayes, Sean (I) as [Jack McFarland] <4>
  7. Jordan, Leslie as [Beverley Leslie] <8>
  8. Kohan, Jono as [Maitre D'] <13>
  9. McCormack, Eric as [Will Truman] <1>
  10. Molinares, Abe as (uncredited) [Student]
  11. Newmark, Ben as [Ben] <11>
  12. Messing, Debra as [Grace Adler] <2>
  13. Morrison, Shelley (I) as [Rosario Salazar] <5>
  14. Mullally, Megan as [Karen Walker] <3>
  15. Prives, Liz as (uncredited) [College Freshman]
  16. Thayer, Maria as [Lila] <10>

Full Plot

The culmination of eight seasons ends tonight with a one-hour series finale. Will Will and Grace raise a child together and find ultimate happiness? Will Jack find anyone that loves him as much as he loves himself? Will Karen find true happiness with the absence of Stan? All these questions and more will be answered as this groundbreaking series concludes eight amazing seasons. Alex Plot not found

Total Business

CP: 2006 NBC Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. SD: 10 April 2006 - 13 April 2006

Music Composers

  1. Buckley, Paul (I) (music by)


  1. Baum, Gary (director of photography) (as Gary H. Baum)

Dress Designers

  1. Eskowitz-Carter, Lori


Fox [jp] - (2007) (Japan) (TV)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2006) (USA) (TV)
Sat.1 [de] - (2009) (Germany) (TV)
Viasat3 [hu] - (2008) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Chakos, Peter


  1. Abram, Kim (production assistant)
  2. Cogan, Larry (production accountant)
  3. Conner, Chris (VI) (assistant to executive producers: ) (as Chris Connor)
  4. Cramer, Leah (production assistant)
  5. Fleischer, Julie (script supervisor)
  6. Flowers, Sandy (craft service) (as Sandy Flowers-Santos)
  7. Goldstein, Ryan (II) (production assistant)
  8. Gordon, Jessica (III) (assistant to executive producers: )
  9. Hayward, Tim (I) (assistant to executive producers: )
  10. Hicks, Heather (I) (assistant to executive producers: )
  11. Hubbs, Amy (script coordinator)
  12. Jacyszyn, Mark (production supervisor: SPMUFX) (uncredited)
  13. La Fleur, Julienne (assistant accountant) (as Julienne LaFleur)
  14. Lacey, Michael (II) (assistant production coordinator)
  15. Lane, Peggy (stand-in) (uncredited)
  16. Opp, Becky (production coordinator)
  17. Prives, Liz (production secretary)
  18. Schifini, Steve (production assistant)
  19. Schrader, Danny (production assistant)
  20. Sherman, Russ (technical coordinator)
  21. Silberman, Josh (II) (assistant to executive producers: )
  22. Slovinsky, Zack (assistant to executive producers: )
  23. Strauss, Melissa (assistant to executive producers: )
  24. Weston, Eve (assistant to writers)
  25. Wheelan, Jim (I) (craft service assistant) (uncredited)


Karen Walker: Y'know, sometimes it seems like our sole purpose in life is just to serve Will and Grace. Jack McFarland: Right. It's like all people see when they look at us are the supporting players on the Will & Grace show. Karen: Jack you will do this like any other respectable woman, lay on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags! Karen: So that miniature pony offered you all his money just to take a few rides on him and you said no? Jack: But I don't like him. Karen: Since when is that a problem? Jack: Well played. [pause] I can't do it. Karen: Oh you'll do it. You'll do it the same way any self-respecting woman does. Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags. Grace: Jews and chicken; it's real and it's deep. Jack McFarland: [Celebrating with, Karen, getting Grace & Will back together] Hey, let's get a dessert! Nothing too filling. Something small and fruity with lady fingers. [Beverley Leslie walks in] Jack McFarland: [Karen has left Jack and Beverly Leslie alone] Nice seeing you again. I'm sure you have places to go... a magic ring to protect... [Will is shaking Grace to wake her from her dream of the future] Will Truman: Sweetie, wake up. You were dreaming. You kept mumlbing "bacon" and "fat ass". It's scary to make that connection, huh? Will Truman: [to Jack] You and Beverley Leslie. I actually think you found someone you're too butch for. Jack McFarland: [to Will] That's funny. Do I hear screaming? Oh, no, that's just the buttons on your shirt.


- Upon its original airing, the season finale was preceded by a one hour retrospective, entitled "Say Goodnight Gracie". Included in it were interviews with the cast, creators, and several famous guest stars, along with bloopers, the making of an episode, and clips of memorable scenes.

- Grace's dream sequence of the future was reported in some places as the actual future plot of the episode. Digital Spy had spoilers referring to the finale showing us Will & Grace 20 years in the future raising a homophobic son together.

- On its original airing, this episode was watched by 18.4 million viewers.

- Warren says "I'm going over to Sandoval's." Steve Sandoval is a producer for the show

- Hospital page: "Dr. Kohan... extension 456... Dr. Kohan extension 456." David Kohan is one of the show's creators.