Wingman Inc. (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Darkan Entertainment [us]
Vincenzo Productions [us]

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"True Love Is Hard To Buy."

dog, love, pet-dog,

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Full Cast

  1. Allende Jr., Johnse as (rumored) [Guy #5]
  2. Aronovitch, Rich as [Darin]
  3. Breslin, Kelli as [Veronica]
  4. Brief, Kevin as [Curtis]
  5. Cavanaugh, Patrick (I) as [Hubert]
  6. Colby, Thomas as [Transvestite]
  7. Cruz, J.R. (II) as [Robber Man]
  8. Delious as [Cop #2]
  9. Dennis, Ray as [Zach]
  10. Ewing, Reid as [Bud] <3>
  11. Ferrante, Joseph (I) as [Vic]
  12. Frame, Ace as (rumored) [Angry Valet]
  13. Germinario, Tony as [Delivery Man]
  14. Gittelson, Matthew as [Bar Patron]
  15. Graham, Michael (XXVIII) as (rumored) [Cop #1]
  16. Heitkamp, Brandon as [Dutch] <4>
  17. Interdonato, Kevin as [Eugene]
  18. Jackson, Farley as [Tiny] <10>
  19. Kaplan, Ben (VIII) as [Krava Maga Asst Instructor]
  20. Kuehl, Joshua as [Waiter]
  21. Kyson, James as [Krav Maga Instructor]
  22. Light, Damian as [Slavic Relative at Party]
  23. Martin, Carolyn (VI) as [Ms. Beautiful (aka Ms. Boobs)]
  24. Pedroni, Federico as [Bar Goer]
  25. Purdy, Blake as [Todd]
  26. Reddick, Deprece as [Guy #4]
  27. Ruehl, Franklin as [Boris]
  28. Ruiz, Ben Jamin as (rumored) [Guy #1]
  29. Simkovich, Don as (rumored) [Angry Husband]
  30. Skinner, Choice as [Krav Maga Instructor]
  31. Smith Jr., Jeffery S. as [Walt]
  32. Stone, Julian (I) as [Priest]
  33. Troy, Anton as [Rick] <6>
  34. Turner, Kristopher (I) as [Bobby]
  35. Vincent, George (I) as [Svetlanna's father]
  36. Walker, Leon as [Vance]
  37. Wusah, John as [Tim]
  38. Adams, Markie as [Tara]
  39. Azur-De as [Jaceen]
  40. Blue, Madeline as (rumored) [Danielle]
  41. Bogart, Andrea as [Dawn]
  42. Bossak, Emily as [Connie]
  43. Cahill, Erin as [Kristy] <1>
  44. Charles, Stephanie (II) as [Angela]
  45. Clark, Daffany McGaray as (as Daffany Clark) [Robber Woman]
  46. Derrae, Skyla as [Beth]
  47. Dhage, Sonam Arvind as [Girl at bar]
  48. Giordano, Vanessa as [Wendy]
  49. Jones, Elizabeth (XXVII) as (rumored) [Angry Wife]
  50. Lauren, Ksenia as [Svetlana]
  51. McHenry, Kindra Starr as (rumored) [Woman #2]
  52. Mussard, Lindsay Ingrid as [Party Goers]
  53. Olin, Elizabeth as [Kimmie]
  54. Richardson, Kristin (I) as [Kim] <8>
  55. Rubinstein, Ansley as [Rhoda]
  56. Spear, Leanna as [Lacey]
  57. Taylor, Jessica Marie as [Nikki]
  58. Van Zandt, Blu as [Dog Owner #1]
  59. Watts, Danièle as [Amy] <2>
  60. Watts, Johanna as [Ms Nancy]
  61. Wilder, Syd as (rumored) [Syndy]


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance

Full Plot

When Bobby Tomkins's girlfriend dumps him, he loses hope and stops going out which puts a damper on his friends' love lives. When they open his eyes to his extraordinary wingman skills, he and his friends start a business helping needy people find love which in turn helps pay for his struggling pet psychiatry practice and pay off his ever increasing amounts of debt. Although jaded by his break up, Bobby himself finds love again when he meets Kristy, is fresh off a break up herself. They help heal the others wounds and start to fall in love until they find out that they've been competing against each other all along as Kristy runs her own business as a professional man blocker. Vincenzo Productions, LLC Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Middleton, Kasia


  1. Gale, Ricardo Jacques

Film Editors

  1. Plenys, Joe


  1. Brisson, Jason (production assistant)
  2. Gleason, Jonny (key production assistant)
  3. Hess, Britton (production assistant)
  4. Hill, Matt (VI) (production coordinator)
  5. Pettis Jr., Kenny (production assistant)
  6. Van Zandt, Blu (script supervisor)