"Wolfblood" (2012) {Irresistible (#1.13)} TV Season

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Overview "Wolfblood" Season 01 Episode 13 (S01E13)



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(UK) - 22 October 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Fellows, Bill as [Bernie] <11>
  2. Garvey, Marcus (II) as [Daniel] <12>
  3. Kassa, Nahom as [Sam] <10>
  4. Lockwood, Bobby as [Rhydian] <2>
  5. Raggett, Jonathan as [Jimi] <8>
  6. Versteeg, Niek as [Liam] <9>
  7. Williams, Nathan (XIX) as [Bryn] <15>
  8. Williams-Stirling, Kedar as [Tom] <3>
  9. Connolly-Burnham, Louisa as [Shannon Kelly] <4>
  10. Green, Gabrielle as [Katrina] <7>
  11. Hepkin, Shorelle as [Kay] <5>
  12. Kelly, Aimee as [Maddy] <1>
  13. Lonsdale, Angela as [Emma] <13>
  14. Morris, Siwan as [Ceri] <14>
  15. Teate, Rachel as [Kara] <6>

Full Plot

A ragged small boy,Bryn,approaches Rhydian in the wood,claiming to be his brother Bryn and asking him to return to Ceri and the pack though Rhydian is reluctant. At the same time Shannon,anxious for evidence of wolves so that they can be protected,uses a chemical wolf bait to attract them. Maddy rushes to warn Rhydian,leading to a showdown between her and Ceri which exposes the Wolfbloods' secret and angers Shannon,to think that her best friend never told her the truth about herself. However,after sad farewells have been made, Shannon realises the importance of not betraying the Wolfbloods and hands all her evidence over to Maddy. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Total Business

PD: 2012 - 2012

Music Composers

  1. Price, Andy (II)


  1. Coldwell, Tony (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. McKinlay-Gunn, Karen

Film Editors

  1. Ross, Calum


  1. Bailey, Christopher (XIII) (floor runner)
  2. Bromwich, Tom (titles producer)
  3. Clark, Jill (IV) (production secretary)
  4. Graham, Nick (VIII) (location assistant)
  5. Howie, Sarah (production coordinator)
  6. Mckay-Roberts, Theresa (production accountant)
  7. Poulson, Claire (assistant script editor)
  8. Rounsfell, Lyndsey (assistant accountant)
  9. Shrubb, Kathryn (production runner)
  10. Timmons, Mark (cast security)
  11. Williams, Gareth (V) (location manager)
  12. Wolfman, Jonathan (V) (script editor)
  13. Wool, Carol (script supervisor)