Wolves (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Copperheart Entertainment [ca]
TF1 [fr]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2013
(Canada) - 2014

Running Time


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Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa

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Full Cast

  1. Abraha, Issey as [Football Fan #1]
  2. Brownlee, Ryan as [Bartender]
  3. Butcher, Adam (I) as [Deke]
  4. Caines, Jonny as (rumored) [Rackham]
  5. Currie Holmes, Matthew as [Setter]
  6. Daniel, Eric (III) as [Warg]
  7. Laugher, Ron as (uncredited) [Pool Playing Biker]
  8. Llyr, Jonathan as [Larson]
  9. MacDonald, Adam (I) as [Marty]
  10. McCabe-Lokos, Maxwell as [Morrow]
  11. McGibbon, Brandon as [Carter]
  12. McHattie, Stephen as [John Tollerman]
  13. Mollohan, Robert Homer as (as Robert Mollohan) [Animal]
  14. Momoa, Jason as [Connor]
  15. Moussi, Alain as [Dobie]
  16. Northwood, Simon as [Fleas]
  17. Pyper-Ferguson, John as [Wild Joe]
  18. Shapiro, Kyle (II) as [Karl]
  19. Strada, Thomas J. as [Robbie]
  20. Till, Lucas as [Cayden Richards]
  21. Hudecki, Casey as [Truck Stop Girl]
  22. Leeb, Kaitlyn as [Lisa Stewart]
  23. McDonald, Miriam as [Haley]
  24. Patterson, Merritt as [Angelina Timmins]
  25. Scrofano, Melanie (I) as [Gail Timmins]


  1. Horror

Full Plot

The coming-of-age story of Cayden Richards. Forced to hit the road after the murder of his parents, Cayden wanders, lost, without purpose... Until he meets a certifiable lunatic named Wild Joe, who sets him on a path to the ominous town of Lupine Ridge, to hunt down the truths of his history. But in the end, who's really hunting whom? David Hayter Wolves follows the story of Cayden Richards - a young, handsome eighteen-year-old with an edge. Forced to hit the road after the death of his parents, Cayden finds his way to an isolated town to hunt down the truths of his ancestry. But in the end, who's hunting whom? Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 18,000,000 SD: 6 September 2012 - 25 October 2012


  1. Smith, Gavin (II)

Dress Designers

  1. Antosh, Patrick


Dreamwest Pictures [kr] - (2013) (South Korea) (all media)
E1 Entertainment [ca] - (2013) (Canada) (theatrical)
Falcon Films [lb] - (2013) (Lebanon) (all media) (Middle East)
Square One Entertainment [de] - (2013) (Germany) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Ashenhurst, Geoff


  1. Amsden, Cynthia (publicist)
  2. Buchli, Christina (production legal)
  3. Colafranceschi, Donald (assistant production coordinator)
  4. Gainor, Andrew (location manager)
  5. Kalnay-Watson, Sarah (production assistant)
  6. Roculan, Jensenne (business affairs)
  7. Savein, Tracey (location scout)
  8. Street, Tomas (daily script supervisor)
  9. Warren, Sarah (III) (second unit script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  2. Pinewood Toronto Studios, Port Lands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada