World of Warcraft (2004) (VG) Video Game

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.2/ 10 (3104 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Blizzard Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 23 November 2004
(UK) - 11 February 2005
(China) - 6 June 2005

Running Time

A world awaits

battle, battlefield, blood, combat, cult-film, dwarf, elf, fictional-war, fighting, fighting-game, hand-to-hand-combat, hunter, magic, martial-arts, mmorpg, spear, sword, sword-and-fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, sword-fight, violence, warrior,

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Full Cast

  1. Boen, Earl as (voice) [Narrator]
  2. Bush, Tracy W. as (voice) [Murloc] <2>
  3. Cash, Joey as (voice) <3>
  4. Cash, Johnny (II) as (voice) <4>
  5. Crews, Victor as (voice) <5>
  6. Didier, Samwise as (voice) (as Sam Didier) <6>
  7. Dorn, Michael (I) as [Additional Voices]
  8. Duke, Derek (I) as (voice) <8>
  9. Farr, Brian (I) as (voice) <10>
  10. Frybarger, Ron as (voice) <11>
  11. Gonzales, Manuel (II) as (voice) <12>
  12. Graue, Marc as [The Undead]
  13. Huggins II, Harley D. as (voice) <15>
  14. Ismay, Timothy as (voice) <16>
  15. Krol, Monte as (voice) <17>
  16. Mankin, Jonathan A. as (voice) <19>
  17. Martin, Twain as (voice) <20>
  18. McConnohie, Michael as (voice) [Kel'thuzad]
  19. McCrea, Sean as (voice) <22>
  20. Metzen, Chris as (voice) [Thrall - Orc NPCs] <23>
  21. Milker, Kaeo as (voice) <24>
  22. Morhaime, Michael as (voice) <26>
  23. Murray, Collin (I) as (voice) <27>
  24. Neilson, Mickey as (voice) (as Micky Neilson) <29>
  25. Perullo, Anthony as [Goblin Guard]
  26. Pisani, Nicholas M. as (voice) <30>
  27. Platner, Gary as (voice) <31>
  28. Saunders, David (I) as (voice) <32>
  29. Schwartz, Jeremy (II) as [Bold Karasshi]
  30. Stafford, Glenn as (voice) <34>
  31. Thewlis, David as (voice) (uncredited) [Lord Darius Crowley]
  32. Watkins, Snoopy as
  33. Wyner, Tom as (voice) (as Abe Lasser) <18>
  34. Arko, Michele Marie as (voice) <1>
  35. Donner Harrison, Tami as (voice) <7>
  36. Elbert, Michelle as (voice) <9>
  37. Fitzgerald, Erin (I) as [Dorothee/The Crone/Sarannis/Essence of Desire]
  38. Hoosier, Trula as (voice) <14>
  39. Lowrey, Carrie Gordon as (voice) (as Carrie Gordon-Lowry) <13>
  40. Matecki, Holly as (voice) <21>
  41. Minella, Lani as (voice) [Succubus/Banshee] <25>
  42. Neely, Gloria as (voice) <28>
  43. Smith, Evelyn (II) as (voice) <33>
  44. Soucie, Kath as [Various]
  45. Williams, Cesili as [Norsala]
  46. Zafrin, Sunda as (voice) <35>


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Fantasy

Full Plot

Four years have passed since the mortal races stood together against the might of the Burning Legion. The tenuous peace forged in a time of desperation is fading. Arthas, the mad deathknight, has assumed the mantle of the Lich King, becoming nearly invincible in his fortress in Northrend. However, the great will of the Lich King has failed, and the undead legions have splintered. The Forsaken, those creatures that have managed to throw off the control of the undead lord under the guidance of Sylvanas Windrunner, the former high elf, have control of the lands of Lordaeron, under constant attack from the mindless creations of the Arthas. South of Lordaeron, in the land of Azeroth, the humans have reclaimed their stronghold of Stormwind, building it into their new capital city. But the king has mysteriously vanished, and the Defias Brotherhood, a group of thieves and murderers, have gained considerable power. With the Stormwind army away from the capital, the task falls on the shoulder of adventurers to protect the human lands, under the rule of their child king. To the north of Stormwind, in Khaz Modan, the dwarves and gnomes work together, trying to reclaim the gnomish city of Gnomeregan from the troggs, while attempting to secure their own borders and protect their human allies. In Darnassus, the island stronghold of the Night Elves, nature and balance have been restored, but the mainland of Kalimdor has been lost to the Horde. In Ogrimmar, to the south of Darnassus, the orcs and trolls attempt to carve out their own place in a world that does not seem to want them, under the wise leadership of the shaman Thrall. In Southern Kalimdor, the Tauren try to protect their great city of Thunder Bluff from the ravages of those who would attempt to defile their lands. Eight races, all vying for control of Azeroth. Four years have passed since the races banded together to protect the Well of Eternity from the power of the Burning Legion. The tenuous peace that once held all the hatred of the races at bay, has shattered. The lands of the world of Azeroth have once again become host to a World of Warcraft. DPB Plot not found

Movie Certificate



  1. Abel, Doug (II) (billing and account services lead)
  2. Afrasiabi, Alex (quest designer)
  3. Allen, Zach (II) (additional game tester)
  4. Andersen, Toke (game master)
  5. Andreolli, Rinaldo (in-game support team)
  6. Anhalt III, James (additional programmer)
  7. Antonsson, Per (game master)
  8. Arko, Michele Marie (quality assurance team leader)
  9. Army, Scott N. (quality assurance team leader)
  10. Arthur, Matthew (II) (marketing and online marketing team)
  11. Ashby, Robert (II) (technical support and billing)
  12. Atienz, Marie-Helene (technical support and billing)
  13. Avila, Eric (in-game support management)
  14. Backus, Michael (quest designer)
  15. Barham, Richard (I) (in-game support team)
  16. Barris, Rob (additional programmer: Macintosh)
  17. Bassat, Itzik Ben (manager: Blizzard Europe)
  18. Batke, Zebulon (additional game tester)
  19. Behar, Marc (customer support)
  20. Bell, Bo (II) (exterior level designer)
  21. Bellegarde, Sophie (in-game support team)
  22. Ben-Bassat, Itzik (worldwide launch management)
  23. Berard, Anne (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  24. Berghoff, Gerd (customer support)
  25. Bertram, Josh (II) (additional game tester)
  26. Berube, Jeff (IT engineer)
  27. Berube, Jeff (network designer)
  28. Betteker, Nicholas (game tester)
  29. Biafore, Thor (technical support manager)
  30. Bitta, Paul Della (community management)
  31. Blomberg, Jesse (programmer)
  32. Boertien, Thomas (customer support)
  33. Bond, Andy (I) (additional programmer)
  34. Bourcier, Laurent (platform development team)
  35. Bourgeois, Gregory (in-game support team)
  36. Bradburn, Alexander (in-game support team)
  37. Bricker, Mitchell (in-game support lead)
  38. Bridenbecker, Robert (programmer)
  39. Brode, Ben (quality assurance team leader)
  40. Brom (I) (packaging artwork)
  41. Brownell, Suzanne (quest designer)
  42. Bryan, Tom (III) (manufacturing)
  43. Bucek-Jensen, Lisa (community management)
  44. Bucek-Jensen, Lisa (public relations)
  45. Bucek-Jensen, Lisa (web team)
  46. Buckler, Dan (programmer)
  47. Bui, Edward (game tester)
  48. Callanan, Zach (additional game tester)
  49. Campbell, Wesley (additional game tester)
  50. Cargilo, Shane S. (quality assurance team leader)
  51. Carnes, Shawn (quest designer)
  52. Carter-Humphreys, Kathy (marketing creative services)
  53. Carty, Gerry (general manager)
  54. Casanellas, Laura (linguistic project manager)
  55. Cash, John (I) (lead programmer)
  56. Catalan, Eli (manual development and editing)
  57. Chadwick, James (I) (exterior level designers)
  58. Chang, Dustin (additional game tester)
  59. Chang, Jamie (quality assurance team leader)
  60. Chang, Jeff (I) (game tester)
  61. Chauveau, Eric (marketing and online marketing team)
  62. Chauvin, Mathieu (platform development team)
  63. Chauvin, Mathieu (web team)
  64. Chen, Jack (II) (game tester)
  65. Chen, Michael (III) (quality assurance team leader)
  66. Cheng, Yuan (additional game tester)
  67. Cheung, Jack (additional game tester)
  68. Chilton, Tom (I) (game designer)
  69. Chin, Daniel (I) (community management)
  70. Chin, Elliott (manual development and editing)
  71. Chin, Elliott (public relations)
  72. Cho, James (III) (game tester)
  73. Chow, Jeff (II) (programmer)
  74. Chow, Steven (I) (quality assurance team leader)
  75. Chu, Michael (III) (quest designer)
  76. Chun, Kelly (quality assurance lead assistant)
  77. Clements, Mark (in-game support team)
  78. Clift, Joel (additional game tester)
  79. Coalson, Matt (additional game tester)
  80. Contreras, Aaron (game tester)
  81. Courivaud, Jean-Michel (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  82. Crabtree, Dennis (quality assurance team leader)
  83. Cree, Lisa (technical support and billing)
  84. Crook, Kevin (legal counsel)
  85. Crumpler, Brandon (game tester)
  86. Cucchissi, Greg (additional game tester)
  87. Czubatinski, Christian (technical support and billing)
  88. Dabiri, Alan (dunsel specialist)
  89. Daniels, Tim (II) (game tester)
  90. DeMeza, Kristen (community management)
  91. Dessaude, Yann (in-game support team)
  92. Dieregsweiler, Heiko (in-game support team)
  93. DiIorio, Elaine (business development and operations)
  94. Dijoux, Romain (in-game support team)
  95. Dishon, Kacy (human resources)
  96. Dishon, Kacy (office administrator)
  97. Ditlevsen, Mike (game master)
  98. Dodds, Eric (game designer)
  99. Doheny, David (I) (software engineering)
  100. Donner Harrison, Tami (voice-over)
  101. Douglas, Les W. (quality assurance team leader)
  102. Downie, Mark (II) (exterior level designers)
  103. Downs, Josh (in-game support team leader)
  104. Drossin, Jessica (marketing creative services)
  105. Dufour, Benoit (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  106. Dunford, Patrick (customer support)
  107. Dupuis, Elodie (administration team)
  108. Durham, Terri (legal counsel)
  109. Dykes, Miguel Budesca (customer support)
  110. Elbert, Michelle (quality assurance team leader)
  111. Elgueta, Beni (additional game tester)
  112. Eliasberg, Dave (additional game tester)
  113. Ellis, Barry (game master)
  114. Ellis, Tom (VI) (in-game support team)
  115. Elmendorf, Foster Michael (game tester)
  116. Ertner, Henry (quality assurance tester: German)
  117. Fader, Jason (quality assurance technical engineer)
  118. Fattorini, Brian (additional game tester)
  119. Fischer, Gesine (in-game support team)
  120. Fitch, Bob (additional programmer)
  121. Fitchett, Doug (customer support)
  122. Fitzgerald, Brian (IV) (programmer: install/patch/distribution)
  123. Fleming, David (V) (graphics coordinator)
  124. Foote, Robert (I) (quality assurance lead tester)
  125. Fraizer, Geoff (web team)
  126. Francis, Mei Dean (game tester)
  127. Frybarger, Ron (quality assurance team leader)
  128. Garnault, Sebastien (web team)
  129. Gastaldi, Julia (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  130. Gee, David (V) (financial manager)
  131. Gendreau, Philippe (RTM validation)
  132. Gibbs-Sargeant, Tracy (legal counsel)
  133. Gibson, Gary (V) (additional game tester)
  134. Giehm, Kasper (in-game support team)
  135. Gonzales, Manuel (II) (additional game tester)
  136. Gonzalez, Omar (I) (quality assurance compatibility tester)
  137. Goodman, Geoff (world designer)
  138. Gower, Huw (in-game support team)
  139. Granhaug, Are (in-game support team)
  140. Grantham, Stephen James (in-game support team)
  141. Graves, Jon (game tester)
  142. Grey, Don (II) (additional programmer)
  143. Groenenveld, Robbert (customer support)
  144. Guest, Christian (game master)
  145. Guion, Nicolas (in-game support team)
  146. Gullock, Jeanette (human resources)
  147. Gullock, Jeanette (office administrator)
  148. Hagan, Eithne (project manager)
  149. Hall, Jason Thor (additional game tester)
  150. Hall, Joeyray (video processing)
  151. Hamilton, Justin (II) (additional game tester)
  152. Hanes, Edward (information technologies)
  153. Harlow, Conor (quality assurance lead)
  154. Hartin, Scott (programmer)
  155. Heiberg, Michael (game designer)
  156. Hein, Mike (II) (web team)
  157. Hemmingway, Thomas (II) (customer support)
  158. Henry, Patrick (VIII) (additional game tester)
  159. Hermant, Fanny (platform development team)
  160. Hickey, David (IV) (quality assurance manager)
  161. Hilborn, Josh (game tester)
  162. Hill, Brian (X) (information technologies)
  163. Holen, Ruben (in-game support team)
  164. Horrocks, Jonathan (in-game support team)
  165. Hubbard, Neal (global brand management)
  166. Hubert, Zachary (marketing creative services)
  167. Huggins II, Harley D. (director: cinematic trailer)
  168. Huggins II, Harley D. (writer: cinematic trailer)
  169. Hutcheson, Marc (global brand management)
  170. Hutchins, Jason (localization producer)
  171. Hutchins, Jason (manual development and editing)
  172. Hychong, Lyno (additional game tester)
  173. Ipfelkofer, Alexander (in-game support team)
  174. Ismay, Timothy (game tester)
  175. Jelinek, Jon (web team)
  176. Jensen, Asbjørn (in-game support team)
  177. Johanson, Erin (I) (in-game support team)
  178. Johansson, Robin (I) (customer support)
  179. Jones, Aled (IV) (game master)
  180. Jones, Jeff (XX) (additional game tester)
  181. Jordan, Kevin (IV) (game designer)
  182. Kaarstad, Christoffer (game master)
  183. Kaci, Mourad (network operations team)
  184. Kahn, Hester (in-game support team)
  185. Kang, Ed (quality assurance team leader)
  186. Kaplan, Jeffrey (III) (game designer)
  187. Kaplan, Jeffrey (III) (quest designer)
  188. Kassan, Matt (global brand management)
  189. Kehoe, Barry (manager: European Localisation)
  190. Kern, Mark (II) (manual development and editing)
  191. Kern, Mark (II) (team leader)
  192. Khoo, Michael (customer support)
  193. Kim, Jin (III) (quality assurance team leader)
  194. Kim, Stephen (additional game tester)
  195. Kirton, Andy (world designer)
  196. Krainer, Clemens (in-game support team)
  197. Kramer, Mike (III) (information technologies)
  198. Krijestorac, Jean-Claude (network operations team)
  199. Krol, Monte (additional programmer)
  200. Kurtz, Joshua (world designer)
  201. Lagrave, John (quality assurance manager)
  202. Lantinga, Sam (programmer)
  203. Lapidis, Alen (exterior level designers)
  204. Larkin, Maurice (I) (quality assurance tester: French)
  205. Laubach, Ray (quality assurance team leader)
  206. Lawton, Hugh (quality assurance tester: German)
  207. Le Corre, Delphine (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  208. Lee, Annette (I) (translation vendor manager)
  209. Leidenfrost, Martin (II) (web team)
  210. Leusch, Gernot (community team)
  211. Liang, Jason (additional game tester)
  212. Lin, Richard (I) (additional game tester)
  213. Lingsell, Niklas (customer support)
  214. Lohaus, Robert (additional game tester)
  215. Lopez, Denise (III) (business development and operations)
  216. Lopez, Denise (III) (manual development and editing)
  217. Love, Brian (I) (additional game tester)
  218. Luff, Adrian (IT engineer)
  219. Luff, Adrian (network designer)
  220. Lynn, Sylvan (in-game support team)
  221. Mackey, Kris (data archivist)
  222. Madarasz, Graham (additional programmer)
  223. Maggard, Michael (game tester)
  224. Mankin, Jonathan A. (manual development and editing)
  225. Mankin, Jonathan A. (quality assurance night supervisor)
  226. Manley, Chris (IV) (in-game support lead)
  227. Manprin, Chris (quality assurance team leader)
  228. Marechal, Cedric (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  229. Mariani, Julien (network operations team)
  230. Martin, Twain (programmer)
  231. Massie, Stuart (game tester)
  232. Matarasso, Isaac (business development and operations)
  233. Mathews, Rob (II) (customer support)
  234. Mathieson, Chris (I) (game master)
  235. Mayer, Rainer (in-game support team)
  236. McCrea, Sean (quality assurance assistant manager)
  237. McHale, Christopher (II) (in-game support team)
  238. McLean, Jeff (II) (game tester)
  239. McNeill, Carl (game master)
  240. McQuade, Loren (programmer)
  241. Mechineau, Benoit (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  242. Menou, Frederic (I) (management team: Blizzard Europe)
  243. Metzen, Chris (creative director)
  244. Metzen, Chris (manual development and editing)
  245. Metzen, Chris (voice director)
  246. Meyers, John (II) (additional game tester)
  247. Mikros, John (programmer: install/patch/distribution)
  248. Mikros, John (programmer: Macintosh)
  249. Milker, Kaeo (human resources)
  250. Milker, Kaeo (office administrator)
  251. Moldawan, Prune (web team)
  252. Moran, Lawrence (I) (engineering manager)
  253. Moser, Mark (quality assurance assistant manager)
  254. Murphy, Barry (IV) (in-game support team)
  255. Murphy, Michael (XXXIII) (quality assurance lead tester)
  256. Murray, Collin (I) (programmer)
  257. Nachtigall, Sebastian (in-game support team)
  258. Nagle, Pat (quest designer)
  259. Neilson, Mickey (voice director)
  260. Neveaux, Jamie (human resources)
  261. Neveaux, Jamie (office administrator)
  262. Nguyen, Danny (II) (quality assurance compatibility tester)
  263. Nguyen, David (III) (technical support programmer)
  264. Nguyen, Hung (I) (information technologies)
  265. Norton, Brandon (additional game tester)
  266. Novoa, Haz (additional game tester)
  267. O'Neil, Philip (II) (sales: North America)
  268. Obert, Emmanuel (in-game support team)
  269. Oyejide, Wale (additional game tester)
  270. Paddock, Kurtis (game tester)
  271. Pallatier, Yann (web team)
  272. Pardo, Rob (manual development and editing)
  273. Park, Jason (II) (in-game support lead)
  274. Parker, Justin K. (quality assurance team leader)
  275. Parker, Steve (XIV) (marketing creative services)
  276. Patel, Jay (II) (additional programmer)
  277. Pearce, Frank (director of dunsel development)
  278. Pearce, Lisa (I) (business development and operations)
  279. Pearce, Lisa (I) (manual development and editing)
  280. Pearce, Lisa (I) (worldwide launch management)
  281. Pearce, Mike (V) (information technologies)
  282. Pearson, R.A. (game tester)
  283. Peeters, Philippe (I) (platform development team)
  284. Pennes, Jean-Baptiste (community team)
  285. Perin, Russell (quality assurance tester: French)
  286. Perroud, Stephane (in-game support team)
  287. Petras, Bill (packaging artwork)
  288. Pierce, Steven (III) (world designer)
  289. Pisani, Nicholas M. (game tester)
  290. Poitelon, Cedryck (technical support and billing)
  291. Pombo, John (in-game support team)
  292. Potts, David (IV) (additional game tester)
  293. Poulain, Jean-Pierre (in-game support team)
  294. Priestnall, Andrew (game master)
  295. Ramirez, Raul (II) (marketing creative services)
  296. Rasmussen, Sverre (in-game support team leader)
  297. Ray, David (IX) (programmer)
  298. Renardet, Dimitri (quality assurance tester: French) (as Dimitry Renardet)
  299. Reshöeft, Christian (in-game support team)
  300. Reyes, Anthony (I) (game tester)
  301. Rigole, Rod (legal counsel)
  302. Robson, Andrew Richard (game technical support)
  303. Roeder, Eric (legal counsel)
  304. Rosenthal, Pierre (web team)
  305. Rothig, Sandra (quality assurance tester: German)
  306. Rumsey, Joe (I) (programmer)
  307. Russ, Taylor (quality assurance compatibility tester)
  308. Sakamoto, Derek (programmer)
  309. Salzman, Chuck (game tester)
  310. Samia, Matt (I) (director: cinematic intro)
  311. Samia, Matt (I) (writer: cinematic intro)
  312. Sams, Paul W. (business development and operations)
  313. Sams, Paul W. (financial manager)
  314. Sams, Paul W. (worldwide launch executive)
  315. Sanchez, David (VII) (game tester)
  316. Sanders, Matt (III) (exterior level designers)
  317. Sartre, Guillaume (web team)
  318. Schaefer, Mike (information technologies)
  319. Scharling, Christian William (in-game support team)
  320. Schrimsher, Samuel (game tester)
  321. Schwan, Michael (game tester)
  322. Schwartz, John (IX) (in-game support lead)
  323. Segura, Emilio (II) (additional game tester)
  324. Selvnes, Siri (game master)
  325. Seppala, Michael (customer support)
  326. Shaw, Darren (II) (customer support)
  327. Shaw, James (XI) (legal counsel)
  328. Shaw, Kenneth (additional game tester)
  329. Shif, Gil (community management)
  330. Shif, Gil (public relations)
  331. Shif, Gil (web team)
  332. Shin, Steve (I) (additional game tester)
  333. Simmons, Derek (II) (producer: install/patch/distribution)
  334. Singh, Anant (II) (game tester)
  335. Skjondal, Stian (customer support)
  336. Slywka, Bruce (sales: North America)
  337. Smith, Evelyn (II) (additional programmer)
  338. Smith, Evelyn (II) (manual development and editing)
  339. Smith, Evelyn (II) (quality assurance technical engineer)
  340. Smith, Jeremy (XV) (information technologies)
  341. Sparks, Lee (II) (quality assurance team leader)
  342. Stankowitz, Brian (game tester)
  343. Steele, Craig (III) (quality assurance team leader)
  344. Sterling, Jack (VIII) (recruiting)
  345. Stiles, John (IV) (additional programmer: Macintosh)
  346. Stiles, John (IV) (programmer: install/patch/distribution)
  347. Stilwell, Jason (assistant technical support manager)
  348. Su, Shawn (game tester)
  349. Sudan, Thierry (network operations team)
  350. Sumner, Hayley (I) (marketing creative services)
  351. Sun, Alex (web team)
  352. Sun, Michael Mooteh (game tester)
  353. Suyeto, Casey (information technologies)
  354. Suárez Porta, Lucía (in-game support team)
  355. Swainbank, Geordie (additional game tester)
  356. Sweeney, Bill (IV) (graphics coordinator)
  357. Takata, Walter (additional game tester)
  358. Taljaard, Simon (quality control)
  359. Tapley, Joshua (additional game tester)
  360. Thavirat, Justin (packaging artwork)
  361. Therrien, Jeffrey (additional game tester)
  362. Thomas, Owen James (in-game support team)
  363. Thompson, Talishia (human resources)
  364. Thompson, Talishia (office administrator)
  365. Todd, Hugh (I) (human resources)
  366. Todd, Hugh (I) (office administrator)
  367. Tribelli, Tony (programmer: install/patch/distribution)
  368. Truesdale, Tim (programmer)
  369. Tsang, Alex (game tester)
  370. Tucker, Sarah (business development and operations)
  371. Vales, Joseph (game tester)
  372. Vallee, Alexandre (technical support and billing)
  373. van der Veen, Wouter (in-game support team)
  374. Van Der Westhuizen, Christopher (I) (additional game tester)
  375. Van Doornspeek, Sebastiaan (in-game support team)
  376. Van Dusen, Robert (information technologies manager)
  377. van Spaendonck, Bart (customer support)
  378. Vanderpool, Brandan (game tester)
  379. Vaughen, Lowell (sales: North America)
  380. Versluys, Matthew (programmer)
  381. Wagner, David G. (additional game tester)
  382. Wakelin, Leo (game master)
  383. Wang, Constance (additional game tester)
  384. Wang, George (II) (public relations)
  385. Wang, Sean (I) (game tester)
  386. Wang, Stan (quality assurance team leader)
  387. Watt, Bill (II) (marketing creative services)
  388. Welke, Ian (additional game tester)
  389. Westmoreland, Daniel (additional game tester)
  390. Wharton, Bob (II) (manufacturing)
  391. Whitaker, Max (I) (in-game support lead)
  392. Whittle, Blaine (web team)
  393. Wong, Stephen C. (programmer: install/patch/distribution)
  394. Wong, Stephen T. (information technologies)
  395. Wood, Jeremy (II) (programmer)
  396. Yeh, Geoffrey (I) (game tester)
  397. Yoo, John (I) (game designer)
  398. Yu, Tengying (game tester)
  399. Zaha, Corina (linguistic coordinator)


Troll male: I kill two dwarfs in the morning. Troll male: I kill two dwarfs at night. Troll male: I kill two dwarfs in the afternoon Troll male: And 'den I feel all right. Troll male: I kill two dwarfs in time of peace and two in time of war. Troll male: I kill two dwarfs before I kill two dwarfs. Troll male: And 'den I kill two more. Dwarf female: I like my ale like I like my men - dark and rich. Dwarf male: I like my beer like I like my women - stout and bitter. Gnome female: I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused. Gnome male: Everyone keeps talking about beer goggles. I can't find the plans for them anywhere! Human female: Why does everyone automatically assume I know tailoring and cooking? Human male: Your tag's showing. It says, uh, "Made in heaven." Night elf female: Oh, I'm dancing again, heh. I hope all your friends are enjoying the show! Night elf male: I don't mind the gnomes, but I'm always worried about tripping over them. Orc female: You had me at "zug zug." Orc male: I come from the orcs, we eat with spoons and forks, we love to eat our pork. Undead female: I'd paint my toenails, but I'm not sure where they fell off! Undead male: Roses are gray, violets are gray - I'm dead and colorblind! Undead male: I'm dead... . and I'm pissed! Undead male: Hey diddle diddle. Undead male: The mucas and the spittle. Undead male: The corpse sank in the lagoon. Undead male: The murloc said [eating sounds] Undead male: To see such a sight. Undead male: And the dwarf spanked the baboon. Undead male: if rot was hot, i'd be a volcano! Tauren male: Moo! Are you happy now? Troll female: If cannabilism be wrong, I don't want to be right! Undead female: Yes, they're real, they're not mine, but they're real. Undead female: I don't care that much about romance... . I fell in love before and look what happen to me! Orc female: I feel very feminine. And I'll beat the crap out of anyone who disagrees! Orc female: I have no respect for people with small peircings. I say go full hog- put a spear through your head! Dwarf male: Uh! I'm having a wardrobe malfunction! [rip] [boing] Ooooh, there's me hammer. Orc male: Man, dawg, it's like I'm feelin' you, but I'm not feelin' you, y'know? Gnome male: I like big posteriors and I cannot prevaricate! Troll female: The way to a man's heart, be through his stomach. But I go through da ribcage! Dwarf female: In'rest ya 'n a bite?


- One of the mini-bosses of the Defias Brotherhood in Westfall is named Benny Blaanco which refers to the gang leader of the same name in the movie Carlito's Way.

- There is a lumberjack in Elwynn Forest named Terry Palin. Terry Jones and Michael Palin were members of Monty Python who (among many others) were famous for the Lumberjack Song.

- The three bankers in Stormwind are named Olivia, Newton and John named after the '80s singer 'Olivia Newton-John' (qv).

- Postmaster Malown drops the item "Malown's Slam" referring to NBA star Karl 'The Mailman' Malone.

- The item "Six Demon Bag" is a nod to John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China: sorcerer Egg Shen's (Victor Wong) Six-Demon Bag has the power to blast enemies with "wind, fire, all that kind of thing!"

- The island off the coast of Dustwallow Marsh is called Alcaz, and even contains a huge gate like prison. Referring of course to world famous Alcatraz Island in San Francisco harbor.

- Sentinel Hill (the central militia base in Westfall) is also where Yog-Sothoth is summoned in the H.P. Lovecraft story, The Dunwich Horror.

- In the newest high-level-dungeon "Naxxramas", gamers could sometimes spot a cat